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(edith wharton)

Saturday, 15 March 2008

absolutely idiotic - the world has gone mad..well our Premier has anyhow.

I had many words for my title in this post. I had a hard time choosing. but idiotic describes what has happened here in NSW Australia - our government, the idiotic Maurice Iemma and his loonies, have now passed that genetically modified canola can be grown. He needs to be shot. I make no apologies for saying this. He has also okayed a desalinisation plant to be built in Sydney, which we don't need and which will cause more problems for our environment - green house gases & pollution among many others. But it is a done deal, he has signed a multi million dollar deal with a French company. what an idiot. We have no say, he just willy nilly makes these decisions against public opinions... sheesh, I hope people see the light by the next election and vote him out.. but that is still 3 years away.

according to the US Food and Drug Admin. - 'gene spliced foods may lead to allergies, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems.'

I could go on and on but there is alot of information on the net if you are interested. Here is one article by the Diggers Club GM debate
even the Vatican has it right for once !! The Vatican has come up with a new list of 7 deadly sins..... genetic modification, carrying out experiments on humans, polluting the environment, causing social injustice, causing poverty, becoming obscenely wealthy and taking drugs were all mortal sins. So at least someone has it right. Maybe I don't have to shoot mr Iemma... he will go to hell..... no get out of hell free card for him... he will go straight down!
this is why it is so very important to try to grow our own foods and to buy organically as much as we can... *sigh* there are so many, many issues for our world today...where do we start? In our own backyard.
and still no sign of Harry.... we are waiting, waiting, waiting..... impatiently waiting.


Gemma said...

Welcome to our world...we've been putting up with idiots in our govt who don't even believe there is such a thing as global warming. They want to drill for oil in Alaska, and in the ocean...among a kazillion other idiotic things to ruin our earth. As long as the dollar is the bottom line. Yes vote the idiot out as soon as you can....that is what we will do I pray!

Kathryn Knoll said...

Maybe after hearing all the craziness in the world, little Harry is having second thoughts and reluctant to show himself. It is somewhat comforting to know,(although I don't know why) to hear that George W. is not the only fool holding an important place on the game board. I have heard it said by some who live on the "otherside" of the veil that things are not what they may seem. Wouldn't that take the cake if it were true and something better was really just around the corner and that some idiots had to take the helm for a while to wake us all completely up? This is all the more reason for the lighthouses and anchors we have become. We must weather the storm some how. As for the Pope's new deadly sin list. If you study the old one pretty closely you'll see the new ones are already included in the old. The more some things change, the more they stay the same. Many blessings, SR. K

amelia said...

I almost can't bear to read the news any more, it's so depressing what the 'powers' are doing to our planet. Not only the pollution but the abuse of our wildlife...

Here's wishing a safe and healthy delivery!!!

Krissie said...

I agree with your post here Robyn, but my can someone PLEASE tell me why politicinas such as yours as ours over here keep doing things, passing lasws, building things we DONT want in spite of what the people who voted them in want??????? Why do they keep going against what ordinary folk want and its us who voted them in in the first place hoping that they will do good for us and not go against like GM foods etc.... Can anyone please tell me? how do politics work? (oops sorry for the rant)

judie said...

We have a desal plant here and it's actually a good thing. In this area, and in Georgia and Alabama, we run out of water, and have to share with other states. We need the desal plant, and I think they are being careful about atmospheric problems.

Did you know the Clorox company is making "green" products now? Out of lemons, etc. I am glad to see giant corporations doing something to help. xoxoxoxoxo

Ruth said...

Very, very tiresome and stupid - but don't wish him ill - that just adds to the cess pit of negative energy! Just keep visualising that he suddenly has a Great Green Awakening. I am sending out thought of this as often as I can to people all over the world.

tinker said...

Our world has unfortunately had corporations and private interests taking precedence, affecting everyone's public policies for far too long.
I pray we will all wake up and take better care of things on our planet, before it's too late.
I just read Sr. K's comment, and that gives me hope...
Praying that all will go well with Harry and his mom - maybe he's just waiting for the stars and planets to line up, for the best possible moment to make his appearance~XOXO

peppylady said...

I real don't know that much about Australasian politics.
It usual the bottom line when they make or don't make the new laws.

Here in the state of Idaho it quite conservative and I'm the odd ball out when it comes to politics.

I feature you on my last friendly friday blog and I said your "Amazing"

Bimbimbie said...

I was listening to a discussion about this a couple of weeks ago between a Canadian - not sure if he was a farmer or scientist but anyway against GM and advising our farmers not to go that way but one farmer was hell bent on going ahead because he'd been told things would be done differently here ... no idea how that's going to happen but I bet he was told by the people standing to make the most $ that it would be ok :(

What's it going to do to the bees and other beneficial insects and then the birds who eat the insects?

solsticedreamer said...

well spoken robyn! good for you.
why is it that the majority of so called 'democratic' countries are totally the opposite?
when do the people of the land ever get a say in how the country is run~i'm sorry but elections are not enough.
ohhh robyn you have me all fired up again now after my own post today.

Gina E. said...

Oh just gets worse, doesn't it...and you of course would be aware that Brumby still won't sign the federal water agreement thing with the other states? So much for complete agreement between the states and commonwealth now that they are all Labor. That genetic. modified thing is scary. Very scary. Peter Garrett should be jumping up and down in a big way - when he was in charge at the ACF, that was big on their agenda. I even had a letter printed in Habitat magazine protesting about genetic modification. I suppose Mr G. thought that once he was an MP he was going to fix all this. Ha ha. You're nothing but a voice in your wilderness, mate.

Gillian said...

I wondered who approved such things. There is no sense to it, years from now it will be found to be causing problems and then how will they rectify that?
Where is Harry? Are you at the hospital right now???
C'mon Har!

Moncha EilĂ­s said...

Hey Robyn, I do hope Harry will be here soon. He is having a ball in his mommy's tummy. A private swimmingpool with everything you can eat delivered right at your door, who would want anything more. That is why he's stil in there. She's so good to him. She might persuade him to come and have a look at what mommy really looks like and tell him she will have food on the outside too and a nice bath every day ; )

Pixie said...

politicians don't you just love'em... no, how strange, when they do such carefully thought out things.... LOL

sorry haven't been around for a whilebeen on a bit of a roller coaster, but think I'm back now.
will email tomorrow.

Pixiedust said...

I know how you feel. You start to feel complacent. You try your hardest in your little patch of the planet to be as green as possible, and idiots like him come along and make it worse. Lets hope if we all keep doing the small things, governments will start to wake up and smell the coffee. I'm so disheartened with our country at the moment I've stopped watching the news.
On a lighter note, bright blessings to little Harry, hope he arrives soon. x

A bird in the hand said...

Ain't that the truth. this is going on pretty much everywhere.

As for the Pope's "new" mortal sins, well, since mortal sins and hell are a convenient invention of men to keep people in check, I'm afraid these polluters won't be going to any "hell", but they will live in a hell of their own making!!!!!!