"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

another 'path' and a confession of sorts

oh lord it is cold - this has to be the coldest winter for many years. We have been warned that snow will most probably fall as low as 600 mtrs in the next few days - that means here in Woodford as well. And here I was thinking only yesterday that spring must be near - there were a pair of magpies checking out the trees so that they could be building their nest... the moon is starting to wax again and last night there was a tiny sliver peeking through the clouds. So the moon is showing her face again and my soul rejoices! The poor little birdies would have had a hard time this morning trying to have a bath - the bird bath was frozen solid. I take my grandson to school 3 days a week and this morning, he came in all rugged up - beanie, scarf & gloves... brr it was cold. My car was beeping and flashing lights on the dash, telling me it was cold, like I didn't know.... I hope it does snow, although living here in the mountains it is not that much fun when it does - the tourists come in their droves to see it. From Sydney, they make the 2 hour trek.. all excited, hoping to see snow. Silly things, they don't know how to drive in the conditions and alot end up on the side of the road or worse, skidding into fences, trees or each other. When it comes to tourists, I guess you could say, I am the classic 'grumpy old woman'

*above is my bird bath, this morning - I just hope my birdie friends had their ice skates with them!*

I have been trying to keep my blog light-hearted but my spiritual journey is a very big part of me... so, the confession of sorts - just the past few weeks, I have been questioning my belief system again.... probably since I started at Witches school. I know I am not a christian, that is, I don't follow the teachings of Christ or more truthfully, I don't like to follow rules of religions - but I don't even know if I am a witch either... going to the classes has made me question this. The class is fun and I take great delight in learning about the seasons and the moon and all manner of other stuff, but they seem to be so serious about it all. I don't agree with alot of the beliefs and some of it makes me feel downright uneasy. One woman was talking about 'sacred prostitution' and was waffling on how it can save marriages... I don't know a thing about it, so will say nothing til I research. The more I read about celtic wisdom and lore, the more I find myself saying yes. Reading the book 366 Celt, my soul nods. Actually I can highly recommend this book for an easy understanding of Celtic lore. (366 Celt, a year and a day of Celtic wisdom and lore by Carl McColman)
"whether you are a Celt by ancestry or by the stirrings of your heart, if you embrace the Celtic tradition, you are a part of it....Celtic spirituality is not a museum installation; it is a living path of insight and illumination. Consider how you can honor the goddess of the land and allow the grace of nature to flow in your life. Then you will become a living conduit of the Celtic way."
I know that I love rituals and I love 'doing spells' to manifest things in my life..and I absolutely love folk lore, celtic lore and all things nature based. I love to celebrate each sabbat in my own special, eclectic way. I keep a Book of Shadows which is like my soul journal. I am still going to say I am a hedgewitch, if you read Daisy's definition in my heading, you will see that it makes sense.. so - I think I will just follow the yellow brick road with my red shoes on. It may just lead me to what I am searching for. why do I worry so much about this? because, because, because, because! ! Maybe I could ask the Wizard of Oz... so I am off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz!

*~* I hope your day is filled with butterflies, magick, colour & fripperies! ~*~


Garden girl said...

Robyn - are you on the pagan path? or is it more wicca? Not sure what a hedgewitch is?

Gemma said...

It sounds as though this Witch school has as much dogma as other religions...I'd question the sacred prostitution bit too. The main thing is to follow your heart....take what you want from the school and remember... We have nature,we have the living path and insight of celtic lore. As mentioned in 366 Celt and the yellow brick road!

Rowan said...

Daisy's definition is pretty much spot on - following the seasons, living in tune with the earth, celebrating the turning of the wheel of the year - that's all that's needed. Follow your own path and stay within the bounds that you are comfortable with - if it makes you feel uncomfortable then something is not right with it - for you at least.

The Muse said...

I'm a firm believer in doing what your soul says... I practiced Wicca, for 7 years. I built a very large website and network around it. But through my study discovered that while I lean towards Earth Based Religions and paganism, Wicca per se wasn't for me. It's only in learning that we grow and in growing that we can achieve enlightenment (imo). I will be looking up the book you listed. I'm curious to read it and share in what I think my heart speaks of as well, with you.

I'm sorry I haven't been here as of late... so much going on. But I have been reading. You are always thought of fondly.

Be well friend,

Tracy said...

Follow your heart, Robyn. I like Daisy's definition for hedgewitch. :)

Peggy said...

I agree with the others. Follow your heart. I have very little knowledge of wicca or pagan. As far as religion goes I am not of one faith. I am a little of different ones so just call myself a believer. I am so jealous of your chance of snow! It is 98F here and very humid and muggy!

kansasrose said...

