"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Sunday, 23 March 2008


Harry Frederick.......

weighing in at 7lbs 90z or thereabouts... 20 1/2" long and a small amount of dark hair that looks like it could be curly and very, very wise eyes, that seem to say... I have been here before....

thoughts from my confused self at around 3am Sunday morning...
I learned a few things yesterday - and one of those things was about prayer.....Yesterday, while my daughter was in the first stages of labour, I sat and prayed and begged that all would be well with the birth and that my daughter would come through unscathed, I had Archangel Raphael there, my ancestors, St Hildegarde administering herbs, I had Archangel Michael and all our patron saints on the case.... and what I pleaded for didn't happen... the birth was traumatic, the baby went into distress, there was a threatened emergency caesarean and after the birth, my daughter was rushed in for emergency surgery for damage done while in labour.... so how does prayer work? Does it 'work'? Or are all the events in our life planned..... or chosen by us before we come so it doesn't matter how much we pray, beg or plead to the great God it is already sealed in stone, so praying won't change matters.. which means praying is a waste of time. So why do we persist with the concept of prayer... why not be fatalistic? Over the years, I have prayed for many things.... some have been answered and some haven't.... other times, I didn't pray and things worked out ok anyhow.... so if we sit back and do nothing, things eventually work themselves out without the intercession of any angels or saints ..... I want to believe that prayer works, that there is some one to lean on in times of stress, but most times, it seems that it is all up to me.... that I am alone and as I have said before, God has left the building..... blogging to me has become a prayer... I put my concerns down in a post and within short periods of time there are words of support and comfort... words that I take with me while things sort themselves out....... maybe God is using the internet to work his magick!

that being said, I visited my daughter this morning and she is fine.. a little sore but looking radiant and Harry is just gorgeous. I had a little nurse and I love him already! not hard to do... yesterday, when I was there with my daughter, urging her to push, I felt such a connection with the wise women of my past.. I felt that they were all there, connected somehow through time and space, I felt as if we were in a clan of women, part of something bigger than we knew.. it was just an amazing sensation, surreal but real. and thankyou so very much for all the lovely emails and comments.. Louisa will print them out and stick them into the baby book xo


Pixiedust said...

Congratulations on becoming a nanny/grandmother. Little Harry is gorgeous. I hope your daughter heals quickly. I'l send her some Reiki from the UK. Look forward to seeing more photo's of the little chap. xxxx

kim said...

what a beautiful sight!
hugs XOXO

Ruth said...

Lovely words Robyn and welcome to little Harry. I'm sure he HAS been here before...

Krissie said...

just popped in before heading off to bed to see if there is any news...and here I am rewarded with that special photo - of Harry looking straight into his nanna robyns eyes...he is just so lovely. I think god is in all our prayers, answered or not. I just feel it. Looking at Harry he is a prayer that has been answered!! Congratulations and hope your Dd heals soon! Ouch... us mums know the feeling! You look so proud there!! I feel relieved that he has arrived at last and is safe and well!! ok..enough off to bed with me! its late here!!

Sacred Suzie said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you Robyn, this is wonderful news. What a great perspective on blogging too!

Island Girl Spirit said...

I thought of you all last night.
I understand the confusion with prayer.
Today I don't feel that the Great Spirit creates our human issues. The spirits are there to guide and comfort us thru. And maybe they do answer our prayers, but not in the way we think best . . . in the way they know is best.
My firstborn, James McAlpin, I carried full term, he went into distress during labor, I had an emergency c-section and he was lost, stillborn. At the time I hated God, blamed the nurse, just did not understand.
But today I am as comfortable as one can be with that kind of loss, and believe that his reasons, or the spirits reasons, for him not coming into the world were for the best.
Peace and love to you all! IGS

Kathryn Knoll said...

