"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Thursday, 20 December 2007

not alot to say

can you believe it? I don't have alot to say..
the Full Moon is coming up and I am not sleeping.. I woke early this morning to this:

a thick blanket of fog over Woodford..... middle of December. Not quite normal but is anything really normal anymore? Can we rely on the seasons being as they should be?.... so we learn to take each day as it comes.... seems Mother Nature is wise in teaching us this lesson.

on days like this, something ancient, stirs in my soul... a memory that makes me feel very close to Spirit. That makes me happy & joyful.... my soul actually melts in the heat and humidity of summer.. so I am very grateful that I do experience misty cold days quite often, living in the mountains.

Remember a few days ago, when I told about Australian Christmas bells? Gorgeous flowers that bloom at this time of year?..... well, the other day, I took myself for walk down the end of my road... past Eric's home, past Marion's home.. to the dirt track where the tiger snakes live... I faced my fears of dogs biting my ankles so that I could take photos, to show you just how gorgeous these plants are. They are not prolific.... just a few here or there and it is illegal to pick them from the National Park but it is ok to pick them if you own the land.

each plant produces only one stem per year. When I was little my Uncle owned quite alot of bushland and we always had a bunch of these on our table at Christmas time - perfect, don't you think?

tomorrow, I am going to pick a huge bunch of white agapanthus from the vacant block up the road and then I will go down to Marions to pick a large bunch of hydrangea flowers to decorate my home for Christmas. I am off early tomorrow to buy the special treats for Christmas day - the cashew and macadamia nuts, the licorice allsorts & the other treats that my family love.

but I am wondering about .... when so many people are celebrating the birth of Jesus who was supposed to be LOVE incarnate ..... why is it at this time of year that many people suffer broken hearts & lonliness? why do so many people rush around buying gifts for Christmas.. spending money that they don't really have... to give to others who don't really need anything but love.... when most of them (and I don't say this in a judgemental way) don't believe what the whole season is really about. I admit, that I don't believe that Jesus is my saviour... that is a hard thing to say on this blog... I could be hunted down again..... but I do believe that Jesus existed and was a loving soul... I don't even know if I am explaining what I really want to say here.

why is it at this time of Love and Peace that so many need counselling more than any other time of year?

It just saddens my heart to know that some of my friends are hurting right now and I want to hug them and make them better ~ if you are one who is hurting - grab my hand, I won't let go... all we need is LOVE and I am giving it from my heart to yours xoxo


Bimbimbie said...

Well said Robyn, - perhaps if everyone just treat one another as they want to be treated that's a good start. Sadness and heartache is around all year but it seems to be amplified more at this time of year.

I envy you waking to the mist but have to say happily, it's been quite pleasant here not unbearably hot and humid ... yet ... I say nervously ... fingers and toes crossed lol

I didn't know that about the Australian Christmas bells, they are beautiful. My white hydrangea bush is bursting with flowers this year and looks like snowballs are covering it.

sending you love & smiles *!*

Kathryn Knoll said...

Love is all we need because this really is what this feast should be all about: a celebration of Love incarnate. In the heart of each of us. The story of the little homeless boy-child born in Bethlehem could be seen as a metaphor for the little waif inside of each of us. If the Divine, which is pure love, could love the lowliest,as if we were royalty, we all have a chance to be Love ourselves. The nativity scene should be about each of us, a star announcing our arrival and an entourage of celestial beings singing Creator's praises at what a good idea we each turned out to be. The rushing around and the grasping trying to fill the void only speaks loudly of how we still just don't get it. We first need to look into the mirror and see Love Incarnate and then act as if, until we get it. It is an inside job because that is where the indwelling starts and then, moves outward into the world. Glory Be and Be the Glory!

Gemma said...

Oh the Christmas bells are so pretty. If only we could be as simple and beautiful as that!
Thank you for your honesty and love.

A bird in the hand said...

The Christmas bells are gorgeous. I've never seen them before.

As for the spirit of seems to have gotten lost in something that's become an end-of-year marketing extravaganza. When you see all the get-togethers and parties and lavish gift giving and drinking and all the happy-family images, it's no wonder that those of us who don't have any of that (and I'm betting there are plenty of such people) feel left out.

Myself, I don't buy into that anymore. I try to move as calmly as I can through the rush of it all, do my own little celebration and leave it at that.

