"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Friday, 2 April 2010

I will tend & love this garden until I move

autumn is here and time to rake the pine needles. I didn't realize until last week, that the pine needles actually colour during autumn just like deciduous trees. [last week while resting in my bedroom, I looked out and noticed a vibrant yellowing of some pine needles...] I spent a good half hour raking pine needles today, they were the bane of my life at one stage until I discovered that they are actually good mulch for gardenias..

while I gardened, dutch husband spent some time fixing things up around the house. it is amazing how quickly things get done when the house is on the market.

these gargoyles usually sit by my front steps, but I have taken them down and now they sit waiting to move to Villa Maria.

the angel will go with me too.. with her broken wing and cracked hands.. I think she is perfect. I am hoping to find some kind of cement pedestal to put her on in my courtyard garden at Villa Maria.

[my trusty work boots]

I spent quite a few hours in my garden today. the tomatoes, cucumbers & beans had finished and needed pulling, to make way for leeks, beetroot, turnips & carrots. some winter herbs will be planted too.. and even if Inglewood sells before I get a chance to harvest, I don't mind. I simply cannot stop tending & planting the garden because I am moving on. Maybe the fruits of my labour will be enjoyed by someone else.

and the fruits of my summer.. capsicum, beans, lemons, potatoes and cucumbers.. some of which were used for our dinner.

for dinner tonight I made salmon rissoles using parsley from my friend Marion's garden and potatoes I had dug myself. I served it with fried brown rice using my own capsicum and welsh onions ~ very tasty... fish for Good Friday.. child hood conditioning never seems to disappear.

I still have more potatoes to dig, capsicums on the bush and pumpkins on the vine. lemons are abundant and the oranges look promising for winter. tamarillos are soon to be picked...Inglewood's garden is abundant!


linda may said...

That is lovely to plant ahead for the new owners , I am sure I would appreciate somebody doing that for me. In the last house I lived in I left my Rhubarb, and silverbeet for the new people to have because it seemed so silly to grow them then not let them live on when we left.
Robyn, the days you don't have anything to write about are lovely entries too, you do this so well.

Diva Kreszl said...

it's so funny for me to hear you are in the beginning of fall, while I am rejoicing in our spring! I must admit, I do love autumn, it's such a beautiful season. I think it's so sweet of you to continue your gardening knowing that it may go to the new owners, such a gift, that I'm sure the new owners will love!

Annie said...

Dearest Robyn, How light and filled with the love of the earth and home this post made me feel today. Blessings to you and yours on your Holy Saturday as I enter into my Good Friday. Love, Annie

Fire Byrd said...

What a feast from your garden.
My Mum was an ex Catholic ( excommunicated for marrying Dad)
So religion wasn't hot on the agenda in our home. But no meat was eaten on Good Friday and I still observe that, as do my sons one of whom wasn't born when Mum died.
So salmon fillets with salad and little new potatoes is awaiting my sorting.

amelia said...

What are capsicum? In the pic I saw, what we call green peppers. Is this capsicum?

Janet said...

You definitely have a green thumb! I don't have much luck gardening whether it's veggies, fruits, or flowers. But then our weather is a bit harsh especially in the summer.

gemma said...

Dearest Robyn,
I love the fact that you will continue to care for the garden at Inglewood,leaving the fruits of your labor for the new owners. That speaks so much about your heart.Your boots are COOL!
I have an angel with a broken wing in my yard too. I Just planted tomatoes, chillies and some herbs.
The funny thing is Lee is working on our house too. We are a lot alike on the other side of the world from each other.

Wendy said...

Looks delicious! I like your philosophy - you cannot stop tending the garden just because you are moving on. Somebody else will enjoy....

Bless you and hope your harvest is bountiful.

laoi gaul~williams said...

lovely~i so wish i had your garden robyn. right now we feel like we will have no garden this year as the beds are being pounded by puppy paws~flynt has no idea they are not to be run on ;)

Winterwood said...

we took our little garden gnomes when we moved, I actually forgot them and DD took them as she said she couldnt bear to leave them behind when we moved house. I'm sure the new buyer is just around the corner ready soon to buy gorgoues inglewood f rom you!

Imogen said...

I love your soft and thoughtful little gargoyle garden people... And it is a really lovely idea to plant the garden with veggies and herbs for the next owners. I have a feeling it is that sort of energy that will attract the right people to come on into Inglewood.