"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Thursday, 12 July 2007

another little peek @ BOS and cleansing crystals

continuing on through the book of shadows ~

When I first ever saw this photo of Daisy, I knew immediately that I wanted to do something with it.... we both loved Wizard of Oz, so I glittered up her shoes with red glitter glue and made her a little, black tuille skirt. And of course the black cat - all witches have one, I am told.... Although I didn't know her when she was small, I am sure she was a wise little girl. On the right hand page - another piece of the mystical castle with collage words "she believed in magic" - and of course, she did ..... next is Imbolc....

Daisy thought it would be a good idea to start off with the sabbat, Imbolc.... on the left page is a pocket made from an old encyclopedia page about marsh flowers and tucked into the pocket, I placed a tag that could be used as a bookmark, I was also going to put a packet of seeds into the pocket. I painted the right hand page with white paint, leaving some words that actually made sense for the season.... then stamped 'spring is coming' on some old fabric... and next we have Spring Equinox ~

first of all I painted both pages pink and I made a fabric quiltie for the right hand page, using some vintage lace and flowers. On the left hand side, I copied a Spring Blessing onto some rice paper and glued it down one side......

and underneath ~ just a few pictures of spring...... and some words that I thought springtime would be for Daisy ~ butterflies * march hares * seeds of hope * violets so that is a little more of this altered Book of Shadows .

yesterday, I went out to lunch with Joe and after, I ended up going back to my favourite shop of the moment - Frou-Frou, (I must take some photos to share) and bought some wonderful vintage buttons, some old pearls and some real ostrich feathers! I also bought a wonderful old lantern to hang in my kitchen. I used some of the ostrich feathers on my Elemental spirit doll, which I might add is looking quite gorgeous.. i will share her when i have finished. It was a really chilly day - a cold that goes into your bones, it has been like this for a few weeks now... so I have had my fire burning constantly over the past few days - I love living where I do, here in the mountains, it is truly a special sacred place. at this time of year, when I go outside, I can smell the wood fire smoke... I love it, so comforting..not good for the environment I guess....but well, I need to keep warm.

a few of you have asked how to clean crystals. There are many ways and many opinions. You can run them under water but some crystals actually dissolve in water, you can put them out into the sunlight but some fade, some people even bury them into the ground, which works I guess, but good luck finding them again! I find the best, easiest and the one that suits my soul is to smudge with a herbal smudge stick or incense. All you need to do is hold the crystal and circle it with the incense, letting the smoke fully engulf the crystal. Imagine all the negative energies being drawn out and dissipating with the smoke. The moon is not used to cleanse crystals but to charge them and I will share what I know about that in a day or two.

Another thing too, I am thankful & blessed to have so many friends here.. the past weeks, i have realised just how many of you are my friends, thankyou xoox

oh and don't forget to comment on the post about the Imbolc giftie!

*~* I hope your day is filled with butterflies, magick, colour & fripperies! ~*~


Julie Marie said...


Thanks for the info on cleansing the crystals. I just bought some incense recently to send to my daughter in her B.D. package. It is the first incense I have ever smelled and not gone "PEE-YEW". I am going to go back and get some for myself as I know I will be able to tolerate it even when its burning.

P.S. I am really likening your BOS.


Gill said...

Hi Robyn,

I have heard that you can cleanse crystals with sea water, s this right?

You seem at peace now, at one with the world :-}

Take care

Pam Aries said...

Oh! I love what you did to Daisy! H
ow remarkable! She loves it!...I have large amethyst crystals..thank you for the cleaning tips! ..BTW, I have some rusty stuff too!

kansasrose said...

Oh Robyn your BOS is so beautiful! The energy is so strong and vibrant. I have an big amethyst rock I picked up on a vacation as a kid I want to "clean up" Thanks for the great tips. You are a "wellspring" of knowledge! xxxooo

LisaOceandreamer said...

Your BOS is pure magic, I adore how you altered the photo of Daisy. It's very creative and very soulful.
I never told you but before I packed up Sulis to send to you I cleansed her with incense...I wondered if you could smell it when you opened it.
I have some sage smudge sticks that I am going to use on each room after complete the energy shift.
I don't own any crystals as of yet....they will be added too.
I want to know more about that store, sounds wonderful!
Love, light and colors,

Autumn said...

Oh the BOS is so pretty. I really love what you have done with it.
Also wonderful information on cleansing. I persoanlly run mine under cool water (watch for some stones though as water is not good for softer ones) towel dry them and then hold them in my hands a few mintues to charge them.

Gemma said...

Robyn, You are the work you are doing in BOS...very special.
I clean my crystals in the sunlight....with intention.

Tinker said...

Oh, Robyn - your Book of Shadows is just beautiful!! I'm still trying to play catch-up, so I haven't read the post on Imbolc yet - I'm working my way backwards though. Hope you're staying warm! XOXO

Bimbimbie said...

Gorgeous pages Robyn, lots of thought and love shine through. What a great name for a shop Frou Frou *!*

Naturegirl said...

Love ~the book of shadows!~
So much loving care has gone into the creative pages! I have 2 black cats Robyn.

I have crytals hanging in all my windows and love the rainbow of color when the light passes through them!
Perhaps after reading this post it is time to clean my crytals! Thank you for your wisdom.
Robyn have you ever read my post
~Heaven Scent Daisy~ I'd like that if you did.Hugs NG

A bird in the hand said...

Daisy has really opened you up. she's given you a tremendous gift, darling girl.


Tracy said...

Oh Robyn, I love your BOS! It looks beautiful! Daisy's picture is especially cute. :)

AnnieElf said...

Your Book of Shadows strikes me as a beautiful book of light - Daisy's light shining through you. Becoming YOUR light. Your mentor is still speaking to you.

Anonymous said...

The information on cleaning crystals is great. Your new fav shop sounds grand. The BOS is great. I am working on my own. Slowly but I am working on it. Love Hugs and Blessings

Carmen said...

You are so talented! Keep nurturing yourself and let us help you, too. I am here to offer you anything I can help you with.