"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Friday, 24 August 2007

friday frivolities. . .

today I woke to the sound of the parrots in the eucalypt tree which could only mean one thing and that is the rain had stopped. They tend to stay away when it rains. I wonder where they go? The magpies were having a wonderful time, running this way and that, foraging for worms who popped their heads out of the sodden ground.. a kookaburra sat patiently on the overhead wires. But the sun was only visiting and right now the clouds roll in again and the rain starts.

I just returned home from my acupuncturist - he could not believe the state of my neck.. I have a few bits to do in my home, then it is off to a warm settee, tucked under a blanket, to read for awhile. Then off to have my monthly facial... all I seem to be doing this week is having massages & treatments. But a girl has got to pamper herself once in awhile, me thinks.

remember Faery Friday from one of my past blog lives? well, here it is again.....

Fairies and Pixies, elves and gnomes.
Spinning some magic,spells for our homes.
Their wishes are happy, of joys to share.
Join in their revelry, if only you dare.
Carefree of spirit, their happiness impart
Sending you Magick, to store in your heart.

~ Unknown

and something for your inner child -
ELVES - to colour

I have been getting 'messages' over the past few days, very loud & clear messages - whether they are from my higher self, the angels, spirit guides, faeries or Daisy.... I know not, but I am being told that I am needing to trust my own inner wisdom.. to stop seeking outside myself... to go within and find my own truth. I think the word trust is the key here - to trust myself.

I must go and see if my girls have obliged and laid some eggs today. If so, then I think I will make one of my favourite cakes this afternoon for our weekend morning teas....Joe and I often sit outside either on our verandah or in the garden, depending on the weather and have our cups of tea - talking about life, our garden and what our dreams are.


*~* I hope your day is filled with butterflies, magick, colour & fripperies! ~*~


Bimbimbie said...

Hope you had a brilliant Friday, sounds like you did apart from your neck. So glad the parrots found their way back to you. Should you sight my four Kookies could you give them directions back to me please.

Enjoy that delicious sounding orange cake - make sure you sit high in your chairs and swing your legs back and forth *!*

Bimbimbie said...

ps those elves to colour *!*

Ruth said...

Oooo thanks for leaving a message on my blog - had a look at your profile and it seems we have so much in common. I absolutely adore Cornwall - I have Cornish ancestry - its one of my favourite parts of UK because its steeped in magic and faery and Celtic stuff.
So - what's a witch like you doing living in Oz - you sound rather British?

Peggy said...

hope the rain stays away and you and Joe have a wonderful weekend!

Gill said...

Have a wonderfull week end, hope the sun shines on you both


Autumn said...

Oh to listen to the birds sounds so wonderful. We do not have wild parrots here, and I am not sure what a kookaburra bird is so I looked it up. What a pretty little thing. I know you must enjoy sitting outside. I love the fairies you have shared with us today. Thanks..I hope you enjoy your weekend

Tinker said...

Hope your Friday was lovely - mine's just beginning. The orange cake sounds delicious, thank you for the recipe - now I'm hungry though!
Oh and thank you for so sweetly passing on that moon info, too! XOXO

Tracy said...

Massages and facials sound divine!

Lady Laurie said...

Dear Robyn,
Stopping by for an overdue visit, hope all is well. I could use some of that faery magic about now.
Blessings for a wonderful weekend.

Gemma said...

Who needs a face lift when you can have massages and facials? They really make us look and feel better naturally.

Julie Marie said...

My Friday workday finished 45 minutes ago. Now I can have my Friday frivolities! Just think, all the while you were sleeping, I was slogging away over old documents.

You NEEDED those massages and treatments to get rid of the health problems caused by the stress you recently underwent. You deserved them - don't feel a bit guilty! They weren't luxury, they were necessity!

By the way, my eyes are so much better after taking your advice - it really, really works.


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Take care.


solsticedreamer said...

A really beautiful blog~thank you for the directions to get here! I shall be back here again:)