"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Sunday, 27 January 2008

my sacred life... i am blessed.

what could be more sacred than life itself? In 7 weeks, my gorgeous daughter Louisa is due to give birth to her first baby - a little boy and his name is Harry. Sometimes I wonder if it is a good thing to know all the particulars before a new babe is born but this little soul is special... well, even more special than any other little soul because he was conceived around the time Daisy passed over... this is her fat tummy that we talk to quite often... he has a nickname already - High pants Harry... not sure of his middle name yet.. but we have to have some surprises!!

Yesterday, I had a wonderful day in the garden.. I weeded my lavender patch and my chooks enjoyed the escargot that I fed them constantly while I weeded.. the escargot were served 'au natural' with a side serving of garden greens! all day my girls, clucked and scratched happily, enjoying the gourmet luncheon that was served and have rewarded me with fresh eggs!

this is where my girls live...

I spread 3 bales of straw, pruned the feverfew, found parsley I didn't know I had and I noticed new growth on my Rowan tree! This is where my lavender thrives.. it gets pretty much full sun all day... potatoes are also growing and I have more potatoes than I knew I had planted!

Today, I am picking a bunch of lavender and taking some over to Louisa, as well as some fresh eggs... we are having breakfast at a little open air cafe! yes, life is indeed sacred and blessed!


Bimbimbie said...

Nice to meet you High Pants Harry - I think you are going to be one special person in another special person's life *!*

.... ye gawds I could hear your girls crunching those poor escargots from here ; )

Your garden is looking great - mine has been taken over by the weeds following all the rain, I think they were laying dormant ready to explode through the earth and they have done so *!*

peppylady said...

I thought you were going to leave us and sure glad your back you add such beauty to world.
I knew the odds would be in favor of boys for me. Simple boys out number the girls on my hubby side.
Your garden pictures are lovely. Everything here is covered with snow now.

amelia said...

My tummy looks like that and I'm not pregnant!!!!

What a blessed event you are about to have. Nothing is quite as precious as grandchildren.

judie said...

What a wonderful post. xoxoxoxo to you girlie!

Julie Marie said...

I have to admit I am glad that 25, almost 26 years ago I did not know if I was going to have a Kristen or an Eric. I was SO sure I was going to have a boy that I let Dan pick the girl's name. Too bad, Kristen could have been a Stephanie!

Please, please keep sending wafts of lavender and summer air to us in the ND tundra. (No this isn't really tundra here but sometimes it feels like it.)


Peggy said...

I just love grandbabies and know you will spoil and enjoy your new little Harry.

Anonymous said...

Nice portrait of your new grandson. Such a wonderful thing to be looking forward to. I soooo love new babes. Glad to see you did not stay gone for long.
Wanted to let you know that I had tagged you. If you do not wish to play I will understand.
Love Hugs and Blessings

Krissie said...

I don't know if I would like to know the sex of the baby before its born, but everyone does it these days, and mybe its a good thing... I felt quite emotional seeing your dd's tummy there, its amazing how not so long ago that was us, with big tummy's. Now I am longing for a grandchild.... lovely post!!

kathyann said...

Hi Robyn I'm so glad you have stayed with us! you sound so much more poitive and quite bubbly,my word you put a lot of energy into your garden and it shows! your chickens will be all too happy to give you lovely fresh eggs if you keep treating them like this!I'm feeling excited for you and Louisa, and only 7 weeks to go she looks so neat! Are you a knitter Robyn,I loved making things for new babies,still do now only now I do it for the babypack project! I know you'll keep us updated on Harry's progress and we wish you all well,stay healthy and keep safe love from Kathyann and the girls

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

I love the sound of that breakfast!
Your garden is fantastic Robyn. Your lavender looks as though it is thriving. I love how connected to the earth you are. I feel so disconnected myself! Love that you have chickens, what fun. Your house must be a happy, loving place!!!
Off to enlarge that picture now of your garden, I want a closer look.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Oh I almost forgot!!! Harry!!!! What a lovely name for a boy. I love older names, names with history. You must be sooo excited! There is nothing like a new baby. And their smell!!! New baby smell is like sour milk mixed with Ivory Snow....they should bottle it. Best of luck to your daughter for her birth. I am sure you will be right there with some of your magickal charms to see her through, because you are such a good mummy yourself!

Angela said...

What a beautiful garden! I love seeing it and reading about it while we're having subzero temps here in Montana, USA. I look forward to meeting High Pants Harry!

Anonymous said...

I love your garden, the lavender looks great.
Your daughter's belly is beautiful, so the baby must be a real looker when he comes out ; ) I love the name Harry !!
That open air café sounds great. I hope you have a wonderful time !!!

A bird in the hand said...

Harry!! Nice to meet you.

I'm so happy to read about your garden activities again. You know how I garden precariously through you.

And, honey, about blog awards... they don't mean anything to me since seeing how they're handed out willy nilly: there was one in particular, a "thinking blog award" handed out to someone who is thoughtless at best (all me, me, me) and I realized that they don't mean much most of the time.


A bird in the hand said...

Hahahaha!! I meant VICARIOUSLY, not precariously! There's nothing dangerous about your gardening. xoxoxo

Tinker said...

How lucky are those 'girls' to live and dine in your lovely garden, Robyn! Best wishes to Louisa and 'High Pants Harry' - you must all be getting so excited to welcome this new member of the family. New life is sacred indeed. Wishing you wonders and joys this Sunday~XOXO

Gemma said...

Looking forward to Harry's arrival.
He will be such a blessing to you all.

sorrow11 said...

Miss R~ How exciting, life every where you look! Thank you for the glimpse into your peaceful day! Many blessings!

solsticedreamer said...

your garden looks wonderful i can smell the lavender from here!
and a big hello to high pants harry~a wonderful nickname :)

zUzU said...

=^..^= sweet Robyn
Your garden is gorgeous ...
Your girls have a beautiful home!

Here, in summer there are few snails as I have a little secret ... wee bandits as friends that visit at night and raid the little pail I leave for them where I place the snails and other assorted goodies for them to snack on :: yuck-o :: They need only lift the screen from the top and help themselves. In the morning I find the evendence of the feast ... with pieces of shells everywhere.

Do your chickens (so funny, I refer to my red worms as the girls) ... do they like tomato worms?. A favorite here ... only second to figs. Just as soft and squishy on the inside I suppose. Ewwww.

So SO very much enjoyed your pictures!
I want to get on a plane and be there!

=^..^= love, zU