"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Sunday, 30 March 2008

where have you been?

Oh, where have you been, my blue-eyed son?
Oh, where have you been, my darling young one?
I've stumbled on the side of twelve misty mountains,
I've walked and I've crawled on six crooked highways,
I've stepped in the middle of seven sad forests,
I've been out in front of a dozen dead oceans,
I've been ten thousand miles in the mouth of a graveyard,
And it's a hard, and it's a hard, it's a hard, and it's a hard,
And it's a hard rain's a-gonna fall.

not quite..... but I have been to our gypsy caravan for 3 days.... having fun... I looked out at the lightning as I lay in my bed at night... I watched the water early each morning, I scrubbed and played house and I went to the showers in the cold late at night and I had fun doing it, those night time skies are just glorious when there are no fluorescent city lights to dim the real night sky. The stars are awesome.. I cannot wait to be able to lie out under the stars and Moon and do some moon bathing.......And looking like a glamour queen as I toddled off to have my shower - sweat pants, lime green socks, red and white spotted canvas shoes, hair in a clip with a headband... oh yes, pure glamour is what I am~.... and always forgetting something.. even one night, I left my pyjama pants in the caravan... had my shower and I realized they were missing... and had to wear only my undies and a t-shirt.. freezing cold, dark night! thankfully the t-shirt was a long one! I realized then that I must devise a plan that I can have for when I go next time.. there has to be an easier way! I bought myself a gorgeous vintage dressing gown from the local op shop to wear down there... Sleeping in the caravan at night was fun... I felt adventurous. It is something I haven't done since I was about 10.... I had forgotten just how cold it can get. We got to meet some of the other 'caravaners' and we had fun planning on how we were going to decorate it... we even decided that the name must be 'Gypsy Caravan'.. it suits much better than Kashmir...

and you know what? Not once did I worry about my 'spiritual journey'.. not once. I read a book that was not a self help book.... and didn't ponder my life at all. I just looked out at the water and was satisified in the moment.

this is what I look at from our caravan... could it be any more perfect than that?

Tomorrow, I will probably wake up and wonder again why I am here and get myself into some kind of state as I do...... but I seem to be functioning so much better when I just live my life.... not worrying about meditating and stuff... living in the moment, doing what I am supposed to be doing... I do get so carried away worrying about 'doing it right'.. meditating til I get myself into a Zen state or contacting those from the other side or saying millions of affirmations, constantly worrying that I am saying the right ones or enough of them, until I am in a state of high anxiety... then it is like my great grandmother Laura slaps me up the back of the head and tells me to wake up to myself and get on with life... then I remember Daisy just pottering and not meditating much at all... content... and when i do that, I am content too.........

I have also been helping my daughter and her husband by cooking meals and delivering a day or two supply to help them over those hard first days at home. Harry is t hriving and I am going to visit them tomorrow night.. to have some more cuddles. He is simply perfect. I love him!

I am tired, but a good tired... so off to be for me now.... then tomorrow I am going to get stuck into my washing, clean my bathrooms. Then, I hope to make myself a cup of tea and take time for you - my friends.... I love you all so very much... deeply and I feel very blessed that each of you are part of my journey... wherever it may take us xo

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

J is for jelly and jesus and jewellery and jug and JACK

oh it is so hard to concentrate on life right now.. I am between hospital and home.. not much is getting done here at the moment and I wasn't going to post ABC this week but this morning, I made myself take a wander outside and realized I have nothing in my garden starting with J.... so inside I came and walked around muttering words to myself as I searched for J.... not much but here it is:

Jenny Kantz is a well known potter in the mountains. I love her work and am lucky enough to own a few of her small pieces... and two of her larger ones... she works alot with hares and last year, I bought Daisy a mug for her birthday but as you know, Daisy died before I could send it to her.. so now, I drink my tea from it and think of my friend.....
ahhh Jesus... below is a vintage tin picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus... I often wonder if this is really representing the heart chakra of Jesus, but to ask a priest, I guess I would be accused of heresy. I struggle with my relationship with Jesus.. having many issues and hangups from childhood teachings. I yearn for a relationship with him... but as I said it is a constant struggle to break through... there is so much written about him... but I am sure there is alot that has been left out... I am one of those who believes that he was married to Mary Magdalene. Once again... heresy.. but.. I just don't believe it.. I really know in my soul that it is true

the family Jewels... yes, this is them. All I have. Both my Nan's.. a small ring and a locket that has teeth marks from where my mum bit as she teethed as a baby...

