"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

dreams & the moon

I have been having odd dreams lately.

"I was standing, talking with Daisy, who pointed out that I had a white feather on my shoulder, I casually said to her that I had them often. She flicked the feather away and it floated to the ground, instantly two more floated down and landed on my shoulders and Daisy flicked them off..this continued with feathers multiplying each time they were flicked off.... until we were being covered with white feathers as is they were heavy snow."
the other dream was just as odd....

I was casting a sacred circle and people started to heckle me, so i just walked away. Next thing I knew, I was being chased by a woman who wanted to explain to me about the 'wrongness' of what I was doing... I was hiding in buildings and car parks and she kept yelling for me to come out, that she wasn't going to hurt me and I couldn't hide forever.... I think this was a modern day version of a witch-hunt. I woke in a cold sweat....

we are in the waning time of the moon right now, heading towards the dark of the moon, where the moon rests & seems to hide her face from us ~ a time of reflection and rest. She then turns New in the middle of her dark phase. The new moon is coming up on July 14. She starts to show her face on the second day of her new phase. This is a time for new beginnings. If you plant seeds by the new moon you will be ensured a wonderful harvest - this especially relates to herbs. The plants and herbs that are commonly associated with the Moon are:- Calamus, Camellia, Camphor, Coconut, Eucalyptus, Gardenia, Grape, Jasmine, Lemons, Lemon Balm, Lily, Lotus, Mallow, Moonwort, Myrrh, Poppy, Sandalwood and Willow, any silver or white leaved plant also, like lamb's ear & artemesia

I really struggle with the waning moon time and searched through the saved emails from Daisy - I knew somewhere she had mentioned to me about my moon moods ~ I am sure these words will help one or two of you who struggle with the influence of the moon:

"You know, I think you are a very old soul, and that your panics on the dark day of the moon are buried deep within your soul's memory, or probably as the more scientific would like to say within your genetic memory. It is almost like a deep rooted fear that the light will not return from early man's tribal days, where they would have the moon in the sky waxing and then waning and disappearing, how they must have celebrated when that thin crescent reappeared. I also think, like me, you have a great reliance on the moon. you know I must have a point every full moon when I can sleep with it bathing my face in light, if it is a cloudy full moon I feel really cheated. Have you tried wearing a moonstone on the dark day, you can power them up in the full moon and then bring them out when the moon is really waning."

so it is time for me to get my moonstones out and take her advice. There is so much information about the moon and I love to read about it... making a moon garden would be fun...

today, I have my grandson Thomas with me - it is our school holidays. I am taking him to Blackheath and we are going to the Sacred Lotus hippy shop and then onto a couple of crystal shops.... I want to buy some faerie crystals and a few other crystals for a gift-away that I am planning and I need to find some white feathers for my spirit elemental that I am making for my witch school homework.... it is really cold here today, I would not be surprised if we came across some snow!
*~* I hope your day is filled with butterflies, magick, colour & fripperies! ~*~


Anonymous said...

Gorning Morning My Sweet.... I hope your day is full of joyful and wonderous light and grace. xox

Sweetpea said...

how strange...... only half a short while ago I was stood at my kitchen sink washing up thinking would I ever dream about her? then I come here to see that you have done just that! have a nice day and helo to Thomas xx

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Smart lady Daisy was/is. Amazing you dreamt of her. I like all of your moon knowledge, it all makes sense. I believe very much in all of it.
Re;your question, no I pit the cherries by hand with a knife and gloves. I cut through each one quickly then I pull them apart and yank out the pit. Time consuming. I will invest in a pitter as soon as I see one.
Oh, and the jam is amazing. Too bad your post won't allow it, or I would make some and send to you. If you think they wouldn't confiscate it, I will send some. Just let me know.

Tracy said...

Robin, I have very strange dreams that make no sense at all. Some are plain silly & others wake me with a fright.

Oh, and you asked the other day if the black snake in the yard was venomnous. It was not. But we do have plenty of those around....I just haven't seen any yet.

Autumn said...

Sometimes I dream strange things too. I find I forget mine as soon as I wake up and know I should keep a dream journal by my bed. I agree that the moon does cause our moods to change. I often wear a moonstone and use to find that during the full moon was best for me to wear mine. It seemed to calm me during that time. I have several moonstoen pendants. Maybe I will take photos and post them soon

Bimbimbie said...

I'm going to have to pay more attention to the moon cycles - I've always put it down to hormones - when I want to be quiet or when I'm more talkative than usual. But I have noticed since I've been wandering outside with my camera these past months that I feel more alert and wanting to "do" something when the moon is full. I was thinking of having a go at sowing a green manure to feed the soil ready for our spring so I'll wait until after the 14th *!*

Anonymous said...

Hope Daisy's thoughtful words bring you comfort...I know you miss her.

Have a fun day with your grandson.


Beth said...

I always think about Sweet Daisy. So wonderful that you can dream about her. I wish we had some of your cold here in the US, we have been mighty hot over here.
Have fun with your sweet Thomas!

Mimi said...

I read once that finding a white feather, or having one fall on you is a sign of an angel, particularly a guardian angel. Maybe it is Daisy's way of telling you she is yours?

Tinker said...

Hope you had a fun time with young Thomas - it sounds like you had a wonderful time planned! xox