"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Saturday, 10 April 2010

a chandelier in the chicken house?

[my girls today, enjoy the comfrey]
(and at the end of my post, is a little video of my girls. If you listen carefully, you can hear my voice ~ what do you think of that?)

I love vegetable gardening! I cannot wait to get the keys to Villa Maria at the end of this month and then I can start to build & prepare a new vegie garden [ with the help and muscle of dutch husband of course!] but for now, I lovingly tend the garden of Inglewood. which is a beautiful thing to do, don't get me wrong. just it is time to move on and my spirit is that of an impatient person.

I watered the vegie garden early this morning.. my swedes are just poking their little leaves up out of the ground ~ peas still not to be seen and the leeks are starting to stand up

but the blackbird has discovered that he can fit through the wire and caused havoc among my beetroot seedlings.. not sure what I can do about that.. maybe lay some twigs across the ground around my plants?

[today, dutch husband & I cleaned out the hen house & yard. I raked up all the spent leaves & vegie scraps from the past week. And I washed the chandelier. Joe cleaned out the nesting boxes and replaced all the straw with nice clean bedding]

[they love their greens]

I harvested my comfrey that i have growing along the fence and gave the girls a big pile of it.. very good for them.

[and yes, I do have a chandelier in the hen house]

[the hen house, by the way, is known as Villa Eggplant from now on]..
it is not connected to electricity, it is more to make the room pretty. because we all know that chooks love pretty things... and of course, this is not an egg production hen house where they need light 24hours a day to produce. oh no! this is more like a retirement house for old hens.. because most of my hens are elderly [I guess we could call them crones].. sadly one of my little bantams died just last week.. about 8yrs of age.

and the little home movie from Villa Eggplant:

(let it load first, then watch it.. you can hear dutch husbands voice as well!)


Carol H said...

Your video was great, your hens look so happy, will you be leaving them behind for the new owners? I just started buying my eggs from a local farm. You have got me excited about gardening again. We are starting to see warmer weather here making me feel so grateful winter is gone!

judie said...

That was fun Robyn. I never get to see real life stuff like that here, with chickens scratching and pecking around and clucking. I live in a "cookie cutter" neighborhood. I love chickens. Thanks for sharing. Are you taking the chicks to Villa Maria? xoxo

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a delightful tour of Villa Eggplant! The video took me back to my childhood, when our neighbours had chickens in a hen house. Loved hearing your running commentary too!

amelia said...

You sound so young!!! You sound like a young girl!!
I was hoping to hear some of your Aussie accent but it didn't come across at all!
I just love your 'girls' and don't they love to scratch in the comfrey and dirt. What a wonderful life for them. Will you take them with you when you move??

~Sheila~ said...

Only you would have a chandy in the hen house!
I got quite choked up hearing your voice, you sound so much like my dear friend who lived in Victoria (Barwon Heads)
I miss her very much and you and her would have got along well. She was very much like you.
big hugs
PS... will the 'girls' go to Villa Maria with you?

Pam said...

That was fun, and so relaxing! Thanks for the little window into your world Robyn,and that of the chooks. Will Dutch husband be building another Eggplant Villa with chandeleir? We inherited hens with the last home we bought before living here, and I was thrilled they were part of the deal.Such a lovely warm post.xx

gemma said...

Chandelier in Eggplant Villa?
Of course. Love it!!!Love you!!

Janet said...

Love the video!! Your "girls" are beautiful and we got to hear your voice. I love the chandelier in the chicken house!! Inglewood seems like a little piece of serenity.

Diva Kreszl said...

It was amazing to be able to put a 'voice' to your wonderful blog posts! I must agree that you sound like a young girl, so sweet, exactly as I imagined. I love your beautiful hens, hoping to have some of my own someday when we retire to the cabin. We have restrictions in our neighborhood here and no livestaock I'm afraid. Dutch husband sounds quite charming himself :)

Anonymous said...

That was fabulous!! Your girls are gorgeous, loved to see them all come rushing out for the comfrey.

Tina said...

Robyn, I liked to hear your voice, too, and see Eggplant. I too thought you would have an Aussie accent but couldn't make out one :-)