then we have a jug and jug cover which I have in my china cabinet.. not worth a thing but I love them both.. I love Jug covers and have quite a collection which I use daily to cover my water jug on my altar.

and then we have jelly. I love to make it for my grandsons when they come for dinner. My favourite flavour as a child was raspberry...

my grandson Jack loves jelly... he is five in September and is my middle grandson. Jack is the son of my own son and his wife. They also have an older son - Thomas who turned 9 on March 24.....introducing Jack:

here he is standing on the edge of a stream .... he is inquistive and loves animals and loves to fish with his dad.
when he turned 4 last year, they had a birthday party and invited the reptile man to come and do a show...

Jack was not afraid one little bit.. he held snakes, goannas and even let one slither around his neck.. he is a real little dare devil... but also a little cutie...

Jack and his blue cattle dog - Tess

so yet another week goes by for ABC which is the brainchild of MrsNesbitt....

I am so, so far behind in returning your visits... I do think of you all, often and as soon as I can get my dizzy head around all that I have to do right now, I promise that I will come and visit and comment... cross my heart and hope to die... just please don't think I have forgotten you !!

Sunday, 23 March 2008


Harry Frederick.......

weighing in at 7lbs 90z or thereabouts... 20 1/2" long and a small amount of dark hair that looks like it could be curly and very, very wise eyes, that seem to say... I have been here before....

thoughts from my confused self at around 3am Sunday morning...
I learned a few things yesterday - and one of those things was about prayer.....Yesterday, while my daughter was in the first stages of labour, I sat and prayed and begged that all would be well with the birth and that my daughter would come through unscathed, I had Archangel Raphael there, my ancestors, St Hildegarde administering herbs, I had Archangel Michael and all our patron saints on the case.... and what I pleaded for didn't happen... the birth was traumatic, the baby went into distress, there was a threatened emergency caesarean and after the birth, my daughter was rushed in for emergency surgery for damage done while in labour.... so how does prayer work? Does it 'work'? Or are all the events in our life planned..... or chosen by us before we come so it doesn't matter how much we pray, beg or plead to the great God it is already sealed in stone, so praying won't change matters.. which means praying is a waste of time. So why do we persist with the concept of prayer... why not be fatalistic? Over the years, I have prayed for many things.... some have been answered and some haven't.... other times, I didn't pray and things worked out ok anyhow.... so if we sit back and do nothing, things eventually work themselves out without the intercession of any angels or saints ..... I want to believe that prayer works, that there is some one to lean on in times of stress, but most times, it seems that it is all up to me.... that I am alone and as I have said before, God has left the building..... blogging to me has become a prayer... I put my concerns down in a post and within short periods of time there are words of support and comfort... words that I take with me while things sort themselves out....... maybe God is using the internet to work his magick!

that being said, I visited my daughter this morning and she is fine.. a little sore but looking radiant and Harry is just gorgeous. I had a little nurse and I love him already! not hard to do... yesterday, when I was there with my daughter, urging her to push, I felt such a connection with the wise women of my past.. I felt that they were all there, connected somehow through time and space, I felt as if we were in a clan of women, part of something bigger than we knew.. it was just an amazing sensation, surreal but real. and thankyou so very much for all the lovely emails and comments.. Louisa will print them out and stick them into the baby book xo

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Full Moon

Just to let you know that the most gorgeous little boy arrived here at 7.30pm.. Saturday 22nd March. I was at the birth and right now I am very, every emotional but just had to let you all know. My daughter Louisa had quite a rough time and ended up having emergency surgery after the birth. Please, please keep her in your prayers. She is the most gorgeous soul.. I love her dearly.
Yes, little Harry born on a Full Moon ~ Daisy's favourite phase!

