"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Saturday, 11 July 2009

so much wisdom.. synchronicity with Kali & healing knowledge..

jonquils are in abundance in my garden right now.. the lovely heady perfume fortells of spring to come!

I was blown away with the comments on my anger post.. so much wisdom, so much love & support.. thankyou... Kali was mentioned.. which kind of took me by she had been mentioned at my spirit doll workshop as a Goddess who I could look to for help with this was as if, everywhere I turned there she was... so I did a little search on the internet..

Feminine power has often been represented as negative, rather than in a truer light, so it is also with Kali. Reclaiming these Goddeses is a way of reclaiming your sacred right to rage. She is the sacred cycle of all existence swirling with unbridled energy

Kali reminds us that good really can come of bad situations and stands at the ready to dance courage into our lives at our request. Kali also reminds us that our lives will never change until we release (kill off) the outdated, unproductive beliefs we have. These beliefs can be anything from how we view ourselves to how we view religious dogma. We all carry around our own fears sometimes called "demons". Kali represents our fears. Once confronted and faced down, she becomes our protector and a source of comfort.
Call on Kali for assistance by doing your own dance. Move the energy around in your living space with some flowing, empowering music as you dance the dance of life, courage and change. Afterwards, leave Kali an offering of honey and flowers and thank her for dancing with you and for rearranging the strife you are feeling in your life. Do this until the situation you want changed in your life has done so.
Since Kali ushered in the Iron Age, it is important to have iron on her altar. Hematite (iron) as well as an iron figure of her. Flowers on any altar offer a nice balance. The delicate strength of an orchid along with its natural beauty is highly symbolic for Kali's altar. The orchid reminds us of our delicate strength and beauty.

I like what I found out about Kali... I am going to make an altar dedicated to her..I never felt an affinity with her before, but she is perfect for me right now. Odd thing is, last Wednesday, I went looking for an indoor plant and I touched an orchid.. felt it's lovliness but didn't follow my intuition..

tamarillos from my tree.. they are so delicious and absolutely full of vitamin C.. I ate alot of these when I was going through my radiation treatment.. vitamin C is a wonderful cell healer.

I took myself into the garden this morning, with my heavy aching heart.. the anger simmering beneath, the fear of alienating my loved ones with my anger.. but try as I might, I cannot stop it... it really does have a life of its own.. so I know that I need to work with this.. not sure how, but one thing,I do trust that the answer will come..

i am an avid reader of Susun Weed's Menopause.. so much advice and wisdom between the covers... oat straw tea is one that she recommends for the symptoms i have.. she also says that the liver is connected strongly with anger... as is the base chakra.. and reading Kali's information, I think dancing will help me bring that chakra back into seems it is all connected, don't you think?
... reading St.Hildegard of Bingen's writings.. she suggests eating 5 or more almonds a day to help the liver.. as well as lavender wine.

I made myself up a little tray,
to take out into the garden with me.. a vintage tea pot full of oatstraw tea.. a handful of almonds, a date and some dried apricots.. all on a vintage silver tray.. oh I just wish so much that I could stop being so hard on myself and allow myself to laugh..

the emails that I have received since the anger post have been so supportive too... Sr.K in one of her emails : 'You need to tell your story. There is power'. I have opened a new blog to document my cancer journey.. if anyone wishes to read it here is a link: my journey with cancer .. it is a pain filled story, sometimes barbaric.. it is honest but I need to get it out... I will add to when I feel I am ready.


Mel said...

I've recently *found* Kali myself -- I rarely ventured outside the Celtic pantheon until she kept popping up into my life....

I have truly embraced her spirit now...I really like the tidbit you found on her -- I've been reading the traditional Hindu stories of Her and they don't say anything about contemporary relations to her...thank you for that. I've been looking for something to add to my altar to honour Her and now I can!!

Your power amazes and humbles me...thank you once again...

PS. I LOVE your little tea tray -- it's all about the presentation sometimes...:)

Holly said...

I am sure that all of us readers, female and male alike, will be joining in with you as you dance Kali's dance. We'll all be better for being part of your journey to shed what is no longer needed and grow that which will bring you joy and give you life.

Hugs From Across The Pond...

Rose said...

Kali is everywhere right now. I think a lot of ladies in blogland are feeling her pull.

Kathryn Knoll said...

How wise, your journey....Honor it and be healed!

gemma said...

Have you seen Kali on Kavindra's blog?
I have these problems too.
Everything is not sweetness and light.
It's like Mother Henna talks about our shadow self.

Serena said...

May your dance with Kali help you to release the pain and anger, Robyn.

Your pics are beautiful. I love tamarillos!

Wendy said...

The tamarillos looks delicious. Never had one. Am catching up and will read your anger post. I also have been feeling anger, in spurts. Don't know where it comes from. Will definitely check into Kali. She's not a goddess I've been drawn to in the past, but maybe now....

As Holly said "we'll dance with you...."

docwitch said...

Lovely pics there.

I've been feeling a good deal of anger lately - mainly around the full moon this month. It's no accident that I now have some 'angry' excema on my hand (which can often be liver-anger-related stuff in herbalism).

And I really understand and can relate to a number of things you wrote about in both this post and the one prior to it.

I did some work with Kali a couple of years ago, and it's an incredibly powerful energy to plug in to. All the best with everything.

Pam said...

Robyn I am so pleased you have found this avenue of anger expression and release through Kali. May I also suggest Tai Chi if there is a good organization close to you. The movements can actually push away anger, pull in calmness and acceptance- and teach us to reside in the centre of things. I find the Taoist Tai Chi set enormously helpful, and helps me to focus on whatever insights or deities help us as individuals on our path.The health benefits are also wonderful. There are many Taoist Tai Chi branches throughout Australia.I am not trying to plug this by any means, but rather congratulate you on honouring emotions and working with them in a positive way, and this is also a way I've found beneficial.On our little tray we have green tea, maybe we should have a few bowls of almonds! I completely honour your journey Robyn. Thank you for sharing

Sorrow said...

I have been busy tending a sick little one in my house, but when I came by and read this, I just smiled.
All the frustration of being sleep deprived and "on hand" in full mom mode, just rolled away.
A balm these words were to my heart and spirit. To see you, hear you
on your path, trying..
That is the key to success, not bitching about it and doing nothing, but moving into the anger,the pain and the icky stuff, and working your way thru it, to the other side.
I ADORE susan weed.. if you poke around in You tube, you can find some wonderful videos of her , she has such an open honest and straightforward way of talking it out.
go peek!
(((HUGS))) and much gratitude to you!

Rose said...

You can have one you know... Come to my blog and go to pay it forward... You might have to wait a little while though....