"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Monday, 15 October 2007

totem animals & gathering herbs

My moon diary tells me today that: 'over the next few days, it is a good time to collect and use herbs, they are very potent.' So, I woke early this morning to harvest some. To use in a charm bag and a poppet that I am making. I walked around my garden.... just asking what was needed and I began to gather ~ rosemary, yarrow & lavender. Then I thought that I might add a little piece of Rowan and when I asked permission, my Rowan said to me that he was such a little tree, that he would prefer if I took some from my ancient apple tree. Made alot of sense to me as the Apple is a sacred tree to witches. So I picked a small branch and gave thanks... then I heard the clove pinks calling to me... and as I gathered them.. they told me to take one violet leaf to add to the mix.... I tied them all up in bundles, chanting and blessing as I went, feeling very much like I was in the past, as if I were one of my they hang to dry....

I also picked 5 heartsease flowers to make myself a melancholy & despondency essence... yesterday, after my wonderful light & joyful post a few days ago.... a cloud descended over me... I know that life is not always peace, love & mung beans and I know that I can deal with these times.... the feeling could be because I did a chakra dance class yesterday and I am clearing 'stuff'.. or it could be because I trying to wean myself from HRT...... I don't know.. but I want to help myself through it. Last night I did an invocation to Isis to help me with this feeling.

So I put the 5 little Heartsease flowers into some spring water along with rose quartz crystal.. for love... and it is now sitting energizing in the sun under my SweetPea plants (SweetPea - for courage & strength). I was wondering why the sun instead of the Moon, seeing as I love the Moon... but the sun is happy & joyful so I am guessing this is why. So, a big thankyou to Ruth for showing me how to make Flower Essences xo
"Do you have a totem animal? I am a hare for now, but frogs seem to cross my path a lot in the strangest of places. Last night I opened my front door to look out, this was about 11.30 at night, and sitting happily on my door step was a large frog. We looked at each other, and I just said hello, and then went back in" ~ Daisy

the other day, I was driving along, just pondering as I drove.. (I tend to do that) when I noticed a crow flying over head. I thought to myself, 'maybe that is my totem animal... a crow' then I said ' I need to find out my animal totem' I went to my favourite shop - The Sacred Lotus, to buy some incense and various other bits. As I was browsing - I spotted an owl candle holder... then some Owl brand incense...hmmm. An Owl? I am not rushing this I thought to myself. I popped into a local antique shop, just to have a look. Not really looking for anything.. and there sitting on a table for sale was Hedgewig - Harry Potters Owl... no, not the real one - just a stuffed toy, but it was an owl. I turned around and in a glass cabinet was a collection of OWLS !!! I think I am being told the Owl is my totem...
I asked Joe to buy me an Owl from the collection and he picked me the sweetest little pottery owl who will be living on my altar...

'Remember, I once said to you the deep truths are not in books. What no one much ever tells you is that like the heron, any animal, bird, insect or fish can be a totem. They come and announce themselves to you, you do not pick them. They can be ugly animals or beautiful ones, you know when you have one. Therefore, it could be something like a frog or an eagle you have no choice in the matter.' ~ Daisy

so, an Owl it is, seems I have no choice in the matter!

*~* I hope your day is filled with butterflies, magick, colour & fripperies! ~*~


Bimbimbie said...

Your post touched a chord or two with me today, I was taking some photos of the wild herbs and trying to identify them from my books yesterday and those hares were spotted by my hubby late yesterday afternoon dashing about the place. Those owls really wanted your attention, have they started calling at your place too *!*

Rowan said...

I hope your cloud lifts very quickly - few of us have a life consisting of endless sunny days, we need the clouds occasionally so that we can appreciate the sun. The owl is a nice totem, I've always liked owls. For me it's the wolf and the crow.

Krissie said...

Robyn - I am supposed to be a woodpecker according to native indian totems. I read what woodpeckers are like and have to agree with it.

motherwintermoon said... awesome totem! Great teacher and guide. I'm grooving on your Divine communion with your sacred plants and trees. I commune with them and my furbabies too.

Blessings of Solace and Big LoVe to you, Miss*R!

Laura Stamps said...

Hi, Robyn (big wave)!! I have two totem animals, and it is true you do not choose them, they choose you. And you don't have to have just one at a time (like some books say). You can have two or more, because you don't choose them, they choose you (grin). Mine are the cat and the crow, both of which I am surrounded by every day. I think your totem is also one you feel a pull from, that you just adore for some subconscious reason. There is always that silent "love" communication link that gives you an added closeness to a certain animal or animals.

