"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Saturday, 16 January 2010

stories that feed MY soul

a pair of old shoes.. worn by a child.. what games did she play?

you might notice that my blogging style this year has taken on a slightly different slant. my words are a little different and most of the photos are my own (like the one above.. just an ordinary pair of old shoes).. that is because this year is the year that I am finding the Sacred in every single moment of my life. the sacred in the Ordinary... I have been reading Tongue in Cheek by Corey Amaro for about 4 yrs (if you haven't yet discovered her blog.. do yourself a favour and visit and read & read every single post..I promise you, you will not want to leave..) .. .. and her blog inspires me, always. I read her words, telling of her life in France married to a Frenchman (that is where I found the term 'dutch husband'), she tells of life as an american living in France, she tells of her love for the 'Brocante"; ... I am sure that her life is not always a 'bed of roses' but she never tells of those.. although if she does, she does it with an acceptance of life.. sometimes she might just post a picture, with one or two words.. but not a day does she miss..and that is what I intend to do.. every single day. blog. maybe not alot of words but always a post from me.. finding the Sacred in My Ordinary moments at Inglewood. can you do this? if you are blog-jaded.. can you find some sacred in your ordinary moments of life?


Fire Byrd said...

Lovely post Robyn,reminding us to take time out and smell the roses, even if the come in the form of an old pair of shoes so to speak!
I'll check out the blog too.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I think that finding some sacred in the ordinary moments of our lives is precisely "what it's all about!" I'm going to go check out the blog you recommended now.

Teri said...

I am now following your blog. I love the idea of the Sacred in the Ordinary moments!
I would like to have one of the buttons, do you know where I can find one?
My blog is about everyday live, love and living in a rural area. I want to include the Sacred as well.
Wonderful idea!

Annie said...

Such a touching post, Robyn. Corey would, characteristically, be very modest about her influence but she would also cheer you on.

I love the dear little shoes. We need to see more of that from you.

Janet said...

I am enjoying the photos....these shoes are beautiful! If only they could speak!

Thank you for the link. Her blog is indeed very inspiring. I am trying to look at all the good things in my life and to be thankful for them. I also try to blog every day but I do miss sometimes on the weekends.

gemma said...

Robyn, From taking just a moment to breathe and look at our hands. How could we not know everyday is sacred? And yet we forget because we go about our business and get bogged down in things. It is absolutely wonderful that you are doing this!

A bird in the hand said...

There is joy and comfort in those little moments of life, so often overlooked. I'm happy to see you finding the sacred in your everydays.


Kathryn Knoll said...

I applaud you for the daily attempt to find the everyday sacred. If you don't get a daily post in, however, don't guilt trip yourself about it. It's the intending that is the most important part. Hugs..

Jackie said...

I havent visited your blog for a while and what a lovely suprise to find that you are blogging again. I really missed reading your posts and what a wonderful idea Sacred in the Ordinary moments, it is what it's all about.

Searching For My Willoughby said...

I find this to be quite the challenge, but one I think I need. I know the ordinary, simple things are sacred, but I still find myself occasionally thinking everything sacred is inside church buildings. This must be the reason I felt I needed to read your blog today; to remind me of the sacred in the ordinary.

I will check out the other blog, too.