"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

D.. is for

well, I could say Depressed, but I won't. Even though I feel like I am right now.... you see, I did the most stupidest thing yesterday.. I went to my local health food shop to buy some things that I needed (yes, I know I was giving it all up).. and while I was there, the naturopath got talking to me and as I know her quite well, I allowed her to do iridology.. and her diagnosis is that I am suffering from Candida... I know about this 'disease' as many years ago.. another naturopath, diagnosed me and put me on the no food diet. Which is exactly what this woman did yesterday - she put into my hot little hands, a leaflet. A leaflet that tells me what I can and can't eat... it seems I can't eat much at all unless it is made from cardboard. So I became depressed. I can't shake it now and it is awful. Thing is, I fought cancer, I am quite healthy except for this darn allergies (which to this woman is a symptom of the dreaded Candida) .. so what did I do then? I got onto the internet and researched. Which my friends, is the worse thing you can do, especially if you think you may have candida.. because, there is absolutely no hope. I must stay on this cardboard diet and not enjoy life.. well that is what it seems to me. No fruit, no salt.. no yoghurt. I can give up wine, cause I don't drink it anyhow..(yes, I know i said I was going to.. but that was at 3am, I am not a wowser.. red wine just does my head in..) ~ (Joe keeps telling me that the health food industry is a big business and that Candida is big business for them as well - I wonder if he is right?)...oh and another thing I have to give up is stress! I nearly started laughing hysterically at this one... me? give up stress? I have an 18 year old.. how am I ever going to give stress up.. some people, really have no idea... I am still struggling with taking Telfast chemicals though, and I know not why...
so Yes, I am Depressed...I know it is a phase and it will pass but I need to find that inner strength that I had, the one that I had when I took control of my own health when I had cancer.. the one where I knew I could heal myself... but it is hidden.. maybe the candida ate it. who knows... anyhow, I wondered around looking for something starting with D.. I don't have a Dog... and I found Dandelion growing in my garden. Most people think these are weeds.. including my husband.. I slap his hand when he pulls them out!! I love Dandelion tea.. matter of fact, I think I will make myself one now!

not much more in my garden that starts with D.. except for Daphne.. and it is not in flower right now.. so inside I come and find these little Duck eggcups.. I have a collection of about 7 and the plan is to give one to each of my grandchildren at Easter time.... with an egg in it.. organic chocolate of course!

and then there is Desiderata.. which I am sure all of you know... I have it hanging next to my computer..
BUT do I take any notice of the wise words. of course not!! I am sure if I read them slowly each day, they might sink in.... very wise words indeed. Tomorrow, early in the morning..when I do my yoga..I might take these words outside on my verandah.. and read them slowly. Surely one day, the light might come on inside that guides me. I feel like I am on a river in a dark tunnel.. without a lamp.
so there is my D for the ABC Wednesday... but this week, I am not linking as I am too tired to even think about repaying the visits....


amelia said...

How do you make dandelion tea? We have an abundance in the summer (who doesn't!)and I love to look at them too. They are so pretty and bright!!!

I really do hope you get this allergy thing under control for your sake.

Pearl said...

D is for Dulse.
Susun Weed's Wise Woman Healing Herbal suggests that "... those diagnosed with candida overgrowth find that the friendly digestive yeasts on dulse (dried without a fresh water rinse) rapidly restore digestive integrity. (pg227) She also suggests using fresh burdock root to help with candida. I think the dulse might be easier to source.
I was going to suggest Nettle for hayfever - along with the anti-histamine. It seems that Susan agrees with me!
I'm not knocking complementary practioners - I use them myself - but I do sometimes think that they use Candida as a catch all.
I've been on these food free diets myself and I hated the way I became so focused on what I couldn't eat rather than what I could eat. Polystyrene rice cakes anyway?

sorrow11 said...

D is for dreams, desire, dandelion wine, desert, dirt, and my favorite dungarees !
I hate to say I agree with your husband, I was "diagnosed" with Candida when I was a teen. Not a chance. Have you ever considered a nutritionalist? They take hair,nail,skin and blood samples. Then they tell you what you're deficit in. It has helped me tremendously with my health.
just a thought
my *D*elightful one!

Krissie said...

