"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

so, just who is miss*R and where is she from?

our weather here in Woodford has been decidedly odd ... summer comes for a day.. high heat and humidity and then the storm clouds roll in, thunder rumbles, lightning streaks across the sky and down comes the rain. and it rains and rains and rains. The temperatures drop and we get snuggled into our winter jumpers, sometimes even lighting the fire, until the next day that summer decides to show her face. I love storms. I love to be able to sit in my big pink chair that wraps its arms around me and look out at the stormy weather as the rain lashes the trees. But how I am missing my garden this summer. I have bales of lucerne that need to be put on the garden to keep this moisture in, the feverfew needs cutting back, my lemon tree looks sad and sorry for itself, needing a good fertilizing and my roses are needing their summer haircut, along with my lavender garden being totally out of control. yes, this summer has been very, very odd..

Sunday was one such day, when the sun decided to poke her hot little face out... so I put my new work boots on and started to weed and hoe. Clearing around all my vegies.... finding potatoes that were ready to be dug! Beans that I had forgotten about and picking up fallen apples, thankfully rescuing a few to make myself some stewed apples.

Joe and I had lunch on our deck and then decided to rearrange the furniture, so that my moon bathing lounge is now tucked delightfully under a tree, with swirly things hanging above me, twinkling in the moonlight.... well that is if the moon ever shows her face... she has been hidden deep under cloud cover for many, many nights! Hopefully tonight, nearly the Full Moon (exactly at at 12.35am tomorrow morning) I will be able to go out and say hello.
I am slowly getting back to real life after my time away and today I am giving Sophies room a thorough vacuuming and dusting.. she is 18 and I guess she should do it herself, but she doesn't... so for my own peace of mind, I do it once a fortnight...
I have my grandson Thomas today and we are going out for lunch and then for a browse in my favourite hippy shop in Springwood. Yesterday, I tidied a corner on my front verandah where I can do some early morning yoga without getting wet, but still having fresh air to breathe...and I am wanting to buy some bells and bits to hang and this hippy shop has a wonderful selection !

I have been having weird and wonderful dreams the past week.. and I am wondering why. You see, I haven't really had a dream that I have remembered in ages... a few weeks ago, Lee from Solsticedreamer sent me a piece of flint from Cornwall and it has been beside my bed since I got it. And since it has been there, my dreams have been very vivid, sometimes to the point of being predictive.
I am from Windsor, a Macquarie town, settled on the banks of what once was, the mighty Hawkesbury River. From billy tea, vegemite and corn on the cob, buttered and salted and from chooks in the backyard.

I am from the 1950's fibro, pastel pink and green, cold in winter, hot in summer. I am from sprinklers on the front lawn, cooling down on a hot day, ice blocks and home-made lemon cordial.

I am from lemon scented gum trees, roses sprayed for blackspot, the berry tree where adventures unfolded, the gardenia that bloomed in summer and the backyard vegetable patch. From the aganpanthus and Christmas bush and carnations, frangipani and flowering red-gum.. all blooming together in a jumbled mix.

I am from sunday roasts around the cedar table and thin straight hair. From the Nobles and the Ingalls, the wilds of Wallabadah, settlers and sheep. From the shores of Devon, the Truscotts and the Tregilgas family clan. From Percival Arthur, Laura Tregilgas and Elizabeth Curnow, from good Cornish stock. I am from Avalon. I am from the Isle of Mona, Druids and the Celts.

I am from putting the kettle on and a stiff upper lip. From brown-paper parcels tied up in string and paper bags kept in a box under the sink.

From keeping my head out of the clouds and feet on the ground and travelling the world in a book. From mountain devils, gumnuts and flannel flowers

I am from hell, fire & brimstone. finding my own path, forever searching for my own truth, getting lost and finding my way.

I'm from the great southern land, a sunburnt country. I am from Australia but my soul yearns for Cornwall. I'm from buttered, iced finger buns, poached eggs and lamb chops. From Cornish pasties, Worcestershire sauce and a good cup of tea

From the hard workers and simple folk, from tinners and sailors. from kindness and helping others. I am from and of the Divine.

so there you go..... I decided to do a Daisy type post today... with art from artists that I like and bits about my everyday life, I loved reading her blog and I still do read it from time to time... it kind of brings her close to me.. and I need it today. The Moon in Leo today, waxing and coming to the Full Moon tomorrow..... today, a day for healing and heart to heart communication, a day to eat light and simple meals and to keep up the fluids...


A bird in the hand said...

This reminds me that I started that Where I'm From... but never finished it. I should go and find it!

Don't you wish we could transport back in time for a visit to the the Isle of Mona? (Weren't those Boudica books amazing?)


Moonroot said...

Love to hear about your everyday doings. And love the Where I'm From - what a great idea! I may give it a go...
Hope you have a great day lunching & shopping & playing!

Peggy said...

Sounds like you are enjoying your days. Have fun with the grandson!

Julie said...

I loved every bit of this post - every picture, every word. I love hearing about your garden, being here in this frozen wasteland.

Don't ever think your "regular day" posts are humdrum.

And I was delighted by the Where I'm From part. I copied the template and will do this myself.

Hugs (but not too tight or I'll make you cold!)


laoi gaul~williams said...

oh miss.r i love this so very much. i have never heard of the Where i'm from...can i have a go please?!

its funny i have been thinking of yoga...i used to do it every single day but stopped when my illness became worse...i think i may start gently again...the image of yoga on your deck inspires me

laoi gaul~williams said...

oh and i am so glad my stone is proving useful!

Sheila said...

I love this Robyn. You are finding yourself, and now you can put it on paper. I don't think you could have expressed yourself so well in that regard a year ago.
The dreams are interesting, I'm sure the flint may be the reason..Are you keeping a dream journal..?

zuzu said...

=^..^=oh miss R

Oh! The bells seem to me a wonderful idea ...
I can faintly hear them ... Oh those might be mine! I have small silver bells in some of the trees to catch the wind ... or tempt passing fae.

I am so envious of the gardening ::sigh:: digging potatoes and beans. Oh I miss the fresh tiny green beans. Today it is Russian kale and carrots to pull. Not much else likes the frosty weather but the kales & root crops.

It's 38f here and gray. The vegetable garden is mostly dormant and I am lusting for spring.

Today is one of those days to climb into a good book. Nope. I'm going to go sit in front of the fire and read seed cataloges for a while.

I want to climb into summer.
=^..^= XX zU

gma said...

Robyn, Beautiful memories and writing on your Where I'm from...really enjoyed it. Just love those summer storms too.
Great that you have a big pink chair....that sounds perfect!

Annie Jeffries said...

LOVE!!!! the lady in the yellow dress. Who is the artist? Does she have a link for other work?

Ruth said...

This is a very interesting idea - I'm going to suggest it to our writers' group next week. I love the idea of moon-bathing under silvery bells too!

Naturegirl said...

Robyn I enjoyed reading the "I am froms" said:
"finding my own path, forever searching for my own truth, getting lost and finding my way."..yes you have found your way! So happy that you did! Peace and love hugs NG

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous life you have my friend. You sound happy.. and for htis I could'nt be more happier for you. Sending love.. Nicole xox.

Anonymous said...

I loved this, I think I'll try and have a go, I'm not very imaginative though:-)