"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Friday, 26 October 2007

October Full Moon in Woodford

I couldn't let the full Moon pass without a post...

The full Moon - a time for attraction spells of all kinds, full of energy to draw those things that you wish for, into your life.... time for me to call my real life soul friend.*I wish for a sacred circle. One where women can come together to share their journeys, joyfully. Where we can satisfy our inner need for community, of the Goddess. Like in ancient times where we sat and shared, laughed, cried and discovered our true selves. sometimes pampering ourselves, sometimes learning, sometimes meditating together, sharing rituals and spells, walking in nature. I call this group now... here in the mountains.... may their souls hear my call*

the full Moon is in Taurus today. At exactly 2:51 pm . According to my notes this is our Purple Moon, because in some parts of New South Wales, the jacaranda is blooming, but not so, here in Woodford, where it is a little cooler than most areas. Our nights are still chilly and the past few days have been drizzly rain.

the past few weeks - we have had seasonal oddities... heat up to high 30's celsius and cold down to 7 degrees celsius - so a real mixed bag... one day I am frantically trying to keep plants alive...then the next day, a reprieve of light drizzle and cooler weather. The spring green of new growth is vibrant.

The leaves of early spring flowering bulbs are all neatly tied up to conserve energy for next years flowering. The orange trees are heavy with blossom, making the bees giddy with delight of the abundance of pollen. ... empty cicada shells cling tightly to trees... where they were left in a burst of birth... while the newly hatched cicadas are singing their final song. loudly I must say. Roses are bursting forth in the first springtime display...

this Moon in Woodford is being noted in my Book of Shadows and Light as the 'SONG OF THE CICADA Moon' (and just as typed this out... they started to sing, for the first time this morning, as if they were confirming my choice!)