"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Sunday, 14 June 2009

more time spent in the garden ~ healing

today I spent some more time in my garden.. Joe went for a ride, leaving me to work in the back garden, where my vegie garden is.. I find at the moment, that I can work between the hours of 10 til 2 without getting cold, after that the chill sets in and I can feel it in my chest.. I wrap myself up ... wearing my old tracksuit pants, a thermal singlet and an old flannelette shirt that I buy from op shops- already worn & faded and very, very comfortable.. today, I thinned my carrots & turnips, tied up the peas & broad beans and planted some more pea seeds, making sure they were protected with lots of twiggy sticks. Otherwise, the black bird takes great delight in digging in the soil for worms, thus uprooting my newly planted pea seeds.

I gave the tuscan kale & celery a watering of comfrey tea and then mulched it all. Once the tuscan kale is big enough, I will pick some leaves and make a kale & leek risotto.

I have been collecting hessian bags from the co-op and finally got them all cut up and placed them on the paths between the vegie garden beds.. being a natural fibre, they will break down without any adverse affect on the soil beneath as well as stopping weeds from growing..

as I was gardening, I was thinking about creating the healing energy grid & I remembered that i had my new crystal in some rock salt and that I needed to now plant it in the Earth to cleanse it some more. I bought this crystal while I was away last weekend.. it is a phantom quartz crystal, inside is a cross.. this crystal is going to be my partner in healing the Earth and I need to cleanse, clear and bond with it. I did not plan on buying a clear quartz point while I was away, I have many here at home.. but this crystal spoke to me and when I picked it was very warm in my hand.. always a sign for me.

above is the sacred space, where I believe there is a vortex, ley lines and is where my Sacred circle will be created. This is the place where Faery rings come up, where I quite often capture orbs around plants, where my pendulum swings out of control... a magick place for sure ~ I would love to get a circle going worldwide.. somehow.. where each of us could do our own ritual to heal the Earth, using crystals & connecting our energies... it will happen, I know..

covering the crystal in sea salt is quite a harsh way to clean a crystal, but because it was new, I wanted to make sure all previous programming and energies were gone. My mind works in funny ways when I garden.. at one point, I knew it was time to get the crystal and bury it in the earth for a day or two.. so I dug a hole and placed it point down.. making sure I put a stick in so I knew where it was..

I covered the crystal with soil, placed a rock on top and tied a pink ribbon on the stick.. the crystal will stay there until I know it is time to get it out.. a day or two I would say. After that, I will retrieve the crystal and start to bond with it..all very hocus pocus, but something I believe is right for me.

Hellebores are flowering in my garden at the moment.. in autumn, I gave them a dressing of cow manure and now they are repaying me with a huge display of flowers... I tend to have a wild garden... I try to weed and keep everything neat and tidy, but it is not in my nature.. so the garden just rambles all over the place.. reminding me of Daisy's garden alot.. and what she said of it:
"I have decided to try to have a sort of unkempt look in the garden this year. A type of blowsy, lush ripeness, just teetering on the verge of slipping over into dangerous wildness, but still under control. I don't like gardens where there is not a blade of grass out of place or a weed dare not raise its head. In fact, I have been known to let one or two weeds grow if they have pretty flowers, as some of these weeds are just wild flowers and sometimes of herbal use.."

lately, I seem to be more like Daisy with each day.. is it her influence? I wonder.


Fire Byrd said...

Your garden sounds such a sanctuary.
And the work you are doing connecting to it is a joy to read.

solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

oh robyn i love this post~it gave me a rush of rising energy and excitement. i am in the process of creating my own sacred garden/space out of our back garden~very much in the way Daisy has descrbed hers!
you have made me think i need to do something...

Pam said...

Hi Robyn.Your posts are always exciting, calming,or in-between,where, in frustrating situations, there is gentle learning to be had.When you search for healing Robyn, you take others with you on the journey.I love how you gain strength - by either small abscences or quiet times in your garden and gypsy caravan. There is much insight in Tales of Inglewood. What an exciting concept, your word-wide circle of healing.I hope you develop this. I once read that animals naturally search out and feel the ley lines and vortex areas - they become their favourite resting spots.Hope you are feeling much better and your health improves.Rug up in those flannie

Tinker said...

I'm sorry you've been under the weather too - but glad you're getting out in your garden to share it with us. I always love your garden posts so, your garden is so lovely - and there's something so healing about them - I'm feeling better just reading and thinking about your gardening adventures~XOXO

Anonymous said...

You've just jolted me into the realisation that my crystals are very, very neglected these days. I think it might be time to get them out and cleanse and charge them.

The garden is wonderful Robyn.

gemma said...

The sun is so intense here in Az. desert, I always clean my crystals in open sunlight. Looking forward to joining you in a healing blessing for earth.

Kathryn Knoll said...

I am creating prayer wheels for this world wide healing circle so let's all keep in touch. I will want to know where to send them. They are red clay disks with a labyrinth on one side and a double star tetrahedron on the other. That's a twelve pointed star. They will have the Reiki symbols drawn over them and sent on their way. Let' do it!

Angela said...

Thank you for all this beautiful information. I would be a part of any intention to help heal the earth; I'm ready. :) Thank goodness for teachers like you 'cause I'm kinda behind!!

Much love