"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Midsummer and an invitation to faery land.....

An Invocation for Summer

Fireflies and Summer Sun,
in circles round we become as one.
Singing songs at magic's hour
we bring the winds and timeless power.
Turning inward, hand to hand
we dance the hearth to heal our land.
Standing sacred beneath the Sky
We catch the fire from out it's eye
swaying breathless beside the sea
we call the Goddess, so Mote it be!
(Patricia Telesco)

Anciently, pagans and witches hallowed Midsummer. Some burned for their right to observe their rites; we need not. But we can remember the past. In solidarity with those burned, we can collect our herbs at midnight; we can burn our bonfires and hail the sun.

Midsummer has dawned here in Woodford, as a grey drizzling day. Midsummer is a time for rededication, healing, purification. I have decided not to attend my Midsummer ritual circle tonight as the cold air has been playing havoc with my chest & lungs... so instead, I will sit tonight with a candle and write my list of manifestation for the next 6 months ~ Put the wishes & dreams that live in your heart into motion & begin doing instead of just dreaming
..I have some spells and chants that I am going to do in my sacred space, under my pine tree where the faeries live and tonight I am going to colour in a faery picture because "Summer is the time to reward your inner child"

Midsummer is a time of pure magick, the night when Faeries come out to play! Here is an invitation to Faery Land..the portal will open on January 1st 2008 ...
A sprinkling of faery magick to bestow upon you,
a faery name ~ tap your wand here on the faery glitter:

and be taken away to the Land of magickal Faery names....

once you have your name let me know (either here in a comment or by email) & you will be given a key to the portal so that you may enter the Land of Mystic & Magick, and you may attend a faery party in honour of Misty-Dawn Silvery Spice, to celebrate her being in human form for 50 years as Miss*R ..... oh and you will need a faery costume of course!...

faery dolls and a wardrobe: belles of the ball ~ use these if you wish.

or design your own

OR let your inner child shine and don real faery wings for the day......

faery bread will be served ~ all washed down with Raspberry & Lovage cordial.. there will be little gift-aways throughout the month of January and lots of magick and fun things to do.... won't you join us?


Pixie said...

I've just done that and I don't like the faery name I've been given.
there is another name that is resonating with me at the moment.

I have a small beautiful faery in my dinning room, with an emerald top and feathers for a skirt.

I do so hope that your lungs clear up soon, you need to be well to celebrate that very special occasion on 1st Jan.

I will be there in spirit sweet robyn.

Gemma said...

Saphire Carrina Dionna graciously accepts your invitation to the faerie party.Looking forward to seeing you in the land of Mystik and Magick.

kim said...

I am Rose Bluebell Leaf and it fits perfectly. I love the name Rose-from one of my favorit movies, Titanic. Bluebell is the state flower and Leaf, well I have my bathroom decorated with sage green and rust leaves.

I am so excited about the party! I accept!

Krissie said...

I am rose silvery Katia, but I think I prefer Silvery Rose. so thats what I'll be!! looking forward to this!!!

Bimbimbie said...

Greetings from Star Lace, I am delighted to accept your invitation *!*

Anonymous said...

Freedom Gardenia Una would love to attend your party. Hope you are feeling better. Love Hugs and Blessings

Leanne said...
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Moonroot said...

What fun! I am Shiny Sunflower Alesia, and I am delighted to accept your invitation.
Solstice Blessings upon you (magical ones which turn from Winter Solstice as they leave me here in Wales and transform en route to New South Wales into Summer Solstice)!

DAWN said...

Greetings, I am Flower Sunny Erina. I am excited to attend your celebration. Thank you for the invite.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would love to join. I was turned into a fairy just now and my fairy name is Golden Sunflower Lace. Bautiful isn't it ???
I would love to be invited to such a nice party. It sounds like we would have a ball !!

Sheila said...

Hi Robyn, I'm now to be known as
Shiny Silvery Velvet-Rionach..!

This sounds magickal, I wish I could be there in person to experience it with you..xx
Wishing you and yours all the very best for Christmas and the New Year..
love and big hugs

kathyann said...

Thank you for the invitation. My faerie name is Star Honey Alesia and my daughters are Princess Sunflower Alesia,Golden Carrina Alesia and Venus Misty Alesia and we would love to come to the from Kathyann,Ceri,Meghan and Bethany

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Oh how cool Robyn. I have been away from comments due to business. Forgive! xo
I am now known as
Saphire Bluebell Velvet!
Very cool. So, that said, (with Blue in there too, unreal) I have already donned faery wings, and have taken photos of moi with mum in hers as well. We are waiting for the right time to post.

Anonymous said...

Fancy Crystal (see how she sparkles)is honoured to accept your invitation Robyn. I look forward to the party, love from p.t.

Naturegirl said...

Robyn I need some of your good luck fairie dust as I have had another wee fall with the darn in wheel chair now..I need this black cloud lifted somehow..I think I must smudge with something..tell me tell!! broken NG :(

Krissie said...

Yule tide greetings to you Robyn and your family! Hugs krissie

Ruth said...

I will be there - as Misty Dawn Silvery Spice!

Tracy said...

My faery name is Ondrea Carrina Alexandria. :)

Leanne said...

Hi Robyn, I deleted my previous comment cos i left one of my names out silly me! My faerie name is Lilac Silver Frost and I am homoured to accept your invitation! there's not enough Mystik and Magick in the world!

leanne x

Naturegirl said...

Of course I want to be at the fairie
party!! Perhaps just the glitter I need to banish the black cloud that follows me! I will emial you sweet
sprirt! hugs NG xo

sorrow11 said...

I shall be dancing with you in spirit! and my resident faei will be as well!
Bright blessings to you!

Tinker said...

Ondrea Misty Una is the name the faeries just bestowed upon me, and I'm looking forward to your lovely fairy ball!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Misty-Dawn Silvery Spice from Enchantressa of the Lake of Moons. I didn't do the faery name changer, as I already have a faery name, as above.

I too, will be there in spirit, as you open your magical wings and fly. Thank you faery much for all the loVe you bring into the world!

Ruth said...

Oops - I got the same name as Robyn, so I've tried again. I'm now Misty-Dawn Misty Rionach!

Grace said...

Opal Honey Alexandria will be sending you lots of faery kisses and wishes for a lovely party...the 50th is an awesome occasion. Brightest Blessings and much Faery Majick to enchant you and your guests!

Grace said...
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