"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

G ~ is for......Goddess of course !!

but is St. Therese a Goddess? I think so, or maybe an aspect of the Goddess. I love her! She sat with me while I went through my radiation treatment... she is my chosen Saint for confirmation. I was lucky enough to see her relics when they visited Australia and when I touched the casket, a shot of electricity went up my arms and through to my feet. It was then, that I was healed. Why do I not remember these things in the dark moments of my days? ~ this picture of St. Therese hangs in my bedroom.. with the Goddess doll that Daisy made me... underneath is a little shelf that has a tea-light on it...
Then we have Garnock, who hangs by my door, holding a small tea-light to light the way for visitors... I bought Garnock the week Daisy died.... reminds me of her every time I look at him

Gluten free..... these gluten free products are wonderful. At last I have found a small range of foods to make my life a little easier... but I still miss eating bread..

now let me take you up the Garden path.... from the front yard to the back, this path meanders up the side... some gorgeous perfumed plants... daphne, rose & lillies... a wild place that faeries must love...

through the Gate...

and onto the Gateway to faeryland

I am Green. I green clean and I garden green... a few of my green cleaning products... I also use bi-carb soda, lemon and apple cider vinegar... no dreadful chemical smells at all. so good for our health and even better, so good for Mother Earth - GAIA.

that is G for me..... Green. Goddess. Gaia.....


Dandelion seeds said...

you know what I've figured out that all women are elements of goddess, just like all men are elements of god.

we are all divine. your st theresa is how divine speaks to you.


Bimbimbie said...

Enjoyed seeing your G things .... you use the same cleaning brand as me, I use bicarb too but haven't tried lemon and apple cider vinegar ... just the white, will have to try it for a change Smiles. *!*

Kathryn Knoll said...

As always, a lovely post. I love getting little glimpses of your world and getting to know more about you and just, in general seeing you. The Goddess is very pleased indeed that you have truly come home to her. You have served her for oh, so long or you wouldn't have volunteered for this assignment. I feel at home when I come here for a visit!Thank you for inviting me again and again. Blessings on your Good home and hearth! Sr.K

Krissie said...

OMG Robyn... I also went and saw the casket of St. Theresa and when I touched the box(?) with her remians I burst out crying. I bought the candle, and still have it... it was a truly special experience. I have also been to thats another v v special place.
I also use those products... but have never seen the blue loo must go see next time I am out shopping. I love the spray and use it everywhere and big bonus it does NOT make me sneeze...!!!

solsticedreamer said...

i really love seeing your garden :) it comes over as being a very calming place

i am also a big fan of bicarb, as you know!

Ruth said...

Do you have any special recipies for using the bicarb, lemon and cider vinegar for cleaning?

Angela said...

What a beautiful garden path. I bet the fairies do love it!

mrsnesbitt said...

Loved the garden gate.
Infact, everything was lovely.

AnnieElf said...

Dearest Robyn,

Your picture/shrine to St. Theresa is so beautiful and peaceful. Your description of the healing at touching her relics chilling and deeply moving.

Your photo of the gluten free products reminds me that I need to expand on MY gluten free repertoire. Thank you.

Your garden and the lovely ramble through it was a delightful start to my day.


AwtemNymf said...

G- Good Golly!!!
Beautiful "G" post! I loved it! I enjoyed the garden.
*sprinkle sprinkle* (sprinkles faerie dust).
You've be Enchanted! I truly enjoy my visits with you!

Julie said...

G is for GLIMPSE.

Thank you for the wonderful GLIMPSES of your yard and garden. I feel I know you even better now.


Pixie said...

how about adding Gorgeous to that as well, cause that's what you are.

peppylady said...

Sense I start having asthma problem I have to be careful of chemical I use to clean with.
But I like them to do a good job although.

I’m sure glad you had some one with you during the treatment sometime those you can see in flesh as mortal is best ones to have around.

Not much gardening here yet but I do have some bulbs poking though the ground and I even got a picture of them.

kim said...

I think she would be pleased you think of her as a Goddess.

A bird in the hand said...

You are exceptionally good with this alphabet thing!

I am green as far as I can be green in teh big city!


Autumn said...

Perfect choices for this week. I love the painting. Also just to let you know that I still have not recieved a package from the fairy swap. I sent you an email about it.

starnitesky said...

Good choices for G! Your picture of St Theresa is stunning.

Lady Laurie said...

LOVE all your "G's"...especially St. Therese, I found her after reading she was a patron saint (among other things) for the loss of a parent. Your garden gate is beautiful and I like how you use all the natural things for cleaning. I have been trying to get my husband away from the idea that everything needs to be cleaned with industrial strengh cleaners. I will keep trying!
Sending you hugs, have a blessed weekend!

Sheila said...

We now have a huge range of 'green' cleaners etc available. It's about time, we seemed to lag behind everybody else for so long.
Your garden look huge, is it?

judie said...

Really, really nice post Robyn. Amazing that St. Theresa communited to you. Love your garden. It seems peaceful. Blessings to you. xoxoxo

Gemma said...

St. Therese is a goddess! And
You Robyn,are a goddess!

Sacred Suzie said...

Go much magick and cleansing happening here! I didn't realize there was so much to rejoice when it comes to words that begin with G.