"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Daisy's altered Book of Shadows *3*

a little more on the Book of Shadows... a page of herbs and spells. I have an old book that I found at a garage sale, about herbs, so I cut a page from that and stuck it on the left hand page...then I put a transfer over it to make it look kind of mediaeval...

and on the right hand side - I printed out a spell for herbs. I then made holes in the side, tied ribbon through and then rubbed watercolour chalk all over it, with the intent of making it look old...then we have the next Sabbat - Beltane

I wanted to make it look like Spring so I painted the pages green and found some yellow Daisies in an old gardening magazine, plus some of my own dried flowers, some fabric flowers and stickers. I made a Beltane wreath on the right hand page and as you can see, the words Blessed Beltane on the left. Also an australian floral stamp.... and on to the moon.

I definitely wanted to include the moon in the book as that is something that Daisy and I discussed nearly every day....I had this old photo, don't know who it is but it reminded me of Daisy and I - if we had been friends when we were little.... and I loved the saying underneath.. it was perfect! I painted glue all over the page and stuck blue tissue paper over it.. then made a moon from cardboard, painted it with beeswax and stuck it on.. then I painted glue all over and sprinkled glitter all over it as Daisy was THE GLITTER QUEEN.. she loved it. If you look closely you will see tiny star brads holding the pages together plus a 'diamante' just near the moon....and lastly for this trip through the book.... we have Cornwall . . . . .

and of course I had to include Cornwall - being the home of Daisy's soul.... a place that she loved and shared with me through photos, emails and even helping to trace my roots. She understood my yearning to visit oneday. I was flicking through a magazine once a year or so ago and came across an article about Cornwall - i loved it so i tore it out and put it into my 'must keep for some reason' box and this book was the reason. On the right, I roughly painted a colour that to me looked like and old page and hand wrote the words: " I found myself falling deeply in love with this strange land ~ Britain's most western outpost. Where Holy wells hide under the fuschia hedges and stone circles litter the empty moors" - don't you think that perfectly describes Daisy's love for Cornwall. They are words that make my soul gasp. On the left I ripped out a section of the coast of Cornwall making it look rugged and I made a pocket out of it..sticking down the side and the bottom so I could tuck into it :

a little story that I found in an old encyclopedia plus an old postcard that I found in my friends antique store

so that is the trip today. I am also delighted to say that Daisy's daughter has said she would love to have this book after I have finished sharing it... that just makes my heart so happy - to think that it will be treasured by someone so closely connected to my soul twin.

no snow but in the minus numbers today again... so cold. I am desperate to get into my garden but it is just not pleasant so I guess I will have to compromise and go to our local craft shop and buy some I need them. But a girl has to do what a girl has to do....

*ps - thanks for the comments yesterday, I get myself into such a dither sometimes, worrying about 'what' I am..... I have an urge to constantly put myself into a box, to label myself.. knowing full well that I don't do well with rules.... I love when you take the time, to let me know that you have visited - that is what blogging friendships are all about xoxo*

*~* I hope your day is filled with butterflies, magick, colour & fripperies! ~*~


judie said...

The book is WONDERFUL and I know Daisy's daughter will love to have it. Thanks for sharing.

LisaOceandreamer said...

Strangely enough as I read this and saw the pages you'd created (which are wonderful btw) I thought to myself "wouldn't it be lovely if Sweetpea had this?" Then I get near the end and see that she will, in fact, receive it. I think Daisy would be SO happy to know her daughter has the book. That's a lovely gesture,Robyn.
Oh and I am not one for labels either and I certainly don't like following rules when I can help it! lol!
Stay warm....oh and I love the pillows in the background of your photos!

kim said...

If we were boxed and labeled we would then all be the same. No fun in that! Variety is the spice of life.
I am glad Daisy's daughter will have the treasured BoS. I see a long friendship between the two of you.

Julie Marie said...

Hello, Robyn,

I have nominated you for a blogging award. Please come to my blog and see it!

Will come back to look at the BOS.


Anonymous said...

Oh I do so love the book. It is great that Daisy's daughter will have it.

Gemma said...

Wow Beautiful pages with such love and meaning put into each of them....really do love the moon page, the pictures and saying are perfect.xoxo It is wonderful that Sweetpea will recieve this book...she is so precious....just like her Mom. Daisy would be so happy and proud of her!!!

Peggy said...

Daisy's daughter will love the book! what a great gift for made with lots of love and filled with things you and Daisy shared

peppylady said...

The book is beautiful and daisy daughter will love getting this.

Tinker said...

Oh, Robyn, that's is just perfect that it will be going to Daisy's daughter! Your moon page is especially lovely, but it's all just beautiful, Robyn. Sending
*warm* ((hugs)) xox

Carol said...

Robin I think it is fabulous that you make this altered book in honor for you dear friend Daisy! This looks like a healing process for you too! Oh and how wonderful to read that her daughter likes to get it when it's finished, I'm really glad for you that you have this connection to Daisy!

I did a big catch up on your blog today. With my daughter leaving for Melbourne last week I didn't get around blogland very much lately. Loved your garden pictures too. The little birdies on your bird bath, so sweet and the frozen bath brrrr I hope my my dd will not catch a cold down under in your winter, she didn't even take her winter clothes with her because she was only allowed 20 kg of baggage which is not very much when you intend to stay 6 - 12 month. Oh well more than half of your winter is already over now and there will be enough melting in the heat again in a few weeks time!
Hugs to you! Carol xox

Bimbimbie said...

How wonderful that your BOS will get to live with Sweetpea, no better home
Robyn. You and Sweetpea will always have a special bond *!*

Lisa said...

Your book is absolutely beautiful, Robyn. I can't tell you how many times since I've been moving that I've run across things from you. I found my crystals yesterday and practically jumped up and down. I showed Patrick the doll you made to help balance my chakras. That was one of the first steps to my new glorious life I am living, so thank you, my friend.

Last night, I was looking for Lisa's number and found it written on a letter from you. Then she told me about your new blog and I am happy to visit you once again. Your blog is beautiful.

Your words have a new depth and centeredness about them.

Much love to you.

Tracy said...

I love your altered Book of Shadows...very creative and beautiful!

The Fairy Chronicles series is by J. H. Sweet. It is written for children - not that that ever stopped my from reading a book! My girls are enjoying it though. Here's a link to it:

Tracy said...

Oops! Just copy & paste that link into your search engine, Robyn. Sorry about that!

Julie Marie said...


When I nominated you for that blogging award, I should have added your creativity! Your latest installment of the Book of Shadows is most excellent. I agree with the others that the moon page is especially wonderful.


Carmen said...

Lovely of you, Robyn!

Sweetpea said...

I have one word for this book- perfect, I cannot wait! xx

Kai said...

now that is absolutely wonderful, it's funny how think transpire in their own magic time..
One day, you will dance on the beaches of OUR home..
Our precious Cornwall. :)
Peace n light, Kai xx