"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

you, me and the kitchen sink

[next to my kitchen sink: ..a small posy of lemon verbena and thai basil in an old cream jar. an old crucifix (bits missing), my olive oil soap and some dried lavender. all little things that I love.]

what is beside your kitchen sink?

and for dinner a home made pizza.. using basil, chives, welsh onions and capsicum all picked freshly from my garden

[oh and the winner of the pegs was Amelia.. Can you email me your postal details and I will get them out to you this week!]


Serena said...

I love the smell of lemon verbena! My sink is very boring compared to your detergent, dish cloth and scourer. My kitchen is a hostess style so faces directly onto the living/studio area so, on the kitchen bench top directly behind the sink is the home phone and a cup with pens and notebook...easy to reach from both kitchen and living areas.

amelia said...

Oh I'm so excited!! I will treasure them and pass them to my youngest daughter eventually. She loves these things too!!!

Thank you so much!!

mxtodis123 said...

Oh, does that pizza sound wonderful! Next to my kitchen sink? Well, my dish detergent and hand cream. Not very inventive, but not a great kitchen sink, either. Perhaps if I had a window there I would have a spice garden, but since I have none, it's the bare necessities for me....but, you've got me thinking about that pizza.

Tinker said...

Your kitchen sink looks quite lovely. Mine is quite a mess, at the moment. I think after seeing yours, I'll have to go do something about mine now!
Keeping you in my prayers, my friend~xOxOx

~Sheila~ said...

I tend to be overly minimalist, so nothing exciting beside my sink.
Just a bottle of lemon verbena & olive oil handwash.

Janet said...

Congratulations to Amelia! As for my kitchen sink....that's an area of constant change because it's in a bar/island section and I'm forever trying to keep clutter from piling up. It's the first place you come to when you come in from the garage and everything seems to land there! I do keep some hand soap nearby and a little dish to hold my scrubbie. Nothing pretty!!

Fire Byrd said...

On the windowsill in front of me two large plants, neither of which I know what they are!
Beside the sink on one side my three Cornish Ware tea/coffee and sugar canisters, you'd like those!(Blue and white striped pottery)
On the other side an old ceramic pot dug up out of the garden at the farmhouse I used to live in. Now contains my lemon handcream.
Beside that is asmall wooden board with marbles in for playing with when bored and finally my Grandmothers antique tea tray.


Pam said...

On the sink, the breakfast dishes, husband just having left for work. On the windowsill, Lush "Helping Hands" handcream which I rarely use, a little bird toothpick holder (gift from a friend), a turquoise ring,and and a glass (or crystal?) dome from Findhorn, Scotland (gift from mother-in-law) which catches the sunlight...and congratulations to Amelia.x

Dia said...

What a lovely bright bit! I didn't bring my lemon verbena in quickly enough (winter here) & it didn't make it - sigh. Right now I have sprouts (lentil) in a big mason jar leaning up against the faucet, a pretty soap jar (pottery, blue on white) a matching tooth brush jar that I keep a little nail brush & some odds n ends in, & a cutting board behind the faucet! I have a crochet lace curtain on the window, with mortar n pestle, a china doll head, etc. on the windowsill.

Pizza - how fun! I just made my first (of this year) batch of nettle pesto! & my pizza would be Gluten Free!
Good luck with the health scans & such! One of my clients, who has had a slew of issues, inc breast CA ~ 12 years ago (did have lumps removed, but no other treatment - eats EXTREMELY healthy) & thyroid probs, & etc just said a friend who's shared a lot of those problems has just realized she has gluten sensitivity, & that may be linked to ALL their problems!!
Intriguing - my dau & I (& her family) went gluten free last summer - what a lovely shift!! Challanging, but lots of pos. shifts - I've lost ~ 20# without doing much else!