"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Full Moon in capricorn .. and thoughts

May each Full Moon find me looking upwards, at trees outlined on luminous sky ~
Rae Beth ~ Resolution of a Witch

Yesterday, was a quiet day.. I could feel a real stillness... even my anger (and that is a whole other post) had become still... the moon came into her fullness...
at 7.21pm last night, the Moon was full in all her glory.. i trotted outside into just about zero temps, put my magick shawl around my shoulders and lit a candle and closed my eyes, with the moon beams on my face... and I sang to Earth... giving thanks for all that She gives me.. I sat thinking of my ancestors who didn't have the comfort of the modern home that I do..they couldn't escape back inside to stand in front of a fire. Their winters would have been difficult, cold & harsh but they endured.. if they hadn't, I would not be here...
I sat for as long as I could.. giving in after only 10mins...and felt a little guilty.. had a warm bath ....I started to wonder if our little rituals were really any use.. I mean, how can a handful of women across the world help heal something as huge as Mother Earth...then I remembered something I had read in "the Earth Path" by Starhawk when I did her online workshop a few years ago...
as Galadriel, the wise elf, tells Frodo, "even the smallest person can make a difference" ~ each time we act in service of our sacred intention, each time we align our energies and our actions with what we most truly love, we gain in personal power and ability. (I can thoroughly recommend the book by Starhawk - The Earth Path. Maybe oneday a few of us could work through it together online?)

after my bath, I felt like I had to do more. So I went into Sacred space to sit... as I closed my eyes and listened to Medwyn Goodalls 'Cornwall'.. I was taken back... standing on top of a hill.. in my robes, looking out over a vast green world.. brilliantly green.. vibrant.. I held Earth in my hand and as I breathed in and out, my heart chakra sent love to Her... and I saw pink filaments floating towards Her... and knew that these were prayers and thoughts of love from the Earth Healers around the candles, sitting in earth healing meditation over the next two nights..... drumming...

I have searched and searched on the net for some indigenous information on Full Moons but nothing... that is what I find so difficult about living here... no folklore, no wisdom that we can call our own - we take from the North and adapt.. but it doesn't really fit our country... I tried to write my own moon information a year or so ago..

this is the Wolf Moon according to the Northern Hemisphere... we don't have wolves here...but it is the quiet moon and definately the Cold Moon..

Folklore: The nocturnal wolf represents the 'night' of the year. This moon is also called the Quiet Moon and the Cold Moon.
Herbs: Marjoram, Holy Thistle, Nuts & Pine Cones.
Colours: White, Lilac, Violet & Black.
Flowers: Snowdrop & Crocus.
Perfumes: Oakmoss, Musk & Mimosa.
Crystals: Garnet, Onyx & Jet.
Tree: Birch.
Animal: Fox.
Bird: Pheasant.
Deities: Frejya, Inanna & Hera.

and wishing Dutch Husband a wonderful birthday !!


gemma said...

It is still July 7 here. The Moon is 100% full. Today I posted Michael Jackson's song
Heal The World. I think alot of people are singing that today. Every bit helps.I love StarHawk's Earth Path too!

Holly said...

Miss R,
Your ritual sounds quite lovely. And, I still am completely caught off guard that you and I talk so frequently yet you are a half a world away. I thought it interesting that you called this moon the wolf moon...because actually since it is high summer in the northern hemisphere, the moon of July is sometimes called the Rose Moon, neo-pagans call it the High Summer Moon, and the Native Americans referred to it at The Full Buck moon since the buck deer are in the velveted stage of growing their antlers.

I am thinking that you are in the equivalent of what would be November for us...and if that's the case, then yes! It is the Cold Moon for you...or perhaps the beaver moon...

Oh, I love being part of this global circle of women with you. Thank you for having the idea and extending the invitation to me.

Blessings of the Full Moon on YOU!

Genie Sea said...

Your words, like your garden and your healing intentions reach out and up and envelope the world and us in it. Never doubt that you make a difference. You always inspire me. :)

Kathryn Knoll said...

Happy Birthday to Joe, too!

