"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

time passes in a blink of an eye

can it be two years already since Daisy left Earth? I look at the date and yes, two years have passed... in a blink of an eye.

not a day goes by without me thinking of her in one way or another.. whether it be by burning incense she sent me, or the butterflies she sent me may waft in the wind, or I might wear the shawl that SweetPea sent me.. I might see a blackbird in my garden... or I might chatter to her as I work in the garden and sometimes I still read her blog.. gasping with grief because at that moment I miss her more than anything..... (if you go back a few days ago, to the post where there is a purple type orb thing... I do believe that it is a sign from Daisy... Gemma reminded me that Daisy's favourite colour was purple)....Daisy has influenced me alot lately.. and only the other day, when Janet remarked that my post was very similar to the way Daisy had written.. did I realize, that I have emulated Daisy's life... I loved her life so much, I wished that my life was like hers in the UK, wished so much, that it has become mine - I have manifested her life here at Inglewood.. well almost.. as I was working in my garden, I thought of how she absolutely adored Dene Cottage, how she loved her garden and enjoyed cooking, and was content with her daily routine.. how she loved to walk around her area and tell us about it... the list goes on... and that is exactly how my life is now.. I am thoroughly content 'with my lot'.. I love my life.... and then I remembered how she laughingly said in an email to me 'that many people think that I waft around in a flowered dress and floppy hat and Robyn, I must set them straight".....

and here is what she said:

"I would also hate you to think that every moment of my life is perfect, and I spend my days pottering around my garden, in floaty skirts [thought I often do drape a shawl round myself and I suppose at times I do tend to gypsy skirts] musing on the missel thrush on the wall. It often is, but I also have the mundane tasks to perform, the changing of beds, the washing, the cleaning. There are days when I feel stressed and am just happy to come home to the cottage and close the front door behind me and give a sigh of relief. There are days when I can feel slightly down, and a little bit grumpy, this usually makes me realise I have been overdoing things 'burning the candle at both ends' as my Mother would say. It is just I try to find extra bliss in all the small things that make my day enjoyable. Silly little things like the feel of my old straw hat on head when I am gardening, the blackbird that is not frightened of me and sits near my feet if I am quiet with a worm in his beak. The sun shimmering through the silver birch leaves, and later at twilight sitting out in the garden as the stars switch on in the sky and the tiny bats come out from the derelict barn down the lane and dart hither and thither. Or on colder evenings sitting in my living room with the rich smell of incense burning, candles flickering glad to be inside. At the moment my most blissful moments are waking just as the first note of the dawn chorus rings out and lying in bed listening as more and more birds join in then turning over and going back to sleep. Some mornings I even get up for a cup of herbal tea and listen to them before returning to bed."
~ so you see, that is exactly how I feel about my life.. it could be me writing this now, not Daisy writing it over 2 yrs ago...... ~

my dear Daisy Lupin - I still miss you
(and I still think it's not fair that she died before i met her in real life)

Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery, hand in hand,
For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.

William Butler Yeats, "The Stolen Child"


Fire Byrd said...

A lovely tribute to your lost Daisy.
I agree with her about the dawn,I sleep with the windows wide open and the curtains back, and I love being woken up by the dawn chorus, if only for a few moments. It lets me connect with the world as the light streams in and the birds sing.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift she's given you.

I was fascinated by that purple orb and yesterday I enlarged it in photo shop for a closer look and it looks like a gossamer, purple scarf blowing in the breeze...really lovely.

Billie Jane said...

How beautiful. Of course on some level perhaps you have met... or still will. :-)

solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

i remember meeting you not long after daisy passed and so well remember your posts of that time~i too cannot believe it was two years ago.

w.b. yeats~being part Irish i have a huge fondness for his work

Tori said...

What a beautiful post. There are tears in my eyes. I never met or have even heard of Daisy before, but just from your post I can tell she must have been an amazing person.

Serena said...

A beautiful post and tribute to your dear friend, Daisy. She sounded like such a beautiful woman who knew how to truly live and enjoy her life. Thanks for sharing a part of Daisy with us. xo

Sorrow said...

What a blessing you both are..

gemma said...

Robyn, Have you thought of leaving a link to Catsinthektchen on your blog? Daisy wrote beautifully. I learned much from her. Maybe people who haven't ever seen her blog could read it.

Janet said...

She was a very special person, a beautiful soul, and someone I'll never forget even though I never met her in real life. This is a lovely tribute to her.

Kathryn Knoll said...

Don't we all need a wise woman in our lives, reminding us to be in the moment and savor our very sacred presence in the here and now? In a way, I imagine the Baker Woman God, with her hands all flour-dusted kneading the bread of our lives, savoring the little dough people she has made and sent out into the world to enjoy what she enjoys. This is what Daisy did and still does through us: She channels the incarnate Divine. And we read about it and it brings us to our senses and we say, "yes I so want the simplicity of that life." And that, Dear Robyn is what you do and have done to all of us who come near here for a little sanity check. We are all tempted and caught up, at times, by the elurement of the crazy, exciting world around us. In the end, though, it does not satisfy quite so much as taking time out to savor life in the small and simple things that remind us what God so loves about us and about physicality. There are a few mystics among us who keep this before us. You are one of those women. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

A very special post :-)

Patty said...

I haven't been by for a visit in a long time, so it is strange that I picked a day when you have posted about Daisy. I was surprised to find it has been two years. I remember she was a dear friend to you. That was a sweet tribute you wrote..Take care and I will come by again