How does prayer work???? I do know this: our emotions are the fuel, as it were, for our "rocket of desire,"as Ester Hicks through her Abraham channeling says. Often times our worry and concern that something bad could happen and our attempt to pray against this out come just fuels more of what we don't want. The "magick of prayer" is more about alignment with the Will of the Divine, or a Greater Good. When I surrender to the Highest Good it seems like things go more smoothly. That is because, if there is truly surrender, there is no resistance left to "push away" the flow of the Will and Desire of the Divine. The more I resist with all my heart the "bad" (what I perceive as bad) the more energized it becomes. What I fear will happen, the more I focus on it, not wanting it, praying against it but fearing it, so I keep praying hard and steeling myself against it, while I watch and focus on it, the more it comes barreling towards me like a magnet.

We have been programed ever since the story of Eve in the garden to believe that bad things happen with childbirth. I'll admit, it is a perilous journey for both mother and child. It is also the hero's journey. Little Harry is the latest Hero to arrive in our world bringing with him all possibilities. We don't know what strength and determination he and his mother will need as his life goes forward. Birth is the time to muster every ounce of power we have and find some we didn't know we had, no matter if we are birthing a baby or some other dream that the world needs. Great strength came forth in the process from all involved. In the end you are left a bit "scuffed up" in the process, once again having doubts. Focus on the Miracle now. I think it is a miracle a woman would ever agree to have another child after the first experience, after she knows what she is up against. What are there...? six billion such miracles that came into the world through the brave and powerful efforts of women. Do you get that? This is huge when you think about it...The world is populated all over the earth with miracles given by women doing it over and over again, even though they know what's at stake. We need to build and Altar to Louisa! And all mothers every where.We need to lift that child high and present yet another hero-child to the human race. We need to get down and dance!

Moonroot said...

Congratulations, he is gorgeous! Glad to hear your daughter is OK, it must have been a worrying time.

lila said...

How wonderful! A perfect grandson and in conjunction with a full moon! Delightful!

Julie said...

Harry IS gorgeous! I felt the same thing about my niece Kelsey being a wise old soul when she was born. I didn't see it immediately but when I saw her first photo I knew it. It has proved to be true.

Is Thomas a big brother now, or does he belong to one of your other kids?

Some thoughts on prayers. First: It may be that prayers are not always answered the way you want them to be, but they are always answered.

Second: I think your prayers had a wonderful outcome: a beautiful new soul in this world and a daughter who is on the mend.

Finally, call them what you will, but I know for sure that the prayers/loving thoughts/good vibes sent by my blogging friends were instrumental in the healing of my hands. My carpal tunnel syndrome is 95% better than it was at Christmas.

Love to your entire family,


Tracy said...

Congratulations on the new grandbaby, Robyn! He sure is a cutie! :)

AwtemNymf said...

He's a beautiful boy! And a Full Moon boy too! He's got some powerful presences and wise too!
Congratulations and I'm glad to hear your daughter is feeling better!
Blessings and Light! Blessed Ostara!

A bird in the hand said...

As I read your post, it occurred to me that praying is really a human thing. It's something to hang on to, a kind of comfort in anxious moments. I don't believe it can "change" any outcome: my belief is that you do everything you can do, and remain positive in thought and in your heart, then let it go.

More often than not, things do work out -- just not the way we had hoped or wanted.


Caitlin said...

He is just beautiful.

I agree with Kathryn's take on prayer and belief, we can so easily influence our outcomes depending where our focus is - and that's a good and a bad thing ha ha. You (and your daughter's) focus was strong enough to achieve a fantastic outcome (depsite the hiccups), she's well and Harry is gorgeous and healthy. You have everything you need.

Ninnie said...

What a beautiful little man. Love Hugs and Blessings to you and your family

Lady Laurie said...

Congratulations and welcome baby Harry!! Thankful that Louisa is doing well ~ Don't give up on prayer Robyn, I think they are heard and answered but the outcome is not always what we want.
Sending you hugs))

Bimbimbie said...

Gorgeous photo of the two of you introducing yourselves. *!* Wonderful to see Harry finally decided to put in his appearance lol. Wishing your daughter a speedy healing *!*

Gillian said...