Friday, 21 March 2008

Autumn Equinox

I wasn't going to post today but the pains are 15 mins apart !!!! so maybe today, the day of the autumn equinox......

It has been quite hot here in Woodford over the past few days and I have spent time in my garden, chatting to Mary Magdalene and my clan.. my ancestors and also the elementals.. and of course my plants. Joe finished putting my pond in last week and during the week, I planted the pond plants and my friend Marion gave me some tadpoles to get started! I love the sound of the water fall, it is so peaceful.

Today dawned raining and misty and I remembered the birth of Louisa (my daugher who is expecting Harry) - before she was born we had been in a drought time and the moment she was born the rain came down! So maybe this rain today is a sign....

I am not doing alot for the Equinox.. here is one of my previous posts from years gone by:
Autumn Equinox 2007

I may light a few candles but for some reason I felt I must post this letter from Daisy....

Hi Robyn,

Here is some information about Mabon, the Autumn equinox for you on 21st March.

First of all, it has only been called Mabon for about fifty or sixty years, for some reason it never had a single name like the other equinox or solstices but was referred to in the Northern Hemisphere as Harvest Home, Feast of Ingathering. Basically it is festival to give thanks for the harvest and to secure the blessing of the Goddess through the winter months. It is now when the Goddess passes from Mother to Ageing Crone and prepares for the death and rebirth of her Consort.

It is a festival of equal light and dark. It is a time to finish off old business and a time to adjust yourself in preparation for Samhain and its time of rest, reflection and relaxation through the winter. We must give thanks to the now waning sunlight for lighting our summer days and honour the Green Man, the God of the forest.

An ideal way to celebrate the equinox is to sit down to a lavish meal with your family wearing your finery. A lovely symbol to decorate your house with is the horn of plenty or Cornucopia, [ you can sometimes get wicker ones in garden shops] you can fill this horn with fruit spilling out of it such as apples, and for you probably lemons etc and decorate with some trailing ivy.

Honour the Green Man by taking a walk through a wood and maybe leaving in a nook an offering or cider or wine together with some pine cones and acorns and seeds [ you might have to be creative here, but you probably have pine trees]

Symbols - apart from the horn of plenty, wine, gourds, pine cones, acorns, apples, pomegranites vines and ivy and dried seeds.

Herbs and Flowers - Ferns, Honeysuckle, Milkweed, Myrrh, Rose, Sage, Soloman's Seal, Passionflower, Tobacco Plant, Thistles.

Food - Bread, Nuts, Apples, Pomegranates, Potatoes, Carrots and Onions.

Incense - Myrrh, Sage, Benzoin

Colours - Red, Orange, Russet, Maroon, Brown, Gold

Stones and Crystals - Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli and Yellow Agate

Rituals - Making Wine and gathering herbs to dry and seeds for next year. Walking in the woods admiring nature's harvest

Spells for - Protection, prosperity, security, self confidence, harmony and balance

Goddesses - Epona, Persephone, Modron, Morgan

Gods - The Green Man, Hermes, Mabon and Thor

Rituals are pretty free and easy for this festival, basically it is mainly about harvest suppers and thanksgiving for the harvest.

There you go, hope this is of use
Love and Hugs
Daisy xx

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

I is for.... IS Harry here yet? IS there any sign of Harry?

In a word no. Still not a sign of him... he is too busy enjoying life in-utero, I think! I was hoping today may have been the 20 years ago today was the day Joe and I said I DO.... a match made in Heaven ... or wherever perfect matches are made.. my soul mate, my rock... I love him to death and I dread the day when one of us departs to the other side...yes, morbid i know, but that is how I feel.

my wedding dress was mauve and looked like a long tutu.. all tuille and satin.. I even had ballet slippers for shoes!

another reason I would love Harry to be born today as it is my mums birthday... 72 today! I have a statue in my garden called Irene.. that is my mums' name.
so what else is I in my life?? wandering around as I do on a Wednesday, I must admit I found it a difficult task to find I's..

ICON.... this was given to me by a 'fallen' priest.. one who left the church to be married... he was given this by a parishioner and knew how much I loved it.. I eventually want to put it at my front door....and of course, we cannot forget INCENSE..

