"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Saturday, 9 February 2008

greetings from the Wet & wild Woodford!

there is a saying - 'it never rains but it pours'... or something along those lines and believe me... it is pouring here in gorgeous Woodford right now and has been really, for all of summer. A day or two, here and there of heat but mostly it has been wet. Joe and I went to Katoomba for a walk last night, but ended up having to walk up and down the main street (which is quite a long and strenuous walk as it is all up hill). The reason that we did this was because it was absolutely pouring when we got there and the temperature was 11deg.C !! After our walk, we came home and lit the fire...last week we had deluge rain and it washed alot of the mulch of my garden away.. so when the weather fines up, I will be busy putting it all back on...I cannot believe we are nearly to the end of summer and I haven't spent much time in the garden at all.. because of the rain. Just last June, our dam was 39% full and we are on water restrictions because of it.. now our dam is 65% full.. and I don't think I will be needing to water for awhile. Once the rain is finished I am going to buy quite a few bales of straw and lucerne and mulch the garden again.. to trap this gorgeous water into the ground. During a break from the rain, I wandered around my garden early this morning to snap a few photos.. I try to do this often, so i can keep a journal of life in Inglewood.

these tubs above were from my Nan's home.. they were her laundry tubs and were pulled out when 'modernising' the home.. I sometimes plant flowers in them but after the rain, I think a water garden is in the making! My Nasturtiums are coming to the end of their cycle.. oneday, I must try them in a salad.. something my grandparents did often.. This winter I hope to use some 'weeds' from my garden to make soups and frittatas..weeds like dandelion and sorrel and warrigal greens as well.

with all this rain, it is a wonder my roses aren't severely affected by black spot.. hopefully the humidity will stay away .. and my poor dear girls.. they don't like the rain at all.. sodden little things right now.. I think they are beginning to wonder if they should be looking for the Ark!! They will soon start to quack!

and just as the rain came down again.. I snapped a photo of the front of my home. I love my home.. it has a real soul.

so not much more about my life today... I am cleaning around the kitchen and maybe we will go out for lunch. I also need to make a visit to our co-op to buy my vegies and other organic foods.. Blue Mountains food Co-op our Co-op is run by local people and we join for $8 a year.. to buy products, we take our own jars or paper bags and help our selves from big bins of cereals, flours, rice, sugar, herbs, teas and many more products - they have a large range of locally grown organic fruit and vegetables as well as a fridge section. It is fun! today i need to buy some slippery elm bark powder, rolled oats, buckwheat pasta and some raw sugar.. and I might even buy myself a small block of sheep's milk cheese. Tonight we are taking our grandson Thomas to Chinese New year banquet.. oh and the Goddess blog is open - there is a link at the top of my blog - way to wisdom... I need desperately to do some crafting stuff.. I haven't made alot at all lately. I am thinking of making a collage of all the words of wisdom that Daisy sent me over the years and maybe try to paint her as well... I am gathering bits for my faery swap and that will be in the beak of the little sparrow who is patiently waiting in my ancient apple tree. Very wet and bedraggled but so excited to be making a trip over the ocean.. so he will be on his way next week...


AnnieElf said...

Oh Robyn, this was so nice. I feel as though I have been invited in for a look around and a cup of tea.

Gemma said...

Robyn, We've had lots of rain this year too...which is rare for the desert. Did you notice the orb on the picture of your house?
Someone watching over you!

Peggy said...

love your garden and your home just speaks come on in and relax! Have a great weekend

Tracy said...

You have a lovely home, Robyn! I haven't done anything creative in quite some time. I miss it & need to get back to it. :)

Krissie said...

Sorrell soup?? OMG!!! that really brings back memories. My gran used to make it for us at home. I still have her recipe here somewhere!

our torrential rain has gone but its stillv cloudy and humid.

Krissie said...

heavesn...I had to go back to the photo and saw the orb too!!!

Journey Through Life said...

I loved seeing these photos of your home!

amelia said...

What is the ethereal ' wisp' in the picture?

Bimbimbie said...

Your nan's troughs remind me of years ago when my mum and dad pulled out the "old" deep white clay "Butler Sinks" to be replaced with a gleaming stainless steel one. The old sinks became potting troughs in the little bit of garden. Now, years later as we are doing alterations guess what I'm exchanging .... stainless steel for olde worlde Butler sinks!

Hopefully our winter will be dry and sunny. Enjoy your selves this evening. That co-op sounds like a brilliant idea. *!*

linda may said...

Over testosteroned short men.... I love it. I had a good laugh. Is that like footballers. lol.
I enjoyed your garden and home pics. You have a great garden. If you look back through some of my old posts there are some pics of my garden, mostly flowers to share. Re; your shopping, you sound much healthier than me.

Julie Marie said...


Thanks so much for sharing a photo of your house. I love seeing where my friends live. For some reason, I pictured it being brown.

I love the statue in the front too.

I also love my little house.

I noticed the orbs too.

Hugs, Julie

Sheila said...

What a change from last summer..!
As for us we are getting more snow than we have had for years.
Your garden will love it.
I too noticed the orb, in the photo of your house..?
I hope you enjoyed the Chinese New Year celebrations..
big hugs

mrsnesbitt said...

For the first time in ages we had nice I took Wilma on the beach. Tomorrow, a bike ride, hopefuly! Wel when I say tomorrow...later on today! It is 1am and I MUST go to bed.


Tinker said...

We've finally been getting rain this year, too - and my little tub gardens are still full of water. Perhaps I'll turn one of them into a water garden as well.
Your garden and home look lovely, even in wet weather. Have a wonderful weekend, Robyn~xOx

linda may said...

OMG Robyn ! I bet your friend is Mattie. I met her at the stained glass class I started going to a few months before christmas. She is great. She is from the blue mountains and she drives trains and school busses.
Yarrangobilly is on the highway to Cooma via Tumut.I Think it is called the snowy mountains highway. There are great limestone caves there to look at and a thermal swimming pool which is a steep climb (walking) up and down to get to but good anyway. It is about 2 1/2 to 3 hrs drive from Junee I think. It gets snowed in during the winter some years. Kiandra is just a bit further down the road towards Cooma,but worth a look too. Wonderful wildflowers in high summer, even some feral self seeded cottage garden type flowers there that I am guessing would be survivors of the gardens from the gold mining days as there have been no houses there for a long time.
The name of the B&B you stayed in in Junee would have been the Loftus. Used to be a pub, but they sold the license and now it is run as a B&B and restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the nice trip around the house ; ) Your chickens look so sweet !!! My mom used to have chickens too, I loved them !!

Pixie said...

the last couple of days here it's been warm enough to walk outside without a coat.
Very odd weather wherever we are in the world.

A bird in the hand said...

Oh! If I had your garden I' be eating nasturtiums and sorrel and dandelion and all those yummy "weeds" every day! I ghet dandelion and sorrel at the market here, but nasturtiums are too expensive for me. I should tru and grow them in a pot, but I doubt they'll do well.

I LOVE your garden. thank you for the tour. xoxo