"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Saturday, 12 January 2008

party photos....the party continues... butterflies visit too!

my 50th birthday cake...made up from teeny tiny little cupcakes from Cupid's Cupcakes in Katoomba. These cakes are simply delicious and I have been known to eat more than one! My favourite flavour is passionfruit. I kept one cake for the faeries,on the altar under the pine tree.

a few days ago, while I was wandering in my garden.. two butterflies fluttered towards me, doing their summer dance.. gorgeous colours.. they were beautiful and so graceful... they fluttered about my body, like they were weaving a cocoon around my aura and then one landed right on the tip of my nose.. only for a minute second.. but it happened! yes, it was real. sometimes, I have got to keep telling myself that, because Miss Doubt visits me often.

this is me holding my cakes while wearing my wings.... the plate cake that the little cakes are on was my Nan's and I treasure it. I bring it out for all the special occassions.

Yesterday, Joe took me to Sydney, to my favourite book shop - The Adyar.. where I spent about two hours browsing.. it was delightful. I bought a couple of CD's - including Loreena McKennits - The Ancient Muse. Then he took me to Chinatown for lunch and then we spent about an hour in a chinese supermarket. I bought myself a new tea pot, some Oolong tea and some Quan Yin tea.

here I am blowing the candles out on my second cake! We went out to dinner on the night to my favourite restaurant - The Bonton in Leura.. the meals are to die for...
This morning, I am off to a 'surprise' birthday morning tea with some friends up the road... Marion, Eric, Bill and Avis are friends of mine and they have decided to hold a little morning tea to celebrate my 50th birthday... I must take some photos of their garden. It is glorious.
this 50th birthday party of mine seems to be ongoing... i am a lucky girl for sure!
the party is continuing in faeryland too... I hope those of you who joined in are having fun! It is sure fun creating the magick !


Moonroot said...

Sounds like this is a birthday to remember. So glad you're enjoying such lovely celebrations. The birthday cake looks scrummy!
I went to the Adyar bookshop when we visited Sydney (some years ago now!) - it's wonderful, isn't it?

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

What a glorious birthday celebration! Love the cake(s) and your Nan's plate!

judie said...

Gosh girl, you aren't celebrating a birth d.a.y., you are celebrating a birth w.e.e.k! What fun. Love that cake. And sounds like your dear Joe knows exactly what you like. Happy for you! xoxoxo

tinker said...

Love the faery cakes and your Nan's cake stand - and how peacefully happy you look holding it. Glad you are celebrating your birthday in style - half a century only comes along - well, Half a Century! So you might as well celebrate it as long and thoroughly as possible. Enjoy!!!

Autumn said...

Oh I love the photos. Thanks for sharing with us.

Leanne said...

what a fabulous birthday cake- i would eat more than one too!! and your nans' cake plate- i have one just like it!! (in fact I also have another one, exactly the same but half the size)

I have Ancient Muse, Loreena has a beautiful haunting voice (I have all her cd's I think) - close your eyes when you listen- just beautiful!

a birthday to remember Robyn!

leanne x

Ruth said...

Those cakes look scrummy!

amelia said...

You are obviously well loved!!

Tracy said...

Hi Robyn - Our Bike Nights consist of people who ride motorcycles who meet up at a restaurant on the river to eat, chat, laugh and have a good time. And there's door prizes too! :D

Naturegirl said...

Robyn how delightful to see that you are entending your birthday celebrations! You are having so-o-o-o- much fun I can see from that grin on your face..and what a lovely fairy photo of yourself!!
hugs and smiles NG xo

Kathryn Knoll said...

For everyone who comes into the world, a star is born in the night sky telling the universe who we are:
A Divine Spark only dimly aware of it’s brilliance.
Each year we add to our awareness and increase the light in our world!
Celebrate the Light you have become throughout the year to come!
Wow! 50 years of brilliance! Happy Birthday, Dear One. Sr.K

solsticedreamer said...

oh robyn such fun! you sound as if you are having a great time!

kim said...

Keep the party going!!!!!

Gemma said...

So glad you are still celebrating.
I'll be joining you over in fairyland now that I know my magic wand works.

peppylady said...

I haven't thought much about gardening and I've been enjoying this year snow. I haven't got tired of it.

Sure sounds like your having a wonderful time celebrating your 50th birthday.

A tea party sounds divine maybe I should host a tea swap or something like it.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like fun Robyn with those dear to you who love you. Love your Nan's plate (so she got to share in the day too didn't she).Hans Christian Andersen wrote "One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower". A cupcake or two doesn't go astray either.Here's to wisdom, insight, love - the gifts you share with everyone -and here's to you birthday girl.Great photos too by the way.From p.t.

Journey Through Life said...

Happy 50th Birthday, Robyn!!!!

Lady Laurie said...

I am so happy that you had a wonderful birthday party! I love the idea of having cupcakes instead of a large cakes ~ much more fun! I am sure the fairies love it too!!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely party, you are so lucky to have such a seet man and such lovely friends!! I love your birthday cake, both of them, they look really great !!!
Loreena McKennitt, I love her music too. An ancient muse is a fantastic CD !!!
Have a great day !!

oldflowers4me said...

oh - happy birthday 2 you sweet girl- now ive got to tell you something- ive been sent to you by ZUZU- and she asked me to ask you this-open the key to the portal- i hope thats ok -singing and skipping la la la jo.

Lola Enchanted said...

Hello dear one! Happy Birthday to you!!! We are kindred spirits. I too just had a birthday!!! And, I was sent here to ask you to open the portal?!?! I hear it's pretty magical!!!!! I"m going to your new and old posts!! Take care sweet one!!~