Incense was something I loved as a teenager. Patchouli was my favourite and I still burn it today.. but my favourite now is NaG CHampa.. I love it!
and lastly, I have IRIS...

it is time to divide my IRIS clumps and I have started.. I pot the excess rhizomes into pots to give away or donate to fetes and street stalls....
so that is it for this week.. my ABC Wednesday which as you know is the baby of MRSNesbitt....

and I also want to apologize for not being a good visitor to your blogs lately, I just cannot settle at much right now except to be in the garden... so as soon as Harry decides to join the world.. I promise I will be back to my normal chatty self.. thanks so much for contiuing to visit my blog even though I seem to be ignoring yours and thanks so very much for being my friends xo

Monday, 17 March 2008

on druids & snakes

I don't celebrate St.Patricks day and only just last year, I found out that Patrick's chasing out the snakes is actually in reference to chasing out the Druid's, Ireland's indigenous religion. (I wonder if I was one of those that he slaughtered? I have a terrible fear of snakes... we have some deadly snakes here in Australia and they put a shiver up my spine. I wonder if this is a past life link..) I put my supersleuth hat on and went searching......

Another symbolic act of Patrick overtaking Ireland's Druid heritage involves his use of the Shamrock (three-leaf clover). It is said that Patrick used the clover to explain the Trinity of God: Father, Son and Holy Sprit. However, the shamrock (Persian word for three-leaf clover), known as a "Seamroy" to Ireland, was a symbol used in Druidism to explain the three faces of the Goddess found in the Moon: Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

the Leprechaun is the face figure of the Faeries known in Ireland. The legend of the Leprechauns is that they know all the secrets of hidden treasures. Their affiliation with shoe-making, rainbows, and pots of gold is really symbolic of them being earth elemental spirits. They are the spirits that take raw material, work and shape it into something useful for humans. Trolls are the raw materials, found in its raw state, in its original location.
Leprechauns are one of the many tribes belonging to the Faerie gods known to pagan Ireland. They live in the Land of Faeries known as "Tir Non Og" which lies in the West. The Irish originally called all faeries the Tuatha de' Danann, a pantheon of gods from which Lugh and Danaan were a part. Other such faerie gods include the high king "Fin Bheara". He is known to be skilled a the game of chess and running the hunt.
There are also the Banshee, angels of death. They are beautiful women in white or sometimes seen as old hags. They can be heard before seen because they are mournful. Their responsibilities are actually like guardian angles in that they help the deceased reach their designation. There are variety of others including: Lhiannon Sidhes - the faerie sweethearts, Phookas, Fir Darrig, Merrows - faerie mermaids, Roanes - the Seal People, and the Glaistigs - female water spirits.
Each family has his/her own protective Faerie spirit according to ancient Ireland and Druid tradition. These family spirits are cared for, fed, and given gifts. to do this strengthens th sprit and in time one can actually communicate with his/her spirit faerie. Among other things, one can learn the dame of his/her family spirit faerie and acquire favors.
Donna M Pinkton MA

It has been stated that St. Patrick rid Ireland of all of its snakes. Scientists have found that Ireland had not had snakes since icebergs surrounded the island. What could then be meant by the old legend?
Before Christianity began to spread into Ireland, the Druids were the leading religious figures in Ireland. One of the symbols of the Druids was a snake. In Christianity, the snake symbolized the devil.
According to the legend, St. Patrick stamped his staff on the ground to rid the snakes out of Ireland. The snakes that were sent from the island were the Druids. After they were murdered, he destroyed all of their records. These were people who lived in harmony with nature.
During the seventh century, the Christian Church taught its missionaries that if they could not convert any natives, they were to use any means necessary to convert the nonbelievers.
The Druids were not interested in giving up their old ways and converting to Christianity. St. Patrick is said to have lead to the murders of almost eight hundred Druid priests and priestesses.

and I also found this:

A quintessential symbol of fertility and renewal, the snake has long been associated with Goddess worship. The tale of the "snake" leaving Ireland illustrates a Christian longing for the eradication of the ancient and benevolent goddess worship that once dominated Ireland. Also, as the snake was a symbol associated with the Druid caste, its departure could also apply to the gradual dilution of Druidic beliefs into the early Christian church. .

so there you go... a little food for thought & still no sign of Harry!