I had to give up eating doughnuts cos it was bad for that sort of thing. I told the doc about my allergies yesterday and he said to take the meds!!! so today I am I too am sick of sneezing, misty itchy eyes..etc...Hope the tea makes you feel better!

kathyann said...

Robyn,I am so sorry you have not been feeling well,there are so many things that people get allergies from, would it be worth getting a second opinion ,they can run allergy tests at the hospital and then you would be more sure of what to avoid and what you can eat to be on the safe side!!Love from Kathyann and the girls

Kathryn Knoll said...

Okay, well, half the world has candida. That is one I try to manage too. You see, the little besties love people who have too much sugar in their blood. Oh well, There's an herb store near where I live and the herb guy, who has saved many people's lives, told me the best thing to do to help keep the little buggers in check is to take 25 drops of grapfuitseed extract 2X per day in water because it is very bitter.(I use Emergen C powder in my water, with the juice of a lemon and stevia for sweetener and the GSE can be tolerated quite well.) 2 jell caps of oregeno oil, also nasty tasteing, ( for some reason I can't seem to spell today, and frankly, I don't care. nuns are always suppose to be good spellers. You know what I mean.) I try to watch the sugar intake by using stevia to sweeten things, or if I am cooking, Xyltol. It looks a lot like sugar but does not act like it. Stevia is actually healthy for you. Since I have to watch my carb intake, I am pretty much on a "cardboard diet", Ha! What I try to do is be very intentional and conscious when I am cooking and fixing food. I especially love to make big delicious green salads. Am I on a strict candida diet? no. I do what I can. It mostly affects my skin with rashes and such. You learn to live with it. If you have lots of baked things or pasta and such it might be hard. I had an intuitive feeling about candida for you. Hmmmm. I'll be adding that to your water program. As always, more will be revealed, Blessings, Sr. K

Sharon said...

This is a serious collection of "ds." I hope all goes well for you!

Autumn said...

You need to rest..Take care

Garfy812 said...

Just a quick note, I found your blog from BimBimbie's site. Just want to send a great big hug your way.... ;-)

if i can add a D word: Drift

Take care

Moonroot said...

I'm sorry you're feeling so low. Hope you can find some Delighful Daydreams to Distract you.

Candida: my husband suffered from this about 10 years ago and cured himself with the restricted diet, plus lots of live yogurt and that grapefruit seed extract stuff (which is wonderful for the condition). He did find the diet boring and restrictive but he felt so much better on it that it was easy to stick to. And as his health improved he was able to gradually reintroduce foods until after a few months he was back to a 'normal' diet again. So it's not a life-sentence.

I think candida IS overdiagnosed by the alternative health community - but it might be worth trying the diet for a little while to see if you start to feel better. Email me if you'd like to talk about it.

Ackworth Born said...

eat the bloody leaflet with a nice cup of dandelion tea.

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh Robyn, don't do the candida diet. I did it and it almost killed me. I'm not joking. The diet is too restrictive, I was all skin and bones and could barely move. It's better focus on candida-fighting foods like garlic, yogurt with probiotics, clean meats like chicken...

Sorry I've been away, life has been so awful. The car accident was the last straw. I'm taking my life back now. I'm in a lot of pain but won't give up. This new home won't break me. I'm just getting stronger.

kathyann said...

Robyn I have left you a suprise over on my blog,I hope you like it!Love from Kathyann and the girls

solsticedreamer said...

D is for dandelion and dulce~yummy!
D is also for dirt~as in dirt and worms~i diet i am now on for my diabetes!

all these different diets we have to go on for all these different things!

I love dungaree's too!

huge hugs miss*r


Angela said...

It's funny - I was going to suggest you check out Susan Week for assistance with candida and I see Pearl already did. I, too, think it tends to be an easy answer for some practitioners - oh well, you must have candida. You have to ask what feels right to you. Do you think you have candida? And if you do, do you think you have to go on a no-food diet indefinitely to get rid of it? 'Cause sometimes you know, the cure is worse than the disease! Keep your chin up sweetie. It will pass.

linda may said...

Dear Robyn,
D is for Don't Do Dat Death Defying Diet Dear Duckie Dat Dilly Doc Don't Do Dat Demselves.
No seriously too much sugar upsets my balance and if i eat too many lollies I pay the price with a nasty bout of thrush. I don't have to go too strict to get it all back under control again though. Your body warns you when something is out of balance if you learn how to listen to it.