"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Friday, 12 June 2009

a flowering camellia in my garden at the moment ~Jean May~... I bought this because these are my daughters middle names.. I have Louisa May & Sophie Jean.. it blooms for about 6 weeks continuously.. I love how the pink petals cover my path during winter..

the past few days, I have been dreadfully sick with a cold/flu type thing.. it is most probably self inflicted because on the weekend, we went away on the bike.. and I became the dancing queen once again.. indulging in copious amounts of red wine & champagne.. then proceeded to walk in the cold night air, back to where we were staying, without a jacket.. but it was fun.. I don't indulge in alcohol very often but when I do, it seems to affect me quite quickly - the copious amounts were most probably only 3 glasses.. when I got home after the weekend away, I just knew that I was coming down with something.. I treated myself with tisanes of sage & lemon, made some thyme tea and then remembered my celtic wine (non alcoholic) and I sipped some of that.. it seems to have done the trick, as this morning I woke feeling a little better.. so much so that i decided to spend the warm hours of the day in my garden...

(not sure if you can see that purple in the top left hand corner.. have no idea what that is... it is not something hanging in the tree..stranger things have appeared in my garden..)

we have had alot of rain the past month or so.. and wind. As well as snow not far from Inglewood... my garden is in need of lots of work, work that is usually done in autumn... I cleaned out my pond, wintered the pond plants in a basket of water & raked leaves.

I stirred the comfrey tea and watered the brassicas with it. it looks like all my efforts of making the magick net tent, have paid off. The white cabbage moth hasn't attacked them at all and now it is too cold so I will be rewarded for all my hard work with delicious broccoli..

The broccoli is doing really well and has started to form small heads that are hidden among the leaves

the brussel sprouts are slow in forming but the tiny buds are there, so with some winter sunshine, I am sure they will develop. I love brussel sprouts... and even better that I grew some myself.

I weeded, mulched & generally tidied up... I chatted to Daisy as I went about my work.. remembering how i loved to read about her garden.. and thinking of her pots that she had in her courtyard.. it is coming up to the anniversary of her death next week.. I can't believe that it is 2 yrs ago already..

(there is that purple thing again.. ahh well.. maybe it is a reflection..I know my lens was clean)

my girls are looking a little better these day.. the past few weeks, they have been moulting and have now developed their winter feathers.. I will give them some porridge with molasses tomorrow morning for breakfast.. that will warm the cockles of their heart! I love my girls..

I picked up fallen tamarillos and fed them to the chooks & I cleaned up around my apple trees.. it was good to be in the sun but by about 1pm I could feel the cold air in my lungs again so I came inside.. just that short time spent in the garden does wonders for my soul and my body.. I am sure it is like an energy exchange even though I am not concsious of it. So you see, as I heal the Earth, I am healed as well...


Genie Sea said...

Thank you for the wonderful visit in your magical, healing garden. It's one of my best blog experiences! :) Maybe a purple fairy is visiting you. ;)

Winterwood said...

lovely post - and I can see that the garden serves you well, and heals you too!

So cold here but no snow! I do wish we did have a few flakes or so though! it would be lovely!

Janet said...

What a great little tour around your garden. As I was reading your post I was thinking that this was just what Daisy used to do! She was such a special woman. What a loss.

Annie said...

Good morning Robyn. What a lovely walk around your yard. Get over those sniffles quickly; there is so much waiting for you in that little pleasure-filled backyard.

Two year - seems not so long.


spirit said...

Hi there, I am so pleased that you are finding precious moments and soul fullfilling energy after your recent spell of saddness.It is true the outdoors has so much to offer,and just the fresh air alone makes you feel reading your blog.
Sue xx

Fire Byrd said...

I lke that you and the earth are healing together Robyn, makes the circle complete

jaz said...

hi...just found your blog and loved your post! my broccoli is about the same size as yours. i have spring/summer broccoli and you have winter/fall! i will follow you please check my blog out and maybe you will want to follow me!

linda may said...

G'Day Rob,
You go ahead being an earth healer, I like that term, maybe that is what I felt in my garden at Junee that I miss so much. You are right in thinking that what we do is good and every little bit helps when it comes to healing the earth. Your garden and bit of land sounds so special to me.
I sent you an email this morning. Tell me what you think.

Sorrow said...

A day in your garden is always a treat!
rest and take good care..
indulgences always come with a price...

solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

i love this, here we are slipping into summer despite the solstice being only a week away! in contrast my newly emerging sacred garden is blooming, attracting the bee's and butterflies

Kathryn Knoll said...

I am relieved to see that you are out and about and that the healing energy is surrounding you. I wonder if Lavender might be a good energy to help you heal. The scent and, I've heard some brew a bit of it in their tea.It could be the little children of Gaia giving you a special gift, the purple light, to heal you. No matter what it is, it seems to be following you around the garden wanting to have its picture taken. Looking forward to many more homey and comforting posts!

gemma said...

Jean May is lovely. You are deserving of pink petals strewn on your path.
I find my nights of being "dancing queen" are hard to recup from as well. LOL
Glad you are better.
Ask yourself: If the purple light has meaning for your life what would it be?

Serena said...

So sorry to read you've been sick with cold/flu, Robyn....I've been in a similar boat myself. I'm glad your herbal remedies are helping in the healing process.

Brussels Sprouts are my favourite vegetable....YUM! How satisfying it must feel to grow your own, among other things.

I love tamarillos too....Mum and Dad had a tamarillo tree on their property and I used to love pigging out on them when we'd visit.

A beautiful and homey post ~ :)

Tinker said...

I love strolling about your garden with you, Robyn - it looks like such a healng place. Your girls (hens) look so happy and so do your plants - maybe all that happiness is what's attracting that purple earth energy to visit. Somehow, reading this felt like Daisy was here visiting with you and us too...Be well soon~