Saturday, 15 March 2008

absolutely idiotic - the world has gone mad..well our Premier has anyhow.

I had many words for my title in this post. I had a hard time choosing. but idiotic describes what has happened here in NSW Australia - our government, the idiotic Maurice Iemma and his loonies, have now passed that genetically modified canola can be grown. He needs to be shot. I make no apologies for saying this. He has also okayed a desalinisation plant to be built in Sydney, which we don't need and which will cause more problems for our environment - green house gases & pollution among many others. But it is a done deal, he has signed a multi million dollar deal with a French company. what an idiot. We have no say, he just willy nilly makes these decisions against public opinions... sheesh, I hope people see the light by the next election and vote him out.. but that is still 3 years away.

according to the US Food and Drug Admin. - 'gene spliced foods may lead to allergies, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems.'

I could go on and on but there is alot of information on the net if you are interested. Here is one article by the Diggers Club GM debate
even the Vatican has it right for once !! The Vatican has come up with a new list of 7 deadly sins..... genetic modification, carrying out experiments on humans, polluting the environment, causing social injustice, causing poverty, becoming obscenely wealthy and taking drugs were all mortal sins. So at least someone has it right. Maybe I don't have to shoot mr Iemma... he will go to hell..... no get out of hell free card for him... he will go straight down!
this is why it is so very important to try to grow our own foods and to buy organically as much as we can... *sigh* there are so many, many issues for our world today...where do we start? In our own backyard.
and still no sign of Harry.... we are waiting, waiting, waiting..... impatiently waiting.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

H is for ~......... hurry up Harry !!!!

I thought I might be able to introduce Harry but still no sign of my new grand-baby-to-come... I thought he might be born today as it is my friend Peter's 75th birthday! But maybe he will be born exactly 9 months to the day he was conceived... 9 months ago the day Daisy died. Who knows. Only he does I guess, plus his guardian angel. He is all ready to come, his head is engaged, he is facing the right way and his mum is ready for sure !!! But he must wait til all the stars are in exact alignment for his life he has chosen. I hope he will be born in the sign of Pisces.....
I wandered around early this morning, even before the sun peeked out... to find some H words.... at first I couldn't think or find any but came up with a few from my own corner of the world in Woodford...the first one is under the apple tree..

I HANG my jumpers on coathangers to dry in the shade of the branches of my ancient apple tree... this is a vintage crocheted cardigan.. I love it! as hot a pink as you will ever find.. I wear it with a skirt, leggings and my Dr.Martens. Then we have my HENS... they thought I was going to feed them, so they stood very still while I took this photo...

below is a bee HIVE that I have in my garden. There are no bees who live in it but oneday I would love to have my own bees. I am looking into an apiarist course at the moment. Not sure if I am brave enough though.

sweet HONESTY seed pods are gorgeous.. another common name for them is silver dollar.. they self seed all over my garden. Love it!

then I have my HONEY - organic of course ! and my HERBAL mix that I take 3 times a day to boost my immune system. It is made up specially for me by my HERBALIST and has quite a few immune boosting herbs in it - astragalus is one that I am sure is in it

and last but not least I have HEARTHSTONES... these were sent to me by Sr.Kathryn Knoll for my 50th birthday. They are wonderful and I love them... small clay hearts with words pressed into them...there is also a book that you can buy that goes along with the hearts and each heart has a small reflection. The first time I pulled a heart - the word was: Wisdom. Ha! meaning to me Sophia - the Goddess... wise. a gentle push in the right direction perhaps?

You can buy these from Sr. K here:

and Sr.K even has little words of wisdom online here:
Jubliate says..

so that is it for H.... except that I must tell you that ABC Wednesday is the brainchild of Denise from
Mrs Nesbitts Place.. .I joined in ABC Wednesday because it is fun and it gives me an idea once a week of what to post about.. but of course, I don't follow the rules.. I am supposed to visit the other members blogs to see their photos....I did the first week that I joined but it got too much for me to visit over 80 blogs..

signing out from Woodford... where the birds are starting to chirp, the sun is starting to shine and I am waiting anxiously for a phone call...

