"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Thursday, 23 August 2007

moon moods, from my journal and a blah morning

today, I woke with a dreaded feeling of melancholy... I wasn't going to post about it but it is part of me and I cannot deny it. Then I realized that it is coming up to full moon and every month at this time, I get this same odd melancholia. It is at these times, I miss being able to email Daisy and seek her wisdom. So instead of fighting it, or trying to analyze it, I will accept it as part of my journey. If I go with the emotions, I think it will be easier to cope with. Also, in posting how I feel, there maybe someone else out there feeling the same way, who may be helped in knowing they are not alone

Today, I have my second group get together for the Artists Way. Last week we were asked what we wanted to create in our lives... here is a little from my journal

'I wish to create and recapture my belief in faery magick. I know that I saw them as a child but was constantly told to get my head out of the clouds, that it was my imagination and fairies wouldn't get me very far in life!'. So I shut down. Now, my sensible self, my responsible self - the self who is mother, wife and community member tells me to stop wasting time drifting of with the faeries. To stop playing make believe and to be an adult
I want to create joy, laughter and play in my life. I want to allow my inner child out to create fun.
I want to create a trusting and accepting self. And in creating this, I will re-discover my in-tuition, my wisdom and my psychic ability, that I know I have but it has been submerged over years of being pushed deep into my soul in fear of being different, of not fitting into what society and others expected'

I am looking forward to my workshop class - we have been asked to bring something that makes us feel safe.... I am not sure what I am going to choose. I am sure it will come to me over the morning
It is cold, miserable and raining. yes, I know we need rain but I need a break. I need some sun and warmth. I took myself out side this morning... to take in some garden magick

and I noticed that my manchurian pear is trying on her spring undergarments - white blossoms - before she dons her new spring clothes! As I stepped outside, the magpies greeted me with their song - 'hi Miss*robyn - we are here.. we love you, we love your garden. Don't be sad, come sing with us!'... ~ nature is indeed soothing to this faeries soul. I have wings, you know!

*~* I hope your day is filled with butterflies, magick, colour & fripperies! ~*~


kim said...

The tree is soooo pretty! I love the faery pic too. Like a faery witch!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Accepting the journey is hard when your emotions tell you one thing and your heart tells you another. Then your head jumps into the act and you don't know who to believe!
Best of luck with the full moon!
Your tree is gorgeous!!!

Bimbimbie said...

Sometimes (no ... always) the view from having our head in the clouds is so much nicer then flat on the pavement *!*

Lisa said...

Thank you for visitng my blog and I agree it is nice to find other Aussie bloggers. I have a few in my sidebar and there are a few others who post in my comments :) I'm interested in your comments regarding the moon affecting our moods and look forward to reading more of you blog :)
take care of you

Tinker said...

The 28th there will be an eclipse of the full moon in our hemisphere - I'm wondering if that will have any emotional effects on people here...
I think so many people in modern generations were told to get their head out of the clouds, that it's a wonder anyone's in touch with their intuition nowadays. But I think if you seek, you'll find.
The tree blossoms are beautiful, Robyn! XOXO

Moncha Bradan said...

Hi Miss Robyn,
I know what you mean. I have that too, once a month, but not with the full moon, maybe it's with the new moon, I will have to pay attention next time. I love the full moon and this time it will be on my birthday. I was born under the influence of the moon of lightning as they call it here.
I love you tree, the colours are gorgeous.
You just go on and sing with the magpies and let other people think what they think, I bet they don't have that much fun in their lives ; )
Have a great day and oh by the way I have put the front view of my garden on my weblog ; )

amelia said...

I find I get the melancholy feelings as well from time to time but a walk in the woods with my dogs usually puts me right.
I find walking alone (with the dogs) is one of the greatest healers.

Gemma said...

Believe me you are not alone when it comes to the full moon side affects.You are a sensitive soul and thats why you tune into it even more than some. So glad you are taking AW...Oh and I was always told I had my head in the clouds too...but isn't it fun there!

Rowan said...

I've been wearing my moonstone for several days now and seem to be on a more even keel than usual. I charged it outside in the light of the full moon last month and seem to be reaping the benefit. There's nothing wrong with having your head in the clouds - it's a lovely world up there:)

kansasrose said...

Hi sweetie...still waiting to get my puter back. DH let me use his briefly. dang I miss ya! Use the full August moon to create babe! You have so much creative spirit. I know how you feel about this longing and sadness around the time of the full moon. Your sisters around the world are with you. Love you. xxxooo