"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Monday, 5 July 2010

tempers run high, lost things ..oh my ~ telling it how it is in my life today.

they say that selling & moving house is one of the top things on the stress list. Right up there with death & divorce. Add to that, renovating.. well as you can imagine, tempers are snapping here.. tension between the gorgeous dutch husband and moi... but they flare and go down just as quickly which is a good thing. But I tell you.. there are moments when I feel like running away. to be by myself.

*sigh* such is life.

a disorganised house with half packed boxes.. stuff in piles to go to the bin. more piles to go to Vinnies and amidst that, I am supposed to keep the housework done. I walk around looking at all I have to pack & wonder why the hell i have all of this stuff. why? why collect bits & bits & bits..

a mother who is ready to move into aged care, but there is a delay. so I have her on the phone every day telling me that her whole life has been disappointment, after disappointment.. and this delay is just another one.. she is used to disappointments.. she never expects anything else. so she tells me.

my head is going to explode.

a 21yr old daughter, who believes she is a princess and thinks that packing and moving is just going to 'happen'.

I look at the garden at Inglewood & wish i could go outside to bury my hands into the earth. But it is freezing [well freezing for Australian standards] I stay inside.. still feeling like I want to run away somewhere. to be alone. somewhere sacred, where I can lay on Mother Earth & be enveloped by her earthiness, by her peace & tranquility. hugged by her arms. I imagine a deep forest, where rain is falling gently & the smell of wet leaves... I just want to be there. surrounded by ancient rocks.. anywhere but here in the midst of chaos.

& have lost my wedding ring after taking it off to rub Arnica cream into my poor hands
I could cry.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wishing you calmer and better times soon! Hang in there!

mxtodis123 said...

Oh, my friend, I am so sorry you are going through this. Moving is torture. I would dread a move at this time. Recently I took a look around the house and said, "You just have too much." So, a little at a time I have been parting with things. (We can only put so much out for the garbage at one time). Deep breaths my friend. Sounds like a wonderful visualization.

Annie said...

Oh, NOOOO. Misery. Moving is never easy. That ring has just got to turn up. Oh! And, yeah. Kick the princess' butt. Yeah, I know. Not helpful. But, there it is.

Pam said...

Oh Robyn. Biggest of hugs. Tempted to say lots, but sometimes a huge hug says it all.x

Leanne said...

hugs robyn, you will get there, and that ring will appear. I hated moving too, its not fun, is it?

Leanne x

laoi gaul~williams /I\ said...

moving is a nightmare~i remember the short tempers when we moved from dorset. it will pass when the worse is over.

maybe you should wrap up warm and have a few moments out with mother earth

Mel said...

((((hugs)))))....i loathe moving..for all the reasons you mention.

there's something in the air though -- so it's not just about the moving, i don't think -- i'm being vague,I know, but i don't really know what it is myself...just an intuitive thing after having run myself through an emotional wringer this last while.

much love...wishing i could pop over with a cuppa for you and send you out to the garden (all bundled up) while i do a bit of packing for you....


spirit said...

Big hug Robyn...take a break and embrace mother earth's healing powers...all the best xx

Imogen said...

Oh miss Robyn, I am so sorry! - it sounds as though you're really having it rough at the moment. Moving is ghastly and you've got a lot more on your plate as well. mxtodis123 is right- - you can use that image of the forest with the sacred stones as a visualisation; it sounds like a magical place. Or why not find just thirty minutes to go outside on your own and walk, if you can't do the gardens.

Keep sane and keep strong. This too shall pass.

Janet said...

Moving can be a nightmare but hopefully it will pass soon. It definitely sounds like you need some "me" time and a bit of pampering. As for all the stuff, I finally came to the conclusion that stuff doesn't make me happy and I've been de-cluttering my house ever since. It's a slow process but I'm doing it.

Big hugs to you. Maybe you could "run away" for just an hour or two to someplace peaceful and soothing.

Serena said...

i hate moving house and i don't do stress well either. sometimes, i find it helps to just go with the flow of what's happening around me...take a step back from the chaos, take a deep breath and find a sense of calm deep within. yes it is in there somewhere.

i sure hope your wedding ring shows up soon, robyn. xo

gemma said...

Dear Robyn,
Hope you have found your ring by now. I totally understand how you must feel. I remember our last move,
A box of tools fell in Lee's underwear drawer. It was ridiculous getting reorganized.

Winterwood said...

hi Robyn, I'm not blogging much these days but alwasy tune in to see if youve got a new post! I cant imagine how busy you must be right now with your new home and all the rest no wonder tempers fray once in a while...I am just LOVING what youve done with the villa maria kitchen, I have a benchtop separating the dining area and now wondering after seeing yours if I should get rid of the bench top and have it like yours in the photo?!!! hmm.. lets see what mr winterwood says about that!!

Fire Byrd said...

Would do you good if you did have a good cry, or a few blood curdling screams to let go of the build up of emotions inside you.
Just keep will be sorted soon... and then you can take that much needed breath.

amelia said...

I know you have found your ring now so that should make you breathe a little easier at least!!

You poor thing with your mother, boy, do I ever know what you're going through. I really, really do.

All this on top of moving must be making life a nightmare but being in the middle of cleaning out my mothers home my advice to you, while you have this chance, is to pare down. I have never seen so much junk as she has and my kids keep telling me to get rid of stuff because they don't want to go through it when I'm dead!!

linda may said...

G'Day Robyn, Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. Go lay on mother earth and feel and smell and listen and breathe, she will settle you.(Works for me anyway.) You have wonderful sacred bush places all around you, go and take some time out for a few hours.

Beatnheart said...

Yes! Run Away!!! Go to the woods, sit and cry...Hey at least you have woods to run to...When we bought our house it was a full year of living in a back room with 2 cats. and a house full of dust, paint and hard work...What have we done, I cried!!! We almost divorced...I came close. I didn’t have woods...I could have stood near the freeway, so go out, have a manicure, your ring is somewhere. try, try try not to stress. Get daughter to help you. be gentle with yourself. it will all come together..

Kathryn said...

My sister's wisdom has helped me alot. Get a chair ( it is the "observation deck") you work a bit and then you sit and look and plan your next move. Taking it in bits. Just doing a little bit before resting again. It's slow but it gets you through it in one piece. You don't get as overwhelmed that way and that is half the battle! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do hope you can find your ring again.
Try to keep calm. It's hard in the midst of so much work, but this all will pass again.
I wish you lots of luck with it all ; )

Angela said...

I use vintage hankies for my tears. It seems to help. Much love to you and remember, this will pass.