"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Sunday, 7 February 2010

sunday afternoon frivolities

Miss Marple wore a black brocade dress, very much pinched in round the waist. Mechlin lace was arranged in a cascade down the front of the bodice. She had on black lace mittens, and a black lace cap surmounted the piled-up masses of her snowy hair. She was knitting, something white and soft and fleecy.
Agatha Christie from "The Tuesday Night Club"

[Victorian dress. photo taken at antique shop owned by my friend Laraine]

sometimes my friend Laraine & I daydream. today was one such day.. a rainy, wet day. where we let our imaginations run wild..our imaginations dancing in the rain..
a cup of tea and conversations.

Laraine started to talk about Skype 'you should get it Robyn. and then we can talk' ..
'nicer than that Laraine' I said. 'we could send each other little handwritten notes'
the idea took on a life of its own & soon we had decided that each day we are going to drop little notes off to each other, into our letterboxes. without the other knowing that it is being done.
hand written on notecards, little gifts and snippets. something to look forward to each day. being silly. having fun.

this afternoon, she dropped off a note to me, full of french ephemera. Peter, her husband, jumped out of their car blowing a posties whistle (another item from their shop), wearing a beret, a satchel over his shoulder, calling 'La Poste, La poste' - delivering an envelope addressed to Madame Robyn Bogart. 19 Rue Mona. Australie.
my first gift to her was a little lavender bag, quickly sewn up from an old linen handkerchief.. with a little note to tell her that it was to remind her of Provence. what can I send her tomorrow? I am thinking a hand written recipe.

honestly, I was laughing so hard.. a silly bit of fun between friends. love it.
do you do silly, frivolous things? do you dance in the rain?


laoi gaul~williams said...

what a fun idea robyn!

Fire Byrd said...

Oh how lovely. It must be fun to have a friend nearby to do that with..... One day !

Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's so good for us to do silly, frivolous things! I love to see people get into the spirit of it, like you and your friends. We all need more of it in our lives -- I know I do!

~Sheila~ said...

Lovely idea Robyn.
And no, I don't do silly frivolous things often enough!

A bird in the hand said...

This is what I like to hear and read! Wonderful post!!!! Sunday Afternoon Frivolities should happen much more often.

I think I'll go and dream up a few frivolities since it's Sunday today.


gemma said...

Does chasing chickens count?

Janet said...

What a fantastic idea and sure to make you both smile each day! I am sometimes silly and frivolous but not every day. Maybe I should start right now!

Angela said...

And oh how I love my little bag of precious lavender from you.

Imogen said...

Frivolity and dancing both have a vital place in our lives. Long may that remain so. This is a sweet idea, exchanging little messages and knicknacks.

I have bittersweet memories of dancing in the rain when I was a student. I went out dancing about the campus in a thunderstorm that came to break a prolonged hot spell and drought - it had to be celebrated, and getting out into it was the only way. Suddenly above me a window in one of the halls of residence opened and a man leaned out; it was Ian, the guy I had a crush on! And me down there in the quad, bounding about giving my own private wet tee-shirt contest, large as life and twice as elemental. It had to be a Magic Moment - didn't it?

No! - he turned crimson and shut the window faster than all the lighting flashes around me. And that is how I learned that beautiful, curly-haired, left-wing, guitar-playing Ian was not "the one"...