"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Monday, 14 June 2010

time out for a little bit of art

according to ancient wisdom.. one must stop to smell the flowers, take time out... and I am doing that amidst packing & renovating ~ blogging is my respite, my time out from all the work that is to be done..

this morning while hanging the washing out on the clothes line.. i did just that.. I bent over and took time with the flowers.. a gorgeous little calendula - a pot marigold, self seeded between bricks and rocks.. oh this so reminded me of Daisy..not sure why.. note to self: must take some seeds for the garden at Villa Maria

the vegies are growing steadily at Inglewood.. celery, leeks, beetroot, peas and lettuce. I most probably won't get to harvest the leeks but might be lucky enough to get some peas and the beets will be ready soon.

remember the doll paper doll swap that I joined in a few weeks back.. well I forgot to show my doll.. she has flown across the sea to a place unknown to me as yet..

I also joined in Janet's 6 x 6 swap and these were finished last night and hopefully be put in the mail this week [among other various packages]..

and then there is my art studio here at Inglewood.. for Judie..

my art desk.. an absolute mess. i do tidy it up, truly I do.. but the creative frenzy starts and well.. this is what happens

I love the door. we found it somewhere once while trawling the renovation yards.. the coloured glass is brilliant. I hope to be able to have doors like this throughout Villa Maria when we eventually get around to renovating that part of the home.. I don't want anything to match. a mis-match hodge-podge magickal place to live.. that will be Villa Maria.


amelia said...

I love that door too!! My kids always laugh at me because I like what they call 'tacky' stuff!! I love pretty lamps with colours and anything with coloured glass. I have lots of that stuff in my home too!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, BVM looks great in leggings and runners!

Janet said...

Oh, Robyn, that door is gorgeous!! And your art room looks so bright and happy. Love the blue but I think the colors for your new art room sound even better.

The paper doll is beautiful. Whoever receives it will have a treasure.

Anonymous said...

I love the color of your studio.
"A mismatched hodge-podge magickal place to live.. "
Oh that sounds just lovely!

gemma said...

Your spirit doll is a work of art.
Glad you understand how art rooms can get to be a disaster. Just a few lovely moments to smell the flowers adds soulful depth and meaning to life.

Pam said...

Art rooms are fun. Some of the best creative efforts come out of chaos. I'n not a neat art worker, tools discarded quickly,pins on the floor, scissors not to be found under something. I'm just working towards a goal, but you'd know all about that!Love your paper doll! xxx

Moonroot said...

I love that door and I love that colour blue!