"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Friday, 15 January 2010

how do you take your coffee?

we are lucky here in the mountains.. we have a very multi-cultured community and hence, many little cafes & restaurants have sprung up all over the place.. dutch husband & I often travel to Katoomba.. 15mins away. for coffee...

FresH is one of our favourites..

a little coffee house, that sells fair-trade coffee and each week has a house specialty.. they roast and grind their own beans as well...

my choice is always a Latte made on soy milk

and Dutch husband prefers a skinny cappuccino..

but now of course, I have my own coffee machine.. and even a bag of freshly ground coffee beans sitting on my bench, I guess that means coffee at home.. no, no.. always, always make time to go somewhere special with the one that you love, to sip coffee, laugh, hold hands

and the bread? that is a story on its own.. a story for another day

at least the chocolate slice that i made early this morning, didn't fail me!


Winterwood said...

LOL - everytime I log on in the last few days robyn.. yo have a new blog post - and they are just lovely to read! please send some inspiration my way?

Genie Sea said...

How lovely! Maybe some day, we can have coffee! :)

Anonymous said...

yummmmmm...I'm sitting here drinking my first coffee of the day with no milk -(I ran out)...blech!
Wishing I could visit you for a latte. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that coffee slices look so delicious.
We are getting more frugal, because of a cutback and my job stopping. We drink coffee at home, because coffe somehwere else is always more expensive. Maybe we will allow ourselves a luxury coffee once a month ; )
Have a great day !!

Pam said...

Coffee and chocolate slice- Yum! Husband's and my order never changes -double stength latte(him), flat white(me). We have shared this in many interesting places over the years but I still like the familiarity of close to home.(I think the worse coffee I ever had is what tasted like luke-warm Pablo/International Roast/Milo somewhere in Tasmania, with a sprinkling of cocoa on top.)Some coffees make your eyes cross with the pleasure of that first sip though don't they. Melbourne's reputation is hard to surpass.

gemma said...

I love my: free trade cuppa strong & black,Irish coffee with a shot and 1 inch thick cream on top,demitasse espresso,sometimes Mocha latte, often just homemade Joe and milk.
For sure I'd love a cuppa however they serve it in sit and chat with you....what a delight that would be.

Winterwood said...

love thebutton and have added it to my blog! you wil read about it there!! thanks Robyn!

Anonymous said...

I agree, making special time to go "out" for a treat is always nice. I like it when someone else prepares food and drink for me; tastes that much better. Your pictures are awesome, too!

Annie said...

I've been loving the bread adventures on Facebook, Robyn. Soon we will see a compilation here, yes???

When I get to Australia (it's on my bucket list) we will explore every coffee shop around. Nary a door will miss an entry.