"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Sunday, 14 December 2008

how can I make my Liver smile ? or do I need a dose of cod liver oil

when I was little, you could always, always count on this time of year being very warm to hot... so you planted tomatoes, cucumbers & zucchinis, beans and other summer vegetables.. knowing that the warmth would help them to grow.... but the past few years the weather has been, well lets say, different. Odd. You cannot count on the seasons as we knew them. a few months ago, I planted my tomato plants and bean seeds. Then it rained for days on and off.. cold, misty rain. Cold enough to light the fire. And the tomatoes sat, doing nothing, thinking it was winter.. and the beans stayed snug beneath the earth.. warm and safe from the unseasonal cold. Then it was hot for a few days.. hot and humid and of course I complained but the tomatoes started to produce fruit and ripen.. the beans sprouted and started to grow. Then it rained some more.... torrential rain.... and cold. Tomatoes and beans need warmth and sun to grow and with this kind of weather.. well they are not doing too good..... Yesterday, I spent hours in my garden - tying up my tomato plants securely, so that they would be supported as they grow, picking up the millions of gum sticks from my garden - enjoying it so much after days of rain... I even harvested my first two zucchinis! last night the wind started. Destructive wind. Gusts of wind, whipping through my garden - I woke this morning to total devastation. My tomato plants have snapped off, my zucchini leaves have twisted and turned in the wind and now hang limply, the small developing fruits laying on the ground. Apples strewn across the lawn. And I could cry. Right now i hate Mother Nature for what she has done. I am angry. Angry enough to shake my fist at the elements.

And of course wind affects the liver... and when the liver is out of balance, I get angry. And not just angry at the weather, I get angry at everyone.. my poor Joe.. he really cops it, I walk around like I have black cloud hanging over my head ......stamping and muttering. It is quite laughable really. except that I am not a nice person when I am angry and I don't like that at all.

I remember my grandmother saying (when someone was angry) that they needed a dose of cod liver oil.. as they were suffering from SOL... which I found out later if in life, meant shit on the liver... and of course now i know what that really means.. so do I need to race out and buy some cod liver oil and take a spoonful.. not something that I really want to do, but I will try anything to rid myself of this anger... *sigh* I was doing so well after Soul Coaching.....anyhow, I wish to make my liver smile again... I remember reading in Eat, Love, Pray about smiling in the liver.... I wonder how I can do that??


amelia said...

That is so disheartening to have all your hard work destroyed like that! I'm so sorry it happened to you. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do except start all over again---or not!!
Not being a gardener it would be the 'not' for me!
We cannot control the elements, I wish we could as we are totally buried under snow!

Tinker said...

Robyn, I just looked up 'liver' in Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life, to see what it says. There are 3 passages there, about the liver.
The first one: Seat of anger and primitive emotions. The new thought pattern (affirmation): Love and peace and joy are what I know.
So as to not to take up a whole page here, I'll e-mail you the rest, if you're interested.

I'm so sorry about your garden - how discouraging after all your hard work. Sending ((hugs))and good thoughts your way!

gemma said...

My sister has a huge sheet of plastic over a pipe frame stapled at the base. A good greenhouse. Keeps the plants safe and warm.
Mine like yours are totally exposed. Don't be angry it's all part of the process...My Grandma always thought Cod Liver Oil cured alot of ills....I don't think so Robyn. LOL

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh that weather sounds so disappointing! I had a similar summer here. I don't understand what's going on with the weather either.

You could buy cod liver oil pills so you don't have to taste them?

You can let go of trying to control Mother Nature. Perhaps she doesn't want to live up to other people's expectations. She's going through an immature teenager phase and nothing we say can change that.

As the cold strangles me here, I stay at home and curse the outdoors which is completely alien for me too. I'm trying to hunker down and make the best of it but it's so so hard.

I hope we both find a way to not be so angry at her soon.

solsticedreamer said...

oh dear my lovely what a time you are having :(
the weather sounds very unseasonal. although here we are having what i say is our first proper winter for some years. we have had so many mild winters and now we are having snow and frosts and proper cold winter weather, and it is so welcome!

as for your liver...are there any nice herbal remedies to keep you away fromt he cod liver oil?

judie said...

