"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

I is for.... IS Harry here yet? IS there any sign of Harry?

In a word no. Still not a sign of him... he is too busy enjoying life in-utero, I think! I was hoping today may have been the 20 years ago today was the day Joe and I said I DO.... a match made in Heaven ... or wherever perfect matches are made.. my soul mate, my rock... I love him to death and I dread the day when one of us departs to the other side...yes, morbid i know, but that is how I feel.

my wedding dress was mauve and looked like a long tutu.. all tuille and satin.. I even had ballet slippers for shoes!

another reason I would love Harry to be born today as it is my mums birthday... 72 today! I have a statue in my garden called Irene.. that is my mums' name.
so what else is I in my life?? wandering around as I do on a Wednesday, I must admit I found it a difficult task to find I's..

ICON.... this was given to me by a 'fallen' priest.. one who left the church to be married... he was given this by a parishioner and knew how much I loved it.. I eventually want to put it at my front door....and of course, we cannot forget INCENSE..

Incense was something I loved as a teenager. Patchouli was my favourite and I still burn it today.. but my favourite now is NaG CHampa.. I love it!
and lastly, I have IRIS...

it is time to divide my IRIS clumps and I have started.. I pot the excess rhizomes into pots to give away or donate to fetes and street stalls....
so that is it for this week.. my ABC Wednesday which as you know is the baby of MRSNesbitt....

and I also want to apologize for not being a good visitor to your blogs lately, I just cannot settle at much right now except to be in the garden... so as soon as Harry decides to join the world.. I promise I will be back to my normal chatty self.. thanks so much for contiuing to visit my blog even though I seem to be ignoring yours and thanks so very much for being my friends xo


sorrow11 said...

it's the incessant insanity, really it is.
My last bobbin was 3 weeks late. Had to threaten to throw myself down the stairs before the midwife would take pity on me.
Poor harry, he's probably got a INKLING what's in store for him.

kim said...

I would be distracted too with a new baby on the way. The day isn't over yet!!!!!

amelia said...

I have the same incense and love it. Before the words Nag Champa it says, 'satya sai baba' and under it, 'agarbatti'. Is it the same as yours?

I have always loved incense but my family always complained they couldn't breathe so now they're all gone I can burn it to my hearts content!!

Hope Harry comes soon!!

amelia said...

Just to add, if that is you in the wedding picture and I assume it is, you are really lovely and your Joe is very handsome.
Maybe you could post some of your wedding pics?

Kathryn Knoll said...

Wow, what a grand day to get married! It is none other than the feast of St. Joseph and there you are with your own St. Joe. If I didn't know better, I'd think someone wanted to keep things in right order. You'll see what I mean when You read L. Gardner's books on Marys and Josephs and such. Happy anniversary! Many blessings of 20 more years to come. Hugs, Sr. K

Peggy said...

Happy Anniversary!! And come out Harry, we want to see your sweet little face!

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary! It was fun to see a glimpse of Joe. Now I can picture him when you talk about him. Also, Happy Birthday to your mom.

You managed to find quite a lot of I's after all.

Bimbimbie said...

Let's hope little Harry gets to score the hat trick for celebrating today alongside you and your mum and makes it into the world before the day is over *!*

Robyn, you looked like a sweet faery in your mauve wedding dress ... congrats to you and Joe and here's to the next 20. Smiles *!*

judie said...

Happy Anniversary Robyn dear girl. xoxoxoxoxo

Autumn said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby and Happy Birthday to your Mum. As for little Harry, he will arrive when he is ready. I love all the I photos you posted today!

mrsnesbitt said...

Hey Robyn! 20 years too for Jon and I.

Dont worry about blog visiting, Harry is far more important!
Every day I wonder if there will be any news.

Take Care.

Sheila said...

gers.comHappy Birthday to your Mum, Robyn.
As you know my mum's name was named Irene too, and today would have been her 85th birthday.
Harry will come when he's ready I'm sure.
Lastly a big Congratulations to you and Joe on your 20th anniversary. I hope you have a romantic evening planned..?

Tracy said...

Happy Anniversary, Robyn!

Lady Laurie said...

Dear Robyn,
Happy Anniversary! And a Happy Birthday to your Mom!
Baby Harry will soon be on his way ~ how excited you all must be.
Sending love and hugs...

Gemma said...

Happy Anniversary. My Irises bloomed and yours are ready to be seperated. I plant the bulbs on the new Moon and point the toes to the South west.
Sending love.

Ninnie said...

Happy Anniversary. I know I am prob late. Come on Harry we are all waiting to meet you. When Jamie was pg with J she was giving Ty asthma treatments and that was stopping her labor. Strange I know but when she started going into early labor that was what they gave her to stop it. Then they took her off of it but she was holding Ty in her lap and inhaling some at the same time. When I started giving them to Ty and she stayed away within 2 days we had a J. Love Hugs and Blessings

lila said...

You have posted some very interesting "I"'s!
I was coming by to see if your gradnson had made his appearance yet!
Happy Anniversary
You are doing good things...visiting blogs is something I don't get around to very much myself!

amy said...

Well he will make a new day for himself that will be special! And enjoy your time in the garden. It seems so short compared with the time of rain and cold.Happy Equinox!

Island Girl Spirit said...

Come on Harry! I have been wondering from time to time if he is here! Isn't that strange, wondering, and kind of excited for someone I don't even Know! . . . I was thinking the other day that I feel way to young to have a daughter of twenty-two . . . but I do, and thinking of you I thought I could also be an expectant Grandmother!
I love Nag Champa! Burn it daily and have for years. I also wear patchouli daily, to the angst of some, but i love that earthy smell! I think I burn the same kind that amelia burns . . .Shrinivas Sugandhalaya. They also make a soap, but I like the incense the best!
Oh yes and Happy anniversary!

starnitesky said...

Well - I hope Harry appears soon! Lots of good choices for I, I didn't think of incense I must admit.

Kim said...

We all understand that restless feeling and I get it often enough :) My daughter couldn't decide when to put in an appearance and I had several wasted trips to the Hospital!

That's the good thing about Blogland, there's usually someone around, visit when you're ready.

In the meantime enjoy your Anniversary, your Mum's Birthday and your garden.

Take care

Kim x

Dandelion seeds said...

oh I adore your wedding dress!! I wore red shoes on my wedding day...yeah for celebrating it the way you wanted to!