Much love to you. xoxoxo

Sweetpea said...

That really touched me, I actually welled up reading it. I won't let go of your hand! You are right though we can't rely on seasons anymore I think.
I love those christmas bells!
much love and hugs xxxx

DAWN said...

This is my belief about the sadness that plagues people this time of year. It all boils down to Expectation. We expect and therefore we get disappointed and that leads to a spiral effect of negative emotions. Instead of Expecting we should be accepting, accepting of whatever it is that comes into our lives. Example: I wasn't Expecting to see those lovely Christmas Bells on your blog and when I say them it put a smile on my face at how colorful and graceful they are. I was Accepting and it felt good.

Jon-Paul said...

When Jesus came, he fulfilled a book
of prophecy they left.
From A-Z, he did it all,

as quiet it was kept.

Then the crowds they came, they did
Hearing what he'd do.
He called them not, but there they came

Witnessing the truth.

Imperial rule, would have none of this,
"Who's this man? A dove?"
"Get rid of him!" Some would say,

Enough to kill he who was Love.

For loss of power, they'd not want,
and this, my Father knew.
Expected so, had he to die,

His Life he would see through.

He took the crown and placed it on,
a rope of thorns upon his head.
And though they mocked and lauged at him.

He took it to his bed.

The loving King of All had come,
As many knew he'd been.
not just the king of Jews they made him,

again in their erred sin.

Once he left, this stately place,
to take up what he'd earned.
If thou believe in God's and things,

Just consider it, now his turn.

In one John, two John, three John, there!;
he answers what you ask.
For there are written the keys to now

He came to wash the past.

See people turned from Hol-y-day
making jest of royal things.
History tells us, even Brits,

Just made fun of their own kings.

They took a day for poor to have
what they should have had by then.
Read the books, your history hides

But my eyes have peered the pen.

Then In 1689 the Newland thought,
"Away with this we'll do!"
"For never should we do this here!"

For sixty-five years yes, we knew.

But even then, we brought it back,
this time taunting no kings glee.
But in Jesus place, we'd now put clause,

Commercial He would be.

Once again, the King was placed,
second to his crown.
Yes my Father, this was cruel.

By the third or fouth time now.

Why celebrate a Holyday
when there's little in it right?
And ask why sadness, rules the world?

When in his name people curse and fight.

And though the're thoughs that don't believe,
hunted they are not. : )
God's placed me here, for us to love.

Holding hands, I cast his lot.

So never fear, but try to think
Of all that he has done.
No other died for us like he did,

Love of God, His only Son.


Anonymous said...


Don't look now Robyn..but I think they are coming out of the woodwork...hehe...!!
Luv your Friend Sheila d.

Angela said...

Oh my. What could be better than Australian Christmas bells (gorgeous) and a message of love from a loving, kind person. You are so sweet.

Krissie said...

I so agree with Bimbimbie. I think that ...the antidote to sadness is to extend your love all.....all year around. I agree that all our troubles are magnified by the festive season. Love and peace to you and all your readers Robyn!

kathyann said...


judie said...

Those Christmas Bell flowers are totally beautiful. Have never seen them before.

Thanks for the hand. I'm saving it til I really, really need it! xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bells!

Thank you abundantly for this truthful and poignant post, Robyn.

Holidays are the worst times of year for so many people deprived of everything the commercialism of "the season" drills into us...the ubiquitous images of gifts, gatherings, feasts, and loving family are not everyone's reality. Far from it.

'Tis not the season to be jolly, for countless folks.

Your LoVe is a beacon of compassion, awareness, and understanding. A true gift. I'm grabbing your hand and holding the vision.

solsticedreamer said...

I have had a heavy fog here in dorset today Robyn, made everything so quiet, it felt as if our little valley was apart from the world for a day.

Pixie said...

you know that I am holding your hand, and I hope you know that I am holding yours.
love and peace for the coming days robyn.

Anonymous said...

That is so very sweet thank you Robyn !!
I love the beautiful flowers. They look like fire on a stick !!
I love agapanthus too, I used to have a blue one, but had to take it inside during the winter.
I hope you will have a lovely time !!
We will have visitors tomorrow to celebrate my daughter's 14th birthday. My how they grow up fast.....

Peggy said...

Have a wonderful holiday my friend!