"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Monday, 15 February 2010

a simple night of love, getting lost in romance and lots of photos

The Everglades is not far from my home here in Woodford.. a short drive. the rain dripped in big droplets from the huge plane tree leaves as I got out of the car.. the mist made the beginning of my night seem like something out of England. so as you can imagine, I felt like I was in Heaven.

follow me.. I love misty mountain nights like this. where the mist is so thick it wets your face. I loved feeling like i had stepped back in time.. I tried so hard not to break into a run..

come on! I don't want to be late... give me the camera!

down the stairs, across the wet grass and past the vegie garden..

look at the vegetable garden.. my heart skipped a beat as I looked at Dutch husband. 22 years and we have never missed a Valentines dinner.

champagne cocktails were served at 6.30pm upstairs in the sitting room..[this volunteer wore an apron from the original household. she served champagne and cassis with blackberries from the garden]

as we chatted with other guests, we were serenaded by a violinist who was totally absorbed by his love of his music and his instrument.

before we went down to dinner, I had to take a quick peek into the bathroom. can you imagine having a bathroom like this. pure Art deco. and while that style is not a favourite of mine, I thought that this bathroom was just amazing. look at the tap spouts!

all the waitresses and the chef were volunteers. they call themselves 'Friends of Everglades' and hold functions such as the Valentines dinner to raise money for the upkeep of this piece of history in the Blue Mountains.. the table was set simply. nothing grand. pretty in pink.

after the main meal was finished, I took a walk outside.. I was inspired by the gorgeous pots of colour.. I could see these around our pool here at home. I love getting ideas from others and taking them and putting my twist and making them my own.

a simple dessert - chocolate brownie baked in a heart tin, served with a strawberry.

so that was our night. tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday which means Pancakes for dinner..


amelia said...

What a lovely evening!! The dessert looks scrumptious!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

How lovely and romantic!

Marisa said...

Your Valentine date sounds and looks inviting. It's amazing how they can dress up a simple chocolate brownie.

Pam said...

Delightful Robyn - looks like you had a lovely time. Where I live in South Australia,fogs and mists don't happen much, mainly in the hills.Your photos are really enjoyable to see. So glad you had a beautiful Valentine's Day with your dear one. Precious to have such a history together making great memories.

Mélanie said...

Wonderful evenin , everything is so romantic

Serena said...

What a beautiful and romantic evening, Robyn...LOVED the pics!

mxtodis123 said...

Oh, what a wonderful day and night for you!!! I'd love to see all this in person. You are opening up new worlds for me.

Linda said...

Just so delightful Robyn. Wonderful photo's and thank you for sharing your evening

Janet said...

Wow! What a romantic evening you had. Your description of the misty night made me feel as if I was right there with you....oops! Three's a crowd!

Angela said...

What a beautiful Valentine's Day for you two!!! Love the pictures of you.

gemma said...

Ah life is good!