"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Tuesday, 1 July 2008


July came in with a vengeance... gale force winds all night. I lay in bed wondering what was happening to my garden... my energy was scattered and all night i kept having to pull it in. I hate wind and I often wonder what the use of it is.... there must be one. So all night I listened to the wind whistling down the side of my home, hearing trees groaning in the wind.. all the while trying to settle my energies down and snuggling under my vintage comforter trying to block the noise out.

faeryLand has closed.. until December 1st when, here we celebrate I gather faery magick as I go......

My checkup went well. My oncologist was happy but he still wants to see me each year until I am at 10 years... *sigh* I was hoping for a two yearly ok... but he seems to think it is better to do it this way.. so yearly it is. My results come back in a week or two.

I had a wonderful time at my Gypsy Caravan... the weather was perfect. Cold but a brilliant winter sun. At night, I went to sleep to the sound of the sea pounding on the beach that is across a sand embankment. The stars shone brilliantly and the air was full of sea spray that I could taste on my lips. It cleansed my aura I am sure..I didn't get to walk on the beach.. I wanted to but something stopped me... it was like my soul wanted to rest in the little caravan. I picked up sticks from around our area.. gathering kindling to bring home....

yesterday, the last day of June, I wandered around my garden... autumn leaves amid jonquils and daffodils ~ what on earth is going on??

bees still doing their busy work... we are lucky here, I still have many bees... our winters are mild compared to other places so we have bees all year round. I would love to keep bees, I have looked into it but it is very involved to collect my own honey, so for now, I will plant bee friendly plants and buy my organic honey, locally. It is important to have honey that has not been heat treated. once that happens, all the goodness is gone and you may as well have a spoon full of white sugar. So, next time you are out and about, look out for organic honey..

I know winter has arrived when I see the little violets poking their heads out from their protective leaves..In Macer's Herbal (tenth century) the Violet is among the many herbs which were considered powerful against 'wykked sperytis.'.. I might just pick a bunch and hang by my door...maybe that will keep the 'wykked sperytis' wind away from my garden!

and my irises are blooming... this was yesterday.. I haven't looked this morning to see if the wind has snapped them off...


kim said...

I hope to buy some at my local Farmer's Market tomorrow. I think the local honey will help with my allergies as well.

Julie said...

Winter, you call that winter??? LOL!

I am so glad you enjoyed your time at the gypsy caravan. I think another summer will be going by without a trip to the lake. Dan does have the fourth of July off but he has to work Saturday, so no long holiday weekend for him! I, however, will relish mine.

sorrow11 said...

How wonderfully relaxed your words sound. Your garden looks happy and refreshed, even if there was a bit of wind.
I confess to having my own hives, and my honey is spooned out of the comb.
Don't know anything about heating it..unless you are trying to separate the last bits of honey from the wax,(which i use in my soaps..)
looking forward to the return of the portal..
in the interim, BEE sweet!

A bird in the hand said...

Can you feel vibes through the computer?? I felt you would be fine, and not just this year. Still, it's wise to keep the annual checkup.

The wind blows away bad energy???

Sending you peonies,
Colette xoxo

Cat said...

Wind= spreading seeds
It's the only reason that I can tolerate it.
Leaves me feeling crazy, we have Santa Ana Winds here and they bring a wave of positive ions with them.

Ruth said...

Oh I hate it when it's really windy too. It's very exposed where we live and we quite often lose bits off our roof!

Pam said...

It sounds cossetted and cosy, your time away dear Robyn. A lovely post. Who knows, one day you may have your beehives on that block of land next door. I sincerely hope so.

Sacred Suzie said...

It amazes me how much life is blooming around you during your winter there. Oh I know those kind of winds! We used to get them on Vancouver Island. I kind of miss that but now I get to live with hurricane season in the fall.

Sounds like you're ahead of me cleansing your spirit Robyn. I'm doing a group cleansing tomorrow during the new moon. Bad influences have found me again!

Kathryn Knoll said...

Mother Earth is doing her cleansing work. The wind is a great way to cleanse your crystals and other energy tools. It is so strange to hear about Winter in Summer! It's that Hemisphere thing, I guess. If it were not for you, I would rarely realize these things and would be less balanced in my approach to Gaia. You are alway hugging the planet when you tend to it as you do and when you keep us all connected to the old ways of being conscious that we are One with our Earth. I do love visiting Inglewood!

Gemma said...

Honey from the beehive is natures purest food. Wouldn't it be interesting to keep bees? Love your iris's and violets!
Glad all went well at the checkup.

amelia said...

Personally, I love the wind. It makes me feel alive!! Also it dries up the ground, in turn keeping the mud away for a bit. It cleans the cobwebs and blows away the dust! It also helps a little by keeping the mosquito's away and we have lots! We need all the help we can get to keep them away...

Rowan said...

Lots of pretty things in your garden even though it's winter for you.
I'm not happy in the wind either but it's a very necessary thing - it's responsible for the distribution of huge numbers of tree and plant seeds and it's also a pollinator for some.
Glad to hear that your check up went well.

tinker said...

Oh darn - I missed seeing Fairyland one more time - but at least it I get to see those beautiful violets - they and lilacs, are my very favorite flowers.
I'm glad you had a nice time at your caravan, with the seaspray in the air - I could definitely use some seaspray right about now.
The wind can jangle on the nerves -especially when it's blowing hard, but it definitely has its purposes - carrying pollen, moving clouds and rain to where they're needed, windmill powered electricity - and for the birds, it is the wind beneath their wings! Right now I could use a cool breeze too~sigh~
Happy first of July!

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks beautiful, I love the winter garden and we spent the weekend trimming and tidying ours, so peaceful (then we had those gales and storms too).

linda may said...

There is nothing as lovely as the perfume of old fashioned violets.
I spent a couple of hrs in daisy's blog tonight. Thanks for sending the link. I like the picture you posted of the plaque too.