Saturday, 8 March 2008

making a difference and being green

all my life.. well most of it, I have struggled with my 'divine life purpose'. Oh I had visions when I was a young girl of being a home economics teacher or a nurse but life took a turn and I became a teenage mother.. married and a mum at 17..... and that is what I have done since. I have been a housewife - home-maker. I have never thought my 'job' was important, I just viewed it as something that happened and something that I did.. simple as that. I have been to Doreen Virtue who waffled on about our divine life purpose... so I always thought it had to be something like that - a healer, a herbalist or something that helped others. Someone important. I have been to a shamanic healer and asked them what my divine life purpose was.. and they told me not to worry about it.. but I did.... until the past few weeks of getting to know Sr. K and having Mary Magdalene in my life..... they have finally helped me realize that what I am doing, right here, right now is my divine life purpose. It is what I am meant to be doing. No more, no less......

words of wisdom from Sr.K:

"Building the temple of the home is connected to building the temple on Earth, is connected with building the Divine temple in all parts of the universe. As you raise the vibration of your little part of the world the sacred geometry of this goes out and orders the Universe.
The thing that I think is the most important focus for us all is how we do to the best of our ability today in this now moment whatever it takes to move the game forward in the most positive light we can. When you got down on your knees and scrubbed the floor with a loving attitude and created a temple right there where you knelt, this is your great work
Do what brings you joy. Be of good cheer making your nourishing soups and tending to the Temple of Gaia"

and my passion in my garden & my strong connection to earth has meaning to... Sr.K has helped me to rethink my love for my garden... has helped me realize that by working in my own little plot of land is helping the bigger picture..... "Think of Gaia, for a moment, who for many years now, has been raped, pillaged, demonized, reviled, irradiated, poisoned, in order to control and conquer her. When you touch and tend to her and work with her "little children" she too, is having assistance with the raising of the frequencies and the healing of her horrors."

her words have inspired me to embrace and work with my passion.. I am green.. I try so hard to use green cleaning products, I have 5 compost bins, I grow as many of my own vegies as I can... I have a water tank and my dream is to oneday have my tanks connected to my home so that I can have a bath in rainwater. I recycle and re-use and I try to buy locally produced organic food as much as i can. Sometimes, it can take me up to 2 or more hours doing my shopping as I read the labels for everything! I am planning on catching a bus to the shops at least once a week instead of driving.. I am trying hard to make my carbon footprint even less....

Because of this passion and Sr.K's wise words to me.... I have created a blog just for GREEN living ~ be green and heal Gaia . On this blog, I will be posting green information, green recipes, gardening tips and any other bits of green information that I may come across in my daily life.... I have alot of notes and papers on all manner of green living that I want to share.. maybe once or twice a week, I will post some tidbit for you to use..

I am in a really good head space right now... I finally feel that the missing jigsaw piece from my soul has been turned and jiggled until it has slipped in to where it is supposed to be. Of course, this is not to say that next week, I will be off on another search for something... but right here and right now... I am complete.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

G ~ is for......Goddess of course !!

but is St. Therese a Goddess? I think so, or maybe an aspect of the Goddess. I love her! She sat with me while I went through my radiation treatment... she is my chosen Saint for confirmation. I was lucky enough to see her relics when they visited Australia and when I touched the casket, a shot of electricity went up my arms and through to my feet. It was then, that I was healed. Why do I not remember these things in the dark moments of my days? ~ this picture of St. Therese hangs in my bedroom.. with the Goddess doll that Daisy made me... underneath is a little shelf that has a tea-light on it...
Then we have Garnock, who hangs by my door, holding a small tea-light to light the way for visitors... I bought Garnock the week Daisy died.... reminds me of her every time I look at him

Gluten free..... these gluten free products are wonderful. At last I have found a small range of foods to make my life a little easier... but I still miss eating bread..

now let me take you up the Garden path.... from the front yard to the back, this path meanders up the side... some gorgeous perfumed plants... daphne, rose & lillies... a wild place that faeries must love...

through the Gate...

and onto the Gateway to faeryland

I am Green. I green clean and I garden green... a few of my green cleaning products... I also use bi-carb soda, lemon and apple cider vinegar... no dreadful chemical smells at all. so good for our health and even better, so good for Mother Earth - GAIA.

that is G for me..... Green. Goddess. Gaia.....

