"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Thursday, 3 July 2008

New Moon

the new moon today in Woodford was at 12.18pm... the day was weird, time kind of stood still.. time didn't seem to rush by as it usually does. The gale that has been blowing even stopped. It was just so eerie. As I was driving along the road, even the traffic had a stillness about it.. like no one was rushing...... I had decided to do a banishment ritual this new moon, with Suzie... lately I have been the proverbial bitter old woman..

angry, at - well, I know not what.. just angry. Grumpy. My Nan would say that I have a 'touch of the SOL's' - of course, I won't translate that as it is not nice. But it seems it is connected to liver.... Funnily enough, while searching for some natural remedies for my poor aching hands, I found an article by Susun Weed, where she asks to make a list of the things that we are sore(upset, angry) about.. so tonight, I will do this in my BoS, my soul journal, I will sit in stillness and try to find where this anger and bitterness is coming from.. I don't like it one bit, but it is like I am possessed by some very odd person who snaps at people for no reason and just has this anger cloud hanging over her...... and I am bitter.. I could be the STAR of the tv show 'Bitter Old Women'.. I had booked myself in for a massage for the new moon and thought this was the perfect time to release any anger that I was holding within when I was there, I just breathed out anger and breathed in Joy.

today, I also cleaned up around my verandah, wrapping myself in layers of clothes against the cold (oh yes, I know some of you think I live in a mild place during winter, but this cold really does chill me right to the bones) and then I lit some Frankincense and Myrrh incense at my door, hung a smoky quartz crystal to banish negativity and hung a bunch of those violets from my door knob... hopefully that will all keep those 'angry spirits' away! I do love to do ancient folklore rituals like this.. kinda connects me to my ancestors in a way.


Sacred Suzie said...

It definitely sounds like you're taking on energy of other's and angry energy can cause us to have accidents, bang our elbows, say the wrong thing...

Your ritual sounds powerful and perfect to me! I just wrote about mine. Crazy evil eye results, freaking me out but I know I got rid of most of the bad stuff. Now if only my nightmares would stop.

Anonymous said...

Hope you will be feeling happier real soon. That BoS sounds great. It's a great way to write away frustrations ; )
Have a great day !!

Ruth said...

I hope you're feeling happier now Robyn - we all get like this at times I think!

Kathryn Knoll said...

Just remember, Dear One, the feelings you carry and express are not really your own. Rocks, speaking your anger to rocks, big ones, is a good way to release the "anger of the ages." We'll all be better for it. Blessings, SR.K

amelia said...

I always called that feeling 'menopause'!!

smilnsigh said...

Oh dear, I've been missing from here. And did not read this. But I understand it. The feeling that some anger is inside, and keeps leaking out. And it makes me feel worse, to have it leaking out, and thus I'm being snappy, and being the proverbial 'grumpy old woman.' I really can 'see' myself, this way, and don't like it. Oh yes, I understand.

Seems all we can do is sit quietly with ourselves and try to listen to our 'inside.' Try to listen for the answer to why this grumpiness? Seems that way to me...

In hope you have found some answers, from yourself, by the time you read this.

Gentle hugs,
'Miss' Mari-Nanci