"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Saturday, 14 July 2007

a bit about me

Denise has tagged me - yes, ME! I admit I do tend to shy away from these things but here goes - I hope I don't bore you !

* here I am sitting pondering the questions - wondering what to say . . . *
please bare with me - I have just discovered that I love Gauguin!

What were you doing 10 years ago?
gawd, with menopause, you expect me to remember? - hmm lets see - 1997....I was a busy mother of a nine year old daughter, running her to flute, brownies and various other after school activities. I was still searching for the meaning of life.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
blogging of course! what else? I actually looked back on my old blogs and that is about the time i was being witch hunted by the fundos... it near drove me insane but you know what? I have come a long way and I don't give a hoot anymore. I had just closed my very first blog *Daily Parcels* and had opened my witchy blog which is deleted now (that was a silly thing to do) - then I opened Driving Miss Robyn. yep, I have come a long, long way......

Five snacks you enjoy:
I love salada crackers with real butter, cheese & tomato and lots of cracked black pepper and celtic sea-salt. a nut selection that I buy at my local food co-op. air popped salted popcorn. and for sweets - banana bread with ricotta, walnuts and honey and lastly, which should really come first - chocolate !

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
I always thought I knew lyrics to alot of songs - but I don't.. you know,you sing something oneday and someone says - 'they aren't the words' - last week I was singing that song by Joni Mitchell - and I sang 'gay paradise' - my kids said - 'mum, its paved paradise' - I have been singing those words since I was a teenager. I do know most of the words to 'abide with me' - my grandma use to play it on the organ and taught me the words. I was going to have that sung at my funeral but the way I am now, I don't think so.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
I really have no depends if I were a millionaire with lots of millions or one that won the lottery - if that were the case, I would set my children up..... so that I wouldn't have to 'worry' about them. Then I would take a long trip to Cornwall - and visit lots of places that I have read about....maybe buy myself a little cottage in the middle of nowhere..... I don't want alot, I don't need alot and does money really buy happiness?

Five bad habits:
I don't think I have bad 'habits' as such and by that I do not mean I am perfect... I am actually going to shy away from answering this as I am trying to focus on the positive in my life.

Five things you like doing:
I love to garden. Sometimes, I think gardening is the reason that I am here, truly. I haven't done any formal training, I just seem to know stuff.I have an inner knowledge that comes from somewhere. I like to have breakfast out with Joe on the weekend, we go to a little shop in Leura called 'the Gourmet Deli' and order the most amazing breakfast. It is lovely and quiet. I love to have a weekly massage. I love to have crystal chakra healing and balancing. I love to talk with my mum.

Five things you would never wear again:
definately a bikini, not a good look. Hot Pants - I had them back in the 1970's, when they were all the rage, my favourite pair were black which I wore with black boots, and lipstick that was all the rage called Black Tulip and eye shadow by Mary Quant which was yellow. I must have looked a sight, so definately no hot pants now. I would never go bra-less again, that is not a great sight either.

Five favourite toys:
my oracle cards, I have many decks and play with them every day. Oh and my crystals, they are something I love to play with and again, I have an inner knowledge of them, maybe I lived in Atlantis or Lemuria, once upon a time. I love to play with my garden tools. I would have to say all my art stuff, I play with that alot.... that is truly all I can think of ~ I guess I need to listen to the faeries, they keep telling me I need to play more. As a child my favourite toys were my koala and my dolly called Suzy.

i won't bother tagging anyone - I never know who likes to do these and who doesn't. So, grab it if you wish and have fun.

today I had my second class of Witch School. I was a little fragile today with the new moon in Cancer. But it was alot easier to deal with the emotions when I knew where they were coming from. We learnt (learned?) about the Wheel of the Year in Australia - even though we have the same basic wheel, our seasons are alot different to the Northern Hemisphere and also the moon names for our area. That was very interesting...I will probably be sharing that as we go through our year. It was surprising to hear some of the moon names for each month. Alot different to the Celtic names but they made alot of sense .. sometimes, i do struggle with the likes of wolf moon, when we don't have wolves in Australia.

*~* I hope your day is filled with butterflies, magick, colour & fripperies! ~*~


Tracy said...

Robyn, you are never boring! I enjoyed reading your meme answers. :)

kim said...

Isn't Gaugin wonderful? Years ago I got to see a display of his work. he has been one of my favorites since high school.

Bimbimbie said...

Hi Robyn, just got back from walking the dogs, made a cuppa and enjoyed your "bit about me" ... now you have got me wondering about the Australian names for the moons are - please don't tell me Feral Koala.
Smiles *!*

Naturegirl said...

L oved reading all these facts about you Robyn!!

Mary Quant havn't heard that for years!! Oh those HOT PANTS..whoo hoo sure had great legs in those days when I wore them! no no!
Now it's Tankini for me.
Snacking on banana bread with ricotta!! I'll have to try that!Chocolate!!! You and I both!
hugs NG

Garden girl said...

its the same with feng shui Robyn...some of the northern hemisphere things/principles just dont seem to apply here in Aus. or you just have to adapt it....not the same.
Liked reading thry your answers in the meme.

Tinker said...

Oh, this was fun to read, Robyn - your snacks sound delish - I'm feeling hungry now. Reading this brought back a lot of memories - Hot pants! Black & yellow Mary Quant make-up - I had some of that, too - actually I used some of my first babysitting money to buy a set of Mary Quant 'face crayons' - you can just imagine

So glad you're sounding like you're feeling a little more chipper today. Witch's School sounds fascinating - can't wait to hear more about the magic of your hemisphere, Robyn. Sending ((hugs)) and love~XOXO

LisaOceandreamer said...

This was fun and interesting! I really had to laugh about Mary Quant, hot pants, the lipstick et al. OH those days....and Yardley slicker lipstick in white AND for eye shadow. How did I think that looked ok? And a bikini, good lawd, I just shivered a little thinking of me in one. My bathing costume needs to be a "tent-ini". I am in total agreement about chocolate!
Anyway, I enjoyed learning a bit more about you. I'm glad you're enjoying witches school! Sounds so interesting and something you're really enjoying!
Did you get my email re: the parcel - I LOVE it all! THANK YOU again!

mrsnesbitt said...

My hotpants were yellow!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!
Thanks R.

Gemma said...

Robyn...enjoyed the meme it's fun to find out bits of trivia this that you have a lot of toys, art supplies,cards, crystals, garden tools and faeries to keep you busy and happy.
Oh and thanks for the sweet wish butterflies,magick,& color. I do have a frippery Daisy made me.

Anonymous said...

I had hot pink hot pants. How funny to think of us all wering those things. I also had a pair of white gogo boots.