"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

today at Inglewood

the real estate agent thanked me for the way I present Inglewood for showing prospective buyers... he just doesn't get it.. I do this kind of thing all the time for myself.

the little finches are back. the winter finches who flit from branch to branch in my garden, disovering insects that have been left exposed by the fallen autumn leaves. a winter finch breakfast delight!

the capsicum have almost finished only one more on the plant that I will use for pizza and then the plant will be left to rest until summer time.. for the new owners of Inglewood whoever they may be.

the bush peas have flowers, the swedes are slow, celery is coming along fine. the lime & lemon trees are heavily laden and the oranges are just about bursting off the tree.. and the tamarillos continue to supply fruit rich with vitamin C.

it is cold but sunny, the washing blows in the breeze. as I clean the bathroom, I can hear the currawongs calling in the distant valley.. my soul sighs with contentment.

winter is here and even St.Francis is kept warm.. a scarf of mine hangs around his neck, while he holds produce from the garden..

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Pam said...

"...he just doesn't get it". Made me laugh Robyn. Doesn't it make you appreciate, so much, partners, family and friends who do! Even houses and gardens that do!I know just what you

mxtodis123 said...

Oh, your garden sounds fabulous. All that fresh produce. Glad to hear you in better spirits.

Lisa said...

Ah, beautiful. Love St. Francis' scarf. :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That scarf looks pretty good on St. Francis!

laoi gaul~williams /I\ said...

some people cannot understand the concept that to some people life is not a 'lifestyle' to be presented like some 'lifestyle' tv show~that a persons actual life is real and not some passing fashion that hits the pages of a magazine for a brief few months only to be replaced with something new.
i understand you :)

amelia said...

Ohhhh, envy, envy, envy!! In the nicest way possible of course!!

I want your lemons and limes and all the lovely fruits you have growing there...

lee said...

love your blog just found out from Janet that I am your 6x6 collage partner but I cant find your email address, if you go to my blog you will find my email address under my profile, give me a quick email with your address, am really excited.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn, love the pictures and St Francis has a lovely scarf !!
Have a wonderful day !!
Hugs from The Netherlands !!

Anonymous said...

You sound content Robyn, it's a joy to read your post.
I love your Saint Francis ~

Janet said...

What a beautiful always write about things in such a lovely way.