"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Friday, 13 July 2007

walking, reconnecting & thinking

yesterday I went for a walk to Katoomba which is a power spot of mine. I wanted to try and reconnect with Mother Earth... so I walked and I talked. I carried the twin crystal of which Daisy had the other twin. I saw a poor little birdie, dead on the footpath. Part of me wanted to pick the little thing up and take it home and give it a burial, the other part was scared of disease. To see the little bird, laying there, dead, on the path, made me realize that death happens every minute, somewhere. I wondered if that little birdie had friends who missed her and were grieving like I was. I found lots of holly trees and I noted that I must remember to ask permission if I could take some sprigs... and I walked - hands in pockets, head the cold. I saw an old man walking towards me and thought to myself - if he looks at me, I will smile and say hello but he didn't. He looked the other way and then I thought to myself - 'what is it with the world? no-one communicates anymore, we are all strangers, worrying about ourselves.... why? Why, if we are all from the same spirit world, and all connected - why is there this total disconnection from everyone. like we are scared of each other'..... no answers, I know but .....

then I came around the corner back to where the Holly trees are and I reached to pick some and it prickled me! I had forgotten to ask permission - so silently, I asked if it would be ok to take some for my holly water and I was allowed to pick three sprigs - no prickles at all! I noted to myself that I must bring a crystal next walk and place it under the tree, in thanks. I have a large water bowl at my front door that I usually float flowers and candles in and I think I will put some sprigs of Holly in that, fill it with water and it can be my Holly water font! I noticed the bare trees and the gardens and made another note to self to remember to bring my camera next time...

above is the one and only photo that I took of my weekend away last week. It is a hotel in a little town called Dunedoo. This is the original building. Isn't it fantastic? Inside was the original old bar with mirrors and ornate carvings... if you look closely, my car is the jeep. Well, it is actually Joe's car. I took it because we travelled dirt roads in some places.

I must admit, I had a bad day yesterday - my grief came rushing back... I am not wanting to continually post about it but as it is really a part of me right now, I cannot deny it and with the dark of the moon as well.. gee .... I made myself some hot chocolate, a buttered crumpet and I sat and snuggled in front of the fire. it was just one of those days.

above is my spirit doll that was part of my homework for witches school. We had to create a representation of a Spirit Elemental, so I decided to make a faery angel....because the element of spirit encompasses all the other elements, I wanted to include something from each of them. For earth, I used a stick and an amethyst crystal in a wand. For Air - I used feathers, the dark feathers are some of the vintage ostrich feathers that I bought the other day at FrouFrou. Water, I used shells and I am still wondering what to use for the element of fire. Once i have finished the Spirit Elemental, I am to bless it under the moon and under the sun and ask it to lead me to my Spirit guides.

Tomorrow is my next witch school class, I am looking forward to that. I have done most of my homework * I wrote an invocation, will share that sometime soon.

It is the dark of the moon right now... that is why so many of us are feeling a sense of emptiness, alone-ness and melancholia - a time to nurture your soul. Don't forget to get those moonstones out - hold them close and imagine a giant full moon beam coming down and bathing your soul in moonlight. Rest at this time, drink lots of water and cultivate peace in your soul.

oh and don't forget ~ Friday 13th! Beware of all that stuff... black cats, walking under ladders.. well you know xo and tomorrow, New Moon!

*~* I hope your day is filled with butterflies, magick, colour & fripperies! ~*~


Sweetpea said...

yes sometimes the grief does come rushing back - I have had it this evening.
I often wonder why some people struggle to nod, smile or say hello to people. Perhaps if we wore magic hats this would cease!! I hope you enjoy the second class- is it really just a fortnight since your last? some of the past month has been quick like a blur yet some so slow!
Yes it had crossed my mind that it was Friday the 13th when I wake in the morn!
Love and hugs xxx

Gill said...

Your spirit doll is gorgious, enjoy your second class.

Strange, as you say that people dont speak when they pass by, busy in thier own little world I guess.

Take care, have a wonderfull day

Blue the Spa Girl said...

