"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Monday, 11 February 2008

the pm.... after God left the building...

just thought I would let you know that I feel better after my early morning post... and the many emails and comments {{{thankyou}}}.

.... and that I had my first shot today in readiness for my trip to Vietnam in May.... Joe & I have been married 20 years this year and we are going on a trip to Vietnam... we had the first of our Hep. A & B today and another in 6 weeks. I think we also have to have Typhoid injections. ouch.

oh and the other day at the Co-Op.... I found the most delicious yoghurt.... it is flavoured with Lemon Myrtle... and is creamy and smooth and bio-dynamic as well! what more could you want?

My son is 33 today.... and we had dinner at his home. His wife cooked her specialty of Moroccan Lamb cooked in a Tajine, served with rice ... we sat outside on their deck under the stars, surrounded by candles and oil torches.. table set with white tablecloths. A good Australian red wine and chilled water. Perfect!


Gemma said...

Hi Robyn...because of the time difference I just got here and read your 3AM post and now this one!I think we are all on this journey. I've had to ask myself "How much of a destination do I require?" Do I want to know it all, have all the answers (etc)? Or can I just enjoy the journey and new things I learn and delight in along the way? I may never reach the heart of God and understand this veil of tears...
but having cyber friends like you on the same journey makes it that much better.
Love you!
If chemicals help the hayfever
do it...why be miserable?

amelia said...

I had to go out early this morning and didn't get to read your post till now!

Go ahead, take allergy meds, I couldn't get through life without them.

I'm happy you're feeling better now and you know how I feel about the other stuff.....

solsticedreamer said...

What a cute picture :)

Krissie said...

just before I go off to you know I just want to say - I love those does she do hers and coould you post a recipe for it..does she present it in the tagine too? I love that morroccan feel to things! candles... oh heaven!

kim said...

Sometimes you just need to vent and sometimes you need to step back away from what you are so intent on. Sometimes both. With me, if I turn away from it, it usually comes at me full force. If I try too hard, it just doesn't happen.

I know about meds. I was at the physical therapist today and she wanted to know why I wasn't taking ibuprofin for my sore hip. But I guess taking it now and getting the swelling down will help in tha long run. *sigh*

Lady Laurie said...

Wow a trip to Vietnam, now thats cool!!
The dinner at your son's sounded wonderful.

P.s. I sorta gave up my heavy~duty soul searching a few months back, and decided to quit worrying so much and just live life.
Many blessings.

mrsnesbitt said...

The recipe sounds wonderful.
How strange...Jon is 50 this year and we too will have been married for 20 years! LOL!

So glad you are feeling better.
I often feel better for not digging too deep and just trundle along!


Sheila said...

Vietnam sounds very exotic, take lots of photos..!
Your son looks so sweet, such fair hair..I love Moroccan food, and have thought about buying a tagine.
I can taste that chicken now, almonds, apricots, cou-cous..yummy.

Dandelion seeds said...

is that your adorable son in the picture??? That is just priceless-I love the candid smile!

Tracy said...

Glad you are feeling better, Robyn. Like Laurie, I have given up the intense soul-searching. Instead, I am taking JOY. {{hugs}}

judie said...

Robyn, I loved your 3 a.m. ranting. Yes, I call it ranting and I find humor in it, because it's YOU, just Robyn, and all will be well. If you had not said all those things, I would have suspected someone else of posting here. You are the reason I visit! xoxoxoxoxo

Pixie said...

robynbird, I'm so pleased you are feeling less of the 3am blues, they are the pits.
Nothing is right with the world at that time of day.
I for one would be sad if I didn't have you in my life, as both a blogger chum and our email friendship.
here's to whatever gets rid of the hayfever gremlin!

Tinker said...

I've just gotten online finally today, and read your 3 am posting, after reading this one - and I'm glad you're feeling a little better now, and not hanging up your keys just yet. Things never seem to look quite as good in the dark of night, as they do in the daytime - which is where I suppose the term 'long, dark night of the soul' comes from. I think many of us have had those, and can relate to what you had to say. I keep trying to figure out, 'what am I supposed to learn from this?' when I'm having one of those nights - so far I just come up with more questions though.
Hope you find something to help relieve your hayfever - that can be so miserable. I've been leaving a ginormous carbon footprint in tissue usage myself, the past couple of weeks with this cold (I am so grateful for tissues right now though - I can't imagine having enough hankerchiefs on hand - I'd be constantly doing laundry - hurray for whoever invented tissues :)
Happy birthday to your son - and I'm so happy you've got big plans for your anniversary. We didn't do much at all this year.
Hope this year is a better one for everyone~XOXOXO

Kathryn Knoll said...

See, each moment is all you have to do. One Now after another. Glad to see and hear about this most recent now being a bit kinder to you than the one at 3 a.m. This too shall pass is a good mantra to keep around because it really is true. More will be reveled! Blessings, Sr.K

Julie Marie said...

Dear Robyn,

I missed all the hoopla of your earlier post and am glad you didn't hang up your keys after all. Regarding people who don't comment: You know what, I just installed a site counter last week and I was so excited. "Look, I'm getting up to 100 comments a day!" Look how many countries have logged on!" But - take a look at the length of the visit. Most of mine are zero seconds. Because they are not bloggers. They're just googling "Lady of Shalott", or "Norsk Hostfest" or some such subject and when they see you are not what they're looking for off they go. I've done it a million times myself. So don't feel bad if they're not commenting!


kathyann said...

Happy birthday to your son,sounds like you had a lovely meal with your family,so good to get out and enjoy yourself!
Robyn it wouldn't be you if you didn't have a rant every now and again,I think it does us all good to let it all out from time to time,then hopefully bounce back that little bit stronger!If you need to take some medication Robyn ,please take it, don't be suffering unnessessarily!It may only be for a short time and if it helps to get you back on track,why not!I never was one for taking medication but I have to now or I could have a bad attack and die and I'm not willing to go just yet!Take care,love from Kathyann and the girls