"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Sunday, 26 August 2007

nature's healing

I spent nearly the whole day in the garden.. not fluffing about but really hard manual work. I donned my trusty boots, forgot to put sunscreen or a hat on.. so I am a little sunburnt right now. I pruned my lemon tree right back. It had been damaged in the wind a few weeks ago and was looking sad. I hate pruning things but after the lemon trees hair cut today, I am rather satisfied with my job of it! Plus I harvested about 2 washing baskets full of lemons. I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with them all. I moved compost heaps and raked sticks. Weeded the gardens and mowed the lawn. Yesterday, Joe bought me a 'click-clack' mower.. a push mower - it only took me about 15 mins and it looks wonderful. I am trying to get my 'lawn' looking like a meadow.... none of this kikuyu lawn for me. When I mow with this new mower, I can mow around daffodils or the rose campion that is popping up right now. It was also alot of fun to do! I am looking forward to an early dinner then sitting down and watching 'Dr. Martin'

it is amazing how nature can heal the soul, in the flutter of a birds wing or the buzz of a bee. after getting out from my shower this morning.. I pulled back the curtain and opened the window. A brilliant burst of pink rushed at me... the sun was shining on the pink flowering plum and it was just bursting out in all its pink glory and I could hear the twitter of little birdies. Leaning my elbows on the window-sill, I breathed the pink in and looked closely at the tree - little silvereyes were having their breakfast - kindly supplied by mother earth in the blossoms. Another sound awoke my senses and looking even closer, I could see bees! lots of bees... busily buzzing around the blossom, gathering pollen to take back to their hives, pollinating & gathering.... spring is not too far away here in Woodford!

*~* I hope your day is filled with butterflies, magick, colour & fripperies! ~*~


Leanne said...

so many lemons!!! I would love to harvest even one right now! I have a small lemon tree in my greenhouse, and I am eagerly awaiting its first fruit!

what about home made lemon squash? its lovely. shout if you want the recipe.

Leanne x

Bimbimbie said...

have to say I was fluffing with no real purpose outside today ... the sun was shining and felt warm and lovely and yes the birds where happy here too, no bees yet maybe the rain has slowed them down .... you had a big busy day *!*

fairycakegirl said...

And autumn is not far away for me too! My absolute favourite season. Today is glorious but with just a tiny bit of a nippy wind, just enough to let you know it's almost "fall". Wendyx

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

That is a ton of lemons. How about some lemon curd then? Can you make marmalade?
Your pink flowering plum is sweet, what a sight. I wish my garden looked a tenth of yours. It is dried out from the drought we have had. No rain. Only two times this summer. Parched isn't the word. Your garden looks lush and you are just starting your warm season....lucky lady.

kim said...

You could alos dry one slices and make a garland. If my Lemon Balm plant was doing better I'd harvest and dry a bunch of leaves for you to intertwine with the dried lemon slices. BUT she is coming back. I really thought she was down for the count, but there is new growth.

Garden girl said...

We've had lashing rain here today and more the rest of the week, all signs of spring cancelled for now! lol! Glad you had such a nice day - very healing the outdoors isnt it?

Anonymous said...

That simply sounds devine !!! All those beautiful flowers and insects !!
All those lemons, wow you can make a whole lot of lemonade !! Lemon curd is very nice too ; )
The link I got my birth moon info from is:
Romancing the Crone, a very nice blog !!!
Have a great day.

Gemma said...

Lemons are among my favorite fruit.
I put it in my H2O, in soups, tarts, lemon bars....I'll send you some recipes.

Anonymous said...

Wow lots of lemons. Sounds great. I love working in my yard. Glad to hear you are enjoying yours.

Peggy said...

I can taste the fresh lemonade now. What a lovely weekend you have had.

Sweetpea said...

sounds like a lovely garden day xxx

Autumn said...

Oh I would love some of those lemons. I would make pies and lemonaide and anything I could think off..Gallons and gallons of sweet tea with slices of them in it. Yummy. You are so lucky to have such lovely things at your home. (P.S.) I love the pink bush

Tinker said...

That's a whole lotta lemons to make lemonade from! Our tree seems to have slowed down this year - probably the heat and drought - but in years past, we would squeeze & freeze the juice in ice cube trays, then once frozen, we'd pop them into freezer bags. So if we wanted lemonade or lemon juice for a recipe later on, we just had to thaw the amount of cubes needed.

Your meadow plan sounds lovely! Hope you're resting and relaxing now after all that work. XOXO

Julie Marie said...

Don't know what a kikuyu lawn is but I bet it means a smooth, perfectly green lawn.

So lovely to see spring down under. Summer is winding down here and is it is downright cool at night.


Lisa Oceandreamer S. said...

waaaa! this reminds me of my lemon tree that I still miss like a lost pet! They were so sweet I had lemon in my water constantly...and the tree was so fragrant with little blossoms. People would ask for them and I'd hand out bags to them. My mom would come and take home a bag of them. We'd get some huge ones too....never was a lemon so sweet. alas!

I am tiring of Summer.