Monday, 3 March 2008

a Monday scrap-book post

autumn is here... we have the chilliness in the air that heralds the coming of autumn... the damp grass in the morning, the long shadows of an afternoon... and the spider webs with twisted leaves, where the spider lives, strung across the paths, waiting to trap some poor unsuspecting insect.. these all let my inner me, know that autumn is coming..

I wanted to show you a photo of the autumn shadows... this photo was taken early this morning and once again I have captured orbs (I think).. I took so much care, to clean the lense and focus properly but still they are there! This was taken under my ancient pine tree, where sometimes I find faery rings.

yesterday, we went on a bike ride to a tiny little town called O'Connell... through some of the most gorgeous countryside - the sky was a sparkling blue and the temperature was, well, damn chilly.... I do some profound thinking while I am on the bike... I kind of enter a Zen zone... I have been finding that Mary Magadalene has been coming into my life alot lately. Awhile ago, I bought a book called The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene by Claire Nahmad & Margaret Bailey. Both Daisy and Colette had told me about it, so I went out and bought it and put it on my shelf and promptly forgot about it.. I picked it up a few days ago. Alot of food for thought in this book... anyhow, back to the Zen zone that I am in on the back of the bike.... my thoughts started to wander to Mary Magdalene and I wondered if she were someone that I could connect to on a daily basis.. and as I thought this, I felt my heart chakra warm up. Like it was filled with pure love. It was an amazing sensation and I knew she was with me, right at that very moment. And it felt right. . And you know, she is with me all the time, I can feel her. ... my thoughts wandered a little my ancestors.. I went back in time in my thoughts and how many people I am related to... then back even further to my past lives, a whole different family tree... and back and back I went, til I realized that I must be related to everyone via my soul. This was a very profound moment for me... maybe many of you realize all of this already but it is a first for me... call me a late bloomer! It is amazing while in this zen zone that I manage to stay on the bike. Or are my thoughts just the insanity of a mind that has been lulled into a sense of hypnosis by the constant whirring of the bike engine...

my allergies are back. damn. I thought i had them all under control with all my herb taking and organic food eating.. but the sneezes and watering eyes are back. damn. So instead of being the martyr, I am going to take the chemicals this time. A few discussions with a friend has helped me come to this decision. That, plus all I keep hearing in my head is Daisy, saying 'take the bloody pills'.... and like my friend said 'take the pills you need to, which will give you some relief. You want balance. It sounds like you make good choices already, so it's very possible the positive impact will out weigh the neg. one.' ~ so if I eat properly and take the chemicals.. I should feel better.. it is a hard thing for me to do though, I must admit.

today, I scrubbed my bathrooms... all the while talking to Mary Magdalene. I feel I am on the homeward journey at the moment. at last. here are a few pics of my bathroom...

sometimes, after cleaning.. ~no, make that every time after cleaning, I am really soul satisfied... I look at the gorgeous rooms, all sparkling.. and think to myself - I did that. I created this little piece of Heaven in my home. For myself and for my loved ones.

I have soup simmering on my stove that smells divine and I worked in the garden for an hour or two this afternoon and I am satisfied. I am totally soul satisfied.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

HaPpy BirThDaY dearest Sr.Kathryn ~xo~

today is Sr. Kathryn's amazing woman, an amazing nun.... she invites us all to share her birthday:
" March 1st is my birthday and on my birthday I traditionally give gifts to others rather than receive them. Would you be willing to celebrate with me by doing something to bless your world in a special way that day? Have fun with it. It may be blowing bubbles out over the balcony to those below, or making cookies and sharing with your workmates. Let the "muses of blessing" inspire you, because, I have come to believe our greatest work is always to bless, and bless and bless."
~ you can read the whole post here ~~~> blessings abound

now, go blow bubbles!!