Oh Robyn, I'm so sorry Mother Nature was so not nice to you after you worked so hard and tenderly with her own children. Sometimes she has tantrums like all of us. Um, I too, get angry whenever it is windy. But I'll let YOU do the cod liver oil thing and you can tell me if it works, ok? ;) xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

We all get mad sometimes, I know I hate myself when I feel like that. You're allowed to feel like that sometimes, be kind to yourself.
Thanks for your comments on my post, I'm doing ok:-)

Genie Sea said...

Hugs! I can only imagine how you felt after that devastation. It's realy difficult when you are angry at something or someone you cannot confront. Mother Nature can be a little one-sided in her arguments.

Yet, I see your Soul Coaching side. You find the humour. You seek solutions. You are aware. We are not angels. We feel anger, and disappointment, as well as glee and accomplishment. It's how we deal with it that matters. And you are dealing with it! :)

May your liver beam! :)

Fire Byrd said...

If I were you I'd get stuck into digging the garden, that would make you feel better about the destruction and do wonders to get rid of your anger!!

Tori said...

I really hate what the weather has been doing. One day it seems like winter, the next spring.

Please don't get too discouraged. Your liver will smile again. =)

Ali said...

sorry to read the Mother Nature created havoc in your vegie garden~ it sure is disheartening. I regularly lose produce in my vegie patch due to the humidity/heavy rain we get where I live. Perhaps you could put up a shade cloth screen on the side of the prevailing winds....

Wendy said...

Oh how sad! How disappointing! After all your hard work. I remember getting mad at the chipmunks who ate all my expensive lily bulbs. And the squirrels (probably the chipmunks again) who ate all (or most of them) my tomatoes too one summer.
And our growing season is so short.

I've always heard that dandelion tincture or wine is good for the liver. Milk thistle too.
You can also do some tai chi - moving the angry or stagnant energy out of your liver.

Pam said...

Send that cod liver oil bottle over this way Robyn! We'll have a night out on the town with it!I'm thinking a meal of zuchinni and (once-staked)tomato quiche and then a scream at the Universe from the top of Mount Lofty.Mr. Wind wiped out my daughter's birthday party. I'm not too happy with him either. While trying to be angelic about it all and grateful I HAVE my daughter,I packed away the tea-lights, saying "enough *#@!"., and enough hard times for her as well!" It felt good.Hope the Universe got my message. Yours too. *big hug*.

Kathryn Knoll said...

Each moment you enter is a choice as to how you will respond. We can't pretend to know and understand Mother Nature. She always knows best, even if her wisdom disappoints us. The best way to take care of your liver is to not resist the things you have no power or control over. Our ancient ancestors understood through experience that Mother Gaia and her ways are a mystery, and the best way was to walk on her respectfully. This could be a time for you to stew over this event or seek the great lessons that are all around you. How are the plants responding after the blow and how will this make them stronger now and in the future? Student, pay attention. You don't have to travel far to be on a walk about!

Caroline said...

I forgot about that...smiling in the liver! A great way to clean your liver is take a fresh lemon, squeeze the juice into a cup and add warm water. Drink it first thing in the morning (before food or coffee). You'll be amazed how quickly your body releases toxins! It has wonderful effects for the body...I try to do this everyday. Just be sure to drink with a straw, as the lemon can be harsh on tooth enamel!

Happy liver cleansing!

Kavindra said...

Ugh! Don't take codliver oil, that's my advice.

No wonder you are grumpy after all your hard work got blown down. Nature is our mother and ally, but not necessarily always the sweetest of friends. Still she's gonna do what she wants and needs to, so what can we do about it? Just laugh after we fume for a proper amount of time!

I love this smiling liver, I want my liver to smile too.

And at least your heart is already smiling...

Pearl said...

I'm with you Robyn, the torrential rain made the delphiniums flowers heavy and the strong winds finished the job by snapping the stems. I was able to bring the blooms into the house to enjoy but I really prefer to see them in the garden.
At least with all this rain a drought might be broken or in my case less chance of water restrictions later in summer.

Anonymous said...

Thd. I can imagine how you feel, after all that work. I hope some things can be saved !!!!

Tori said...

I just tagged you for the friendship blog award! It's on my blog, check it out.


Serena said...

The weather certainly has been weird here too, Robyn. I'm so sorry about your garden....mind you, anger is always a better emotion to feel than depression so use your anger in a positive, constructive way if you can. Mother Nature can be unpredictable and, as Kathryn stated, there are always lessons we can learn about ourselves in the process. Blessings to you and prayers for an even better crop next time around.

love, light and peace,