"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Thursday, 18 October 2007

the hermit

I have decided to take time out.
Grief counselling is wonderful but bringing up so many other things for me to deal with. Childhood monsters.
These 'issues' have to be dealt with, nothing I can do about it.
Do I share or keep it all to myself? Does the world need or really want to know?
By not voicing and facing these 'issues', am I still in denial or shame? Am I suffering post traumatic stress or am I just a normal person with normal stuff happening.

Over the past few days, I have been re-reading my blogs from the beginning with Daily Parcels til now and I have realized that my blogs have been a big part of my soul journey. I have been peeling back layers via blogging and it has helped. So I know that if I can put into my blog.. my deepest thoughts, feelings and monsters it will help me tremendously... but will I lose friends along the way. That worries me.

Which brings me to the question - where does my blog go from here? I am not moving or closing, but I know that if I come back ... there will be a different me.. the same me but different. And the reality is - I need to be true to myself...

I am off to buy myself a pair of ear-rings (thankyou Ruth for the inspiration xoxo)
I will journal over the next few days - go for my walks and see where I am heading.


Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

OOOOhhh! I want to hear all about it.
Sounds delicious. I need a retreat too!!!

Sacred Suzie said...

I look forward to hearing about your transformation Robyn. It's so wonderful to see you spreading those fairy wings of yours!

Gemma said...

You HAVE grown alot Robyn. Blogging really is part of the process....being able to put it out there to the universe...tell it like it is and it is amazing what comes back. I know Blogging has become an important part of my life. Enjoy a lovely retreat.

Krissie said...

a retreat is a good idea any time. I wil be here looking forward to whatever "me" you come back to write as....if you know what I mean....all your stuff is interesting to read.....
did yousay earrings???? one of my weaknesses...oh and BIG handbags!! lol!!

Monique said...

Hi Robyn, I'm looking forward to reading all about what has happened. I wish you light on your journey and would love to hear how it all turn out.

Ninnie said...

Enjoy your time away, come back all transformed and tell us all about it. Love Hugs and Blessings

Leanne said...

aw, sendinmg you a hug Robyn, go, take time out, come back refreshed

leanne x

Bimbimbie said...

Dear Robyn enjoy your time of self discovery. I believe we are like flowers in some ways, turning our faces upwards to the sun whilst protecting our centers with our petals. Not wanting or needing to expose our whole to the outside world. Bit like wearing sexy underwear instead of going the full monty .... mystery to others perhaps but not to ourselves *!*

Look forward to seeing the new earrings

Tracy said...

Robyn, may you be blessed during your retreat and return transformed. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures! :)

Pennie said...

Thank you for posting exactly how I feel about letting my "monsters" out on my blog. Please know how courageous it is to do so.
I have clinical depression and there are times I have to post about somehow frees it...releases it to the world and somehow frees me up.
By putting it out there into the world you find like souls...people who understand. Know in me you've found a similar soul who understands that need to let the monsters out into the universe...
Be kind to yourself...

Autumn said...

Enjoy the time away. Sometimes life just gets ahead of us and things seem to jumble all up together. Spending time doing the things we want to do for ourself helps. I will be thinking of you while your away and looking forward to your next post.

lila said...

Enjoy your "hermit" time! Blessings!

A bird in the hand said...

You journey continues, indeed.

If you lose friends along the way, were they really friends? People are often frightened by another's development and growth, probably because they don't want to face themselves. And that is fine. But if you let that influence you, you will rob yourself. Keep going with the flow of your life and writing your blog, which is a reflection of you. It's obviously been good for you, and your friends travel with you...xoxo

Gill said...

Put your hands in the earth, turn your face to the sun.
Fell what you feel and go with it.
It is all part of you, ever growing, ever changing.

Take care

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

You changed your post. My comment doesn't match now!!!

Now to comment on the hermit post here...
Robyn...losing friends is the last thing to worry about. What about the people who are your real friends? The ones who care about you? Who love your quirkiness and your ways of the Goddess? We won't leave, if things get rough. If people do leave, it is their own issues. Nothing to do with you at all.
If you are helped by blogging, then do it. You likely have lots of readers who don't comment anyways...all blogs do. We would miss you if you left blogging. Please stay and just blog when you feel like it. You do help us with your onion layers. Really!!!
We are all onions too you know!

Connie said...

I think you should be able to express yourself any way you like on your blog. It is your creation. You are a wonderful person and I hope you are able to come back to us as soon as possible.

Sending you hugs,