"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Friday, 20 July 2007

sacred space

a lovely day today, one of those days when you don't really have anything planned and you can just do as you please. I was standing at my kitchen sink, early this morning just looking out the window and a flock of little sparrows flew onto the grass, twittering in glee. Our lawn is not a model lawn, it is full of weeds and seeds and the birdies were having a delightful time finding seeds. It must have been such a find for them in this cold weather.... when it gets warmer, I plan to take time each day, to sit under the apple tree and get to know the that they will know me and trust me...i love little house sparrows, some say they are pests, but if you look closely, the are such sweet little birds.. oh and I was nominated *twice* for the blogger reflection award - by Julie Marie and also Annie from Bimbindie.... thankyou.... I am not sure what the criteria for this award is.... but someone who makes me think and go deep into my soul is Colette a bird in the hand - she made me poke my tongue out at those who hounded me about my beliefs... she is LOVE...her soul is gentle, sweet and kind....TO Colette, I give this reflection badge with love I have noticed a few bloggers have created altars or have been thinking about creating one...
I remember when I first read somewhere about having an altar and I didn't really take to the idea - an altar to me was either a holy sacred place where only the priest could be or somewhere that sacrifices were made, so I had a hard time creating one in my home. Until I did an angel & faery 'course' a few years ago. Then I took to it like a duck takes to water.... now i have them everywhere. I even realised that I had altars already in my home~ the little stool where I have photos of my ancestors with flowers and a candle - that is my ancestry altar. I have them inside and outside.... I believe there are no rules at all when it comes to creating an altar - all you need is a dedicated flat space, like a table or bench. And then the fun begins.... just collect things that bring you joy, items that reflect who you are and items that are in keeping with the theme of your altar (if there is a theme) - I have an altar in my entry way at my back door which doesn't really have a theme - maybe it would be better to show in pictures......

above is the altar that everyone sees as they enter my home.. it is just a mismatched jumble of nature and changes at a whim.. a stone from my grandson... willow sticks and some branches collected for me by my daughter... the St Therese and the i-ching coins, the citrine crystal are always there...I decorate this seasonally with is all very rustic - then we have the altar in the bathroom

a statue of Kwan Yin that Joe gave me for our anniversary and some winter bath salts... sometimes I have flowers as well and maybe a candle if I am having a lovely relaxing bath... and next we have my main altar

this altar is in my sacred room - it is the altar where I pray, meditate, talk to the angels, cry, sob, beg & plead... the place where i manifest... when I set this one up, I took time to gather various bits to place on it and when I was done, I performed a ritual - I cleared the space with sage and a crystal wand... I consecrated the altar and anointed it with consecration oil... on it I placed my oracle cards so that they would be blessed and sacred.. a candle always, my crystal pendulums and other bits that bring the sacredness into my focus.. I placed a piece of my ancient apple tree that I plan on making a wand from, to imbue it with angelic energy... my twin soul crystal is on this altar too

I also have an altar in my dining room which I decorate for each Sabbat - at the moment this is quite bare as I usually clear it off before a sabbat in preparation.... of gathering items to suit the sabbat - crystals, candles and other bits n pieces..... I was going to take a photo of my altar outside under the pine tree where the faeries live but it was just too cold.. so when the warmer weather arrives, I will trot of outside and take some photos to share.
I believe we can never have too many altars.. the most important thing to remember when you want to create a sacred alta, is that it is YOUR altar and you should do what is comfortable and what feels right for you - THERE ARE NO RULES

oh and don't forget that my Imbolc giveaway closes on Sunday... you need to comment on the post that mentions it a week or so ago.


Tinker said...

Your altars are beautiful, Miss R.

I love the idea of creating sacred spaces at home, and have a few myself. Thanks for sharing yours -they're lovely! xox

Naturegirl said...

My dear Ms. Robyn err..dragonfly.. wink..Congratulations on this reflection award as you do pass around love and joy and blessings to us all!
I love your ~special~ areas in your home! I have a special place in my bedroom where I keep a gathering of several of my personal favorite photos and things!hugs NG

Autumn said...

I love the altars. They have a wonderful look to them. I wish I had a room to go into and sit quietly. Unfortunatly our spare room is also our junk room and my grandsons room when he stays over. I have altars but they are blended in because every time I set up a table for one my cats knock it over

Anonymous said...

Love your altars. I believe as you do that we should follow our hearts as to how we set our altars up. I especially love your bathroom altar. Love Hugs and Blessings.

Tracy said...

I love sparrows, too. They are so little and look so sweet!

I enjoyed seeing your alters. I am thinking of creating one on the mantle we were given (I've always wanted one!) - once we get it installed.

Gemma said...

Altars and placing meaningful items on them bring such peace
...honoring that which is sacred in your heart. The shell you sent me is on one of mine.

altermyworld said...

Thank you for the safe travelling wishes. keep warm, eat lots of soup, drink lots of healing tea and spend lots of time in your sacred place. You are doing just fine,

A bird in the hand said...

I'm speechless that you passed on the award to me, Robyn. Thank you so much. Your words mean a lot! xoxoxo

I love sparrows. I often stop and watch them. I send them loving thoughts...they are so very sweet. I ask them to come and sit in my hand so I can stroke their little feathers....but they don't.

Sweetpea said...

hm you have got me thinking, if there are no rules and it's what you want it to be I may too create one. I am looking to move flats in LOndon in SEpt perhaps with a Daisy altar! your bathroom altar-the statue there is one extremely similar back home!! xx

judie said...

Your alters are interesting Robyn. I don't have any alters. Well, I do have a table done up with picturs of Leonardo's Ladies, perhaps that is an alter dedicated to him?? It's pretty sacred to me!

Elisi said...


LisaOceandreamer said...

I do not have an altar per se....rather I call it my 'vignette' - one small end table has my large mermaid statue and shells and some things I've been sent. I suppose it could be considered an alter since those things are sacred to me. When we redo things around here I plan on having other 'vignettes' - especially one for my Mom.
I absolutely love that statue in your bathroom. And all the special areas you have set up in your home. Lovely.

peppylady said...

Your altars are beautiful. I do one for each season and I got my Lithia one up now.
I do them how every I please but one thing my altars have is my friendship jar.
But now I have a spread of different rocks across my altar this time and everytime I pick up rock I feel my self with positive thought.

Bimbimbie said...

The alters have given me an idea for a part of the garden I like to sit and watch the birds so I'll give some thought to adding a nature alter in that area .... *!*

Carmen said...

Congratulations on your award!
You absolutely deserve it!
I have three altars.
Thank you for sharing yours!
Now, I have to share mine.