I like what dasy and Rowna said too..although I am a Christian I feel that aside from all the persecution and heretical madness of any religion it comes down to love. Love for the gifts of life and the earth and love for others...and try to be forgiving..which is what Christ exemplified. I wish there wasn't so many wars and strife in the name of religion. I think our purpose in this life is to love one another and respect other's differences. You have love in your heart Robyn and reverence for the earth and all her creatures and gifts. The pagans are gentle and kind and celebrate life. I wish more Christians would walk the talk and love and forgive instead of condeming. I try to steer clear of the dogma of Catholicism and be more spiritual and elemental based. I can't be that hipocritical like some Catholics I know. It doesn't sit right with me. Yeh, follow the yellow brick road! This Kansas girl tries to...and sometimes falters. Love you hon...and make some little bird ice skates for that birdbath...( I got a chuckle out of that) Spring will arrive on time my friend! I'll send you some Kansas summer blast furnace heat in the meantime!

Anonymous said...

Robyn let me agree with everyone else Follow your heart. I can see why you are questioning the school. Take what you feel comfortable with and leave the rest. Love Hugs and Blessings

Sweetpea said...

follow the yellow brick road I say, I may meet you at some point along there as I find what my beliefs are. I sometimes struggle to discover what I actually do and don't believe. However if we meet along the road we can compare red shoes! xx

Julie Marie said...


I agree with everyone here. In fact, I think you told me, at one point, to take what you need and leave the rest. It might have been when I was telling you about Tori Amos' book. She does talk about the Sacred Prostitute too. I finished the book - felt it had some really great points and the others I promptly forgot! I still think you would like it. She even mentions Cerridwen at one point, and talks a lot about Rhiannon.I will get myself a copy of 366 Celt.

Now, my girl, on to the really serious stuff. Have you ever heard a car cry and moan in protest, arur, arur, arur-r-r-r, when you try to start it at -30 or -40 F? Have you ever plugged your car in in the winter? Yes, we in Nodak land and other cold parts of the USA plug our cars in at night.

90s here today and 100% humidity. Forecast for triple digits for the weekend. Oof.

Bundle up!


Bimbimbie said...

I'm nodding with everyone too Robyn, that wonderful quote you have chosen from the 336 Celt book seems to say it all. Follow your heart and feed your soul *!*

I read this last night
"We should all learn from, (ancient Celts) and develop their sense of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all life forms.

Kai said...

It seems so strange to have it cold in July, but to experience seasons around the planet, all things change.
Theres an eclipse coming soon and the showers will return, peace Kai xx

kim said...

Sacred prostitution? Ugh. I agree take what is useful and leave the rest.

Sacred Suzie said...

Whenever you get near "religion" you get rules and regulations which is why I have never become fully Wiccan. I can't abide by religion and anyone who tells me that any kind of prostitution is OK is not someone I would ever speak to again. You get power mad people even in circles who love tripping on it and preaching but that isn't what the Wiccan way is.

Live naturally, spiritually and follow the path that comes to you that makes you feel happy and comfortable. It sounds like for you, it's called The Celtic Path. Whatever makes you feel great Robyn is right in my book.

LisaOceandreamer said...

I saw this quote on another blog:
You have to leave the city of your comfort and
go into the wilderness of your intuition.
What you'll discover will be wonderful.
What you'll discover is yourself.
~Alan Alda

I thought it was quite appropriate here.
Following the yellow brick road led to one conclusion....there's no place like home. In this case home represents your own internal heart and mind...and having the courage to follow both.

lila said...

Hmmmm....Follow your heart and stay close to nature as you always have. You (we) don't need labels and dogmas to confine your(our) spirituality.
I'm not qualified to really be saying anything here, but just want to say "keep well and be warm!"

Tinker said...

For me, I try to not label myself one thing or another, because I don't really like it when other people make assumptions about me, by pegging me as one thing or another - anyway, I'm not much of one for following 'rules' either, so I'd rather have the freedom to follow my own heart.
So yes, I'd agree with you - just put on your ruby slippers and follow your heart down the yellow brick road to see where it will lead you, Miss R. Sending you love and ((hugs)) XOXO

oldflowers4me said...

i just came over to say hello sweet girl- keep warm- here in victoria australia its so cold. have you got a flickr. singing and running- jo

mrsnesbitt said...

Somebody once said "I believe that in the end, the truth shall conquer!

I guess it will.

Yes we are all over the place re weather and July! Just this morning my heart was singing at the brightness of the day.....I have just had to run outside and fetch the washing in as we have a thunderstorm!

Fickle! My very words as I ran in the wet grass!

A bird in the hand said...

Oh dear. "Sacred prostitution" would turn me off. I mean, the two terms clash.

Go with your heart.

Really, in the end, it's all about love.