Prayer is the means through it. Predestination at work. We all have our blueprint to follow. I still believe in prayer though Robyn. So do you obviously. I wouldn't agree it's fatalistic to pray if things are predestined. It is all part of our journey here to learn. Prayer is the pipeline to God's hand holding yours through things.
Congratulations on that squishy tasty sugar plum bum!!! He is a doll!!! Give him smooches and hugs and let him live as though he hasn't been here before. It will be your greatest gift to him.
Happy Easter love!

Autumn said...

Oh sweet Harry is so beautiful. His eyes are already shinning and he is looking around as if to say Hello World Here I am..

Moncha EilĂ­s said...

Congratulations !!!!! I'm so glad everything worked out in the end. You look so gorgeous with sweet Harry in your arms I understand what you say with the experience of being with a clan of women during the birth. When I gave birth to my two children I felt the connection with all the women that had done this before me, such a great ancient experience !!!
Please give all my love and best wishes to your daughter and cuddle little Harry for me please !!!
Have a great day !!

Gemma said...

Seeing Harry and knowing your daughter is Ok...I think your prayers were answered.
sweet little xx's
Bet he smells good.

Night Owl said...

He is beautiful, congratulations.
Hope Louisa and Harry are Ok today :-)

starnitesky said...

Congratulations to all on the birth of Harry; he is beautiful!

I too have had a similar experience with prayer, so I wonder too!

Leanne said...

Sorry I am late in adding my congratulations, ive been having pc troubles. He's gorgeous Robyn!! (I believe in prayer too)

Leanne x

amy said...

What a little cutie! Glad everything turned out ok in the end and that all are well. Congrats!

Peggy said...

congratulations! He is one handsome baby! So glad he and your daughter are doing well. I think our prayers are answered but not always in the way or time we want. If everything happened exactly the way and when we wanted we wouldn't need faith. I can't wait to read of all your fun spoiling your grandbaby!

Pixie said...

Oh I know I'm late but I'm here at last.....
Well done to your daughter and welcome to Harry.
Hope al things continue to go well now aftger the initial difficult start.
hugs to you too

Grace said...

What a happy and blessed event, Robyn! How fortunate to have been able to be a part of all that. Thank you for sharing the moment - and little Harry - with all of us :)

((( Robyn ))) You've asked some tough questions...questions that spiritual sojourners have been asking for eons, I suppose. I won't pretend I have any answers - as I don't. I have felt the same frustration, confusion, and fear about "unanswered" prayer.

What I do believe is this: God - however you define It - seems to be much more concerned with our character than our comfort. If it is true that we make agreements prior to birth, about the things that we'd like to experience, then we can rest assured that everything truly is unfolding exactly in divine order.

If the potter took the pot out of the kiln too early, it would not have the strength and beautiful surface it was meant to. A moment too long, and the pot would burn.

"Trust" and "Faith" in our own process (and in the process of others) can be born from the knowledge that we don't have to have all the answers.

It is our response which matters.


judie said...

Oh my gosh he is BEAUTIFUL! What great pictures. Congrats, girlie! And to your daughter too! Welcome to the world, little one. xoxoxo

solsticedreamer said...

oh robyn how fantastic! great news to come home to!
sending all my love and healing to the new family. and what a fantastic name~it sounds perfect

mrsnesbitt said...

Wonderful News Robyn.
I have been unwell and mrealised I hadn't heard from you, I figured why!

Lots of love

amelia said...

I have been away for a few days with my kids and I'm thrilled to see your baby is safetly here on this earth!!

You and Harry look just right together, perfect!

Hope your daughter is doing well and on the way to recovery.

tinker said...

Congratulations, dear Robyn - to your daughter, you - and Harry - who made the journey here despite whatever obstacles!
Sending healing wishes to your daughter as well.
As for the prayer - who of us can know for certain - but sometimes when things seem to still not go very well despite my prayers, I've wondered if perhaps they could have gone even worse if I hadn't prayed...just a thought.
How wonderful you were able to be there with your daughter through the birth.
Best wishes to you all~XOXO