"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Monday, 8 February 2010

rainy days and Mondays

it is wet in Woodford. raining solidly for 2 weeks, torrential at times. is this what England is like? I have been taking our sunny weather that we have here, for granted. Dutch husband took my car today, leaving me housebound so there was nothing for a blog post happening in my world.. unless of course I wrote yet another story of Mary & me. are you sick of that yet? maybe another day I will tell how I chased her across California.
then I remembered that I had not told of our little bike trip to Tasmania back in November, which seems a life time away.. so here is a little story in pictures ~ enjoy, from my place to yours

travelling over to the isle of Tasmania by boat. bikes had to be tied down to prevent them falling over

Tasmania is a gorgeous state of Australia. I have been told it is very much like England

looking over dutch husbands shoulder checking his speed.. but there is no need. he is a very safe rider and knows he has my life in his hands while I am on the back. I trust him. have you ever put your life into someone's hands like this?

farmhouses dot the country side.. I was so tempted to go in and ask for some milk, butter and maybe some fruitcake.. just like the Famous Five did while they were on their adventures!

me in front of a little cottage in Port Arthur dressed in my leather vest and red shoe-laces.. it is difficult to look gorgeous while on the back of the bike. you know, I really don't like my looks.. I frown too much.

Echiums in the garden of the Commandants House

Port Arthur is an historic area. the gardens are just divine. we spent a whole day there and took the Ghost tour at night - holding lanterns as we walked around with a guide.

my little note, to Laraine today said this:
la pluie imbibe dans mon âme et je commence à me sentir comme si je me noie dans l'eau [translation by Babelfish}
what I was trying to say was this:
the rain is soaking into my soul and I am beginning to feel as if i am drowning in water


laoi gaul~williams said...

robyn yes it rains a lot! for over a month now we have had a combination of snow, ice and rain, luckily here mostly rain and i have to say its quite draining on the soul~our garden is too waterlogged to do anyhting~we were pushing it a bit by doing codys garden but we had too. we have had the odd blue sky and sunshine but it never lasts~i am aching for sunsine and warmth right now

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ooooo, the Famous Five! I used to love reading those books too!

amelia said...

I remember these pics from Facebook I think. Wonderful trip and I'd love to have done it too. Your part of the world is just a dream to me.
This morning it's not too bad. -20 and sunny with brilliant blue skies.

Fire Byrd said...

OO you're even becoming English talking about the rain. It is the one conversation you can have with anyone in the UK as we all love talking about the weather. It's cause we have so much of it and it's always changing.
At least the good thing here right now is the days are getting longer and it is a joy to be able to walk the hound in the dawn and dusk light rather than total darkness.

Pam said...

Love those red laces! Tassie is a great place - did you stop at all the bakeries and cheese places? Did you get stuck behind logging trucks? I had one the worst coffees ever in Tasmania, husband called it a Milo-chino, but the scenery more than made up for it.Tell the Powers That Be to make it rain in South Australia Robyn!We've forgotten what it looks like!Very muggy here at the moment.

Janet said...

We've been having rain here, too but not as much as you....although some areas had mudslides a couple of days ago. Love the photos....I used to ride on the back of a motorcycle with an old boyfriend of mine. I loved it!