Not only do we make a difference by choosing to channel this Grace-Light to and from Gaia, but the very fact that we are willing to carry the vibrational energies, no matter how invisible we may feel, it matters for the good of the whole. If we think of the vast network of wires and servers and computers and micro chips that help conduct the business of connection and communication on the Internet, that allows us to even blog and then experience some glitch that causes us to loose our connection, well, this is how important each one of us is to the whole. We are one and each one's contribution matters. We may never "see" the result of our commitment to help and to anchor and to open new channels for the Cosmos to communicate with us and our beautiful and fragile island home, Gaia. But, we know and can rest assured, that anything that ever changed for the better, took the commitment of a stalwart and resolute community of like-minds and hearts. It's all that really ever has done the work of change. We said yes, we are it. Heaven and Earth depend on us....

Dia said...

I'm re-re-re-reading my favorite Gael Baudino series that begins with 'Strands of starlight' . . . & love your words on our rituals & the moon & your lovely image of holding the earth.
Maybe 10 years ago in a goddess workshop we drew cards with images on them, & were sent to meditate/wander. I sat with my back against a huge rock at Breitenbush & sang/re-wrote the song "Whole world in HER hands . . . "
& we do . . .

Rose said...

I love Medwyn Goodall. A local friend met him once when they bought a guitar off him on ebay. They weren't into that sort of music but I was very jealous...

I can understand how his music would carry you into such a lovely place. It sounds like a fantastic vision and validation that what you are doing does make a difference.

I havn't made a wish jar yet, but I shall....

Billie Jane said...

I went to my new allotment for my full moon ritual. I planned to work with the soil for a while and then meditate. It was a really magical place and no one else was there... for three hours I was quite alone. I loved it... but then later at night I decided to do a little more meditation at home... that was very strange... I danced with my mother, she held me in her arms, I was a baby. We spun around and around.. when I stopped I found I was crying. It has been an unusually powerful full moon for me... I take this as a good sign. Can't wait to get the clay discs. Blessings to all. x

Imogen said...

Every one of us is part of the web, and we are all weaving together. Never doubt that; even if we are doing such small things, together all the small things add up; they do, they do, and we do, we do, we really do...
Thabks for the tip about Starhakw's latest book - the last one I read was "Truth or Dare".

Fire Byrd said...

I watched the moon rise behind the house at the bottom of my garden. The sky had cleared after a terrible day of rain and floods here.

Grammy said...

I can feel the healing in your words.
The Wolf Moon is a full moon that occurs in January.
This month has several names
Full Buck Moon, Because bucks begin to grow new antlers at this time.
Thunder Moon, because thunderstorms are so frequent during this month.
Hay Moon, for the July hay harvest.
Mead Moon, This is a wiccan one for our use.time to be thankful for all we have.
I used moon stones lasts nigh with a white candle. And cleansed with sage. The moon started out orange behind clouds it was amazing. I did not have my camera with me at that time. But I know what we are doing makes a difference. You have to believe.
I have been researching healing stones. The moon stone, HERKIMER DIAMONDS and PREHNITE are my first 3 choices.
Be blessed my friend and enjoy this weeks healing moon.

Annis said...

We did drumming and we heard ethereal pipes and bells joining in.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

I found this list for the Southern hemisphere. The site is all in Spanish so I´ll translate them for you:

January:Blessed / Hay
February: Corn / Wine
March: Harvest / Leaves fall
April: Hunter
May: Mourning / Ice
June: Long nights
July: cold
August: accelerated
September: storm
October: pink /seed
November: blessed / Hare
December: solar power

Serena said...

i participated for the first time in the earth healing circle and posted about it. i'm so happy i joined and i'm already looking forward to the next full moon.

a lovely post, robyn. i get a little confused with info for the northern and southern hemispheres as most of the info correlates with the northern hemisphere. from what i could find on the net, the full moon, just gone, is called long night's moon or cold moon.

btw, happy birthday to your hubby!

Mel said...

I'm so drawn to the simplicity and wholeheartedness of your ritual - we are so alike in this....

thank you for your beautiful comments on my post --- I felt the same way when I *found* never ceases to amaze me how deeply connected I feel to people I have never met....then again, perhaps we all have...perhaps we were together in another time and the miracles of modern technology are re-connecting us once again...

and again, thank you for strengthening our bond and deepening my faith with this lovely healing circle....

~much love to you~

PS I would love to join in a bloggy book club of the witchy variety -- I quite enjoy Starhawk but haven't read Earth Path...yet!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday to your dear hubby. My mother's birthday is tomorrow. She was Dutch too. Would have been 85 this year.

I am so glad to be part of this group of Earth Healers. We do make a difference. Our vibration resonates all over the world. And it will pick up others as time goes by. See what you have started? Thank you.
Love & Light