I love your spirit doll Robyn. She is gorgeous!
As for the moon, I am feeling it's absence too. I look forward to the new moon now. Anxiety sucks!!!
I always say hello and smile. I don't care if they reply or not. It gives people something to think about. 99% of people respond!!!
See you (blog you!) when I return. Will send you a warm breeze!

Julie Marie said...


I am extremely impressed with your Elemental Spirit. It looks very professional (whether that was your intent or not - it does!).

I am sure you will think of something for a fire element soon.


Julie Marie said...


How about those little non-flame battery operated tea lights? Do you have them down there? You could put one under her dress if she is constructed that way, or beside her with a little raffia or something natural wound around the tea lite.


Bimbimbie said...

I know what you mean about people simply not wanting to acknowledge another person with a smile or a nod but isn't it great when you do get a smile back and if its with a few words you think you'd won the lotto it's such a nice warm feeling .....
Poor birdie, you saw it and thought about its friends, others wouldn't have even noticed it, sad to say...

love, love, love your spirit doll, ... smiled when you forgot to ask permission for some sprigs. Those old buildings are great - too many have been pulled down to make way for trendy new places which lack the character of these old places.
Enjoy your next witch class, looking forward to hearing all about it Smiles to you Robin *!*

Bimbimbie said...

oops sorry for the "i" Robyn *!*

Yoga Gal said...

Beautifil site, loved your spirit doll!

Garden girl said...

Enjoy your class I've just popped in to let you know that the crystal/gem is up on my blog ready to be identified. Hope someone here can help? cheers guys!

Tracy said...

Robyn, your spirit doll is lovely!

I, too, have wondered why people are so disconnected. I always smile, at the very least, when passing others.

Gemma said...

I try to give something to every stranger I meet.....even if it is just a kind thought....It helps me feel better.

mrsnesbitt said...

I always greet people with a smile and always fail to understand why some do not return the gesture!

Friday 13th...........7 hours to go!
Stay safe!

peppylady said...

I found you and I would stop and visit Wednesday child and now I need to get this on my blog roll like yesterday.

Things do cycle though are life and I wish only pleasurable things only came about.

A bird in the hand said...

You will dip in and out of grief as the process abates and the space in between gets bigger and more peaceful. Your angel is lovely. How about a torn fragment of yellow-red fabric to symbolise fire?


LisaOceandreamer said...

I always smile and often say hello to a passing stranger...and many times when they didn't look like they were even paying attention they will smile back and sometimes even say hello. And even if they don't....I know I did!
Love the spirit doll, she's very soulful.
As for the grief, trust me, it will sometimes sit atop your shoulder quietly or make your stomach jump and sometimes it's a freight train coming right at you. It doesn't go away, it just changes appearance.
I've been thinking A LOT about Daisy lately - she's never far from my thoughts. I look at the things she'd sent me and I smile through misty eyes at my good fortune that I have them.
This may sound silly but sometimes if you feel yourself getting darker....stop...and twirl. Head back, looking at the sky and twirl. Feeling the blessings of earth and sky and those in your life that love you! It will make you smile!
I hope you're smiling now.
Sending love, hugs and glistening colors,

Gena said...

Hi Robyn! it is a little while since I visited, for some reason I was unable to, I kept getting a blogger message saying you must be invited to view this blog? but my laptop has been misbehaving very badly and finally was hauled off to be restored to the factory settings, so here i am bookmarking my favourites again, and Lo! I can see your blog again! I too am very sad about Daisy Lupin, but clearly you are suffering so much as you were very close,I know not how to comfort you other than to say,whilst she lived you gave her the best thing ever...friendship, I send healing thoughts your way, as i do to Daisys family.Much Love xxx

Sacred Suzie said...

What an astounding doll Robyn! You are so gifted and blessed with such talent. I am so glad that even though there are painful situations all around us, there are people like you still creating magick. We need you!

Tinker said...

Your elemental spirit doll is looking so ethereal and beautiful, Miss Robyn.

It is so sad that so many don't take the time to connect with the people around them - good for you wanting to give him a smile.

Sending love and ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Love your Spirit doll Robyn. I think people are just so into their own little worlds these days. Hope you enjouyed your class. Love Hugs and Blessings