Good for you getting off HRT!!! I am a big fan of soy, organic progesterone cream, and dong quai. Black cohosh is also fabulous. I prefer to take these herbs in capsule form, just filled with dried herb I can get at the health food store. All those over-the-counter mixtures in tablets you can get at the drugstore don't agree with me very well. I think it is all the nasty additives and fillers they mix with them to make a tablet.

Much love to you and many faery xoxo!!

Carmen said...

I am so glad you were chosen.

Leanne said...

I have LONG felt that my totem animal IS A cat and just the last year i have been drawn to crows too, just like Laura. I believe this for too many reasons to list here, but feel i am right in this feeling.

leanne x

Sweetpea said...

Yes Daisy was mist definitely a hare, I am wondering what mine is now? I will have a think on this xxx

Gemma said...

That makes so much sense.
The owl on your goddess site has also been there for you all along.

Julie Marie said...

I am glad you have discerned your totem animal. Gemma's right - that owl has been on your goddess site all along.

I hope you are doing well now that the moon is waxing again.


Ninnie said...

I think an owl is great. Such wisdom and loves the moonlight. Hope you are feeling better and the cloud is lifting.

Connie said...

I so hope you are feeling wonderful very soon. Sending you bunches of hugs.

Take care,

sorrow11 said...

I saw your post else where that you were thinking of stopping this wonderful blog. Please don't. I have been reading for only a short while, and I know I don't comment, but I truly do enjoy it and would miss your wit, photo's, insights, plants,and everything else I have come to relax and enjoy!
Don't go...please?

Monique said...

Hi Robyn,
such a beautiful totem !! I love owls, although I don't think that's my totem. My whole garden is filled with toads and I was visited by a chick of the raven sort, don't know how they call them in Australia, or if they have them. It's not a real raven, it's a sub species.
It could be any of those or something completely different. I will have to try not to look for my totem and let it find me. You are so right.
Your sweet peas are beutiful !! On my website I have put a picture of my sweet peas that are still blooming although it's the middle of October here and Autumn.
Have a great day and tell your hubby to have "een goede dag" !!!!

A bird in the hand said...

Robin, I love what you're writing about these days. I come here for a little serene and magical moment to bask in your garden lore. I think the robin is my totem, because I see them everywhere when they're around. Now they're gone, with autumn upon us, so I will have to see which animal is my totem for the rest of the year.

Pixie said...

I second sorow11. You do write beautifully.
I have an owl in my garden at the moment so i shall think of it as you sending me greetings when it hoots at me.

Pixie said...

I second sorow11. You do write beautifully.
I have an owl in my garden at the moment so i shall think of it as you sending me greetings when it hoots at me.

Sheila said...

I hope you are feeling better Robyn..!
The owl probably chose you, and I think sometimes that is the best way. Like the crystals and such that we buy seem to speak to us, so the owl spoke to you.

Tracy said...

I have no idea what my animal totem would be. I see lots of animals - various birds, squirrels, frogs, butterflies. Very intriguing idea....

altermyworld said...

I kinda giggled at your owl story. sometimes :things: just cannot be ignored.

tinker said...

I hope your flower essence is bringing your heart's ease now. This is a beautiful post, Robyn - I felt as though I were in the garden with you, gathering your herbs and flowers.
There are many different traditions for totem animals, but the way I was taught, is that though you may have some totems with you from birth all through life, there are other animal spirits that come to bring you messages as needed, too.
Owls have been messengers of changes in the wind for me - as have frogs, signifying transformation.
Sending ((hugs)) and love your way~XOXO

Ruth said...

Those herbs look so magical doing their work in the sun!
I wonder when it was that Daisy's special frog appeared? Frog energy is partly about transformation and the ability to adapt to different enviroments, so maybe he was helping her to prepare for her coming journey ;-)

solsticedreamer said...

hearts ease...i love them...they keep springing up in my front garden where others have self seeded. i love to see their little faces peeking at me from somewhere totally unexpected!

Sacred Suzie said...

It's true, totems do pick us! I find when I am ready for their guidance they come in dreams, although I haven't had one in a long time.

Your flower essence is truly lovely, I will have to try that. I hope it eases the darkness that has touched you recently. Remember, it's the new moon, soon the light will come back.