"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

aragonite...and TLC

I want to introduce you to another crystal of mine - Aragonite. I first ever heard of Aragonite when I did my first crystal workshop some years ago. My teacher mentioned that she gridded her bedroom with it to absorb the electromagnetic smog that came from a power box outside her room.. so I bought myself 4 little pieces of aragonite sputnik, cleansed and programmed them and put them in the corners of my bedroom and promptly forgot about them... a few weeks ago when I took my grandson mr Thomas to my favourite crystal shop in Katoomba, I saw two gorgeous pieces of pink 'rock' - when I asked what they were, I was told 'pink aragonite.' I went home and fretted that I didn't buy a piece, next morning I was up there bright and early to buy myself a piece...when I came home, I felt the other piece call me so I went the next day to buy it, yes, crystals do let you know that they want to go home with you!

..Pink aragonite is not commonly found as a piece like this as it is usually used to carve into shapes such as buddha, faeries or angels, so I feel very blessed that I have two pieces. This piece above, sits beside my bed... I believe it is a faery crystal... there is something definitely in the brown coloured area... take a closer look and tell me what you think....
ARAGONITE - a reliable earth healer & grounding stone. It deepens our connection with the earth. it teaches patience and acceptance and helps to combat over sensitivity. It is useful in times of emotional stress, providing strength and comfort. It calms and centres spiritual development in those times when you feel out of control. It would probably be good to have near your computer - it would absorb the electromagnetic energy ! I actually use a smoky quartz cluster for that.
Funny that this crystal should choose me - I needed it for sure

* Pro Hart - Dragonfly*

Mum came home on Sunday - we went to pick her up from the hospital and took her to her home... she is coping well and her Dr is very pleased with her progress. Yesterday, I finally got to see my osteopath to fix my neck and shoulders. I was so stressed yesterday, I had chest pains and ended up in tears... thank heaven for the man in my life.. he is treating me with lots of understanding and TLC... a lovely bath, some candles and a good night sleep is what I needed.. I still have this dreadful ache in my chest though, if it doesn't get better, I will be making an appointment to see my Dr, although I am sure it is just stress.
Today, I hope to get my washing up to date and my computer room into some kind of order. Do a sage cleansing around the computer.. get the crystals in place and then work on some creating. Ages ago, I promised a doll and some tea to Gill from *Gills place* and I really must get the doll finished and sent. Tomorrow, I hope to get into my garden and take some photos for a meme that I found on *Tea & Margaritas* ...

*~* I hope your day is filled with butterflies, magick, colour & fripperies! ~*~


Sweetpea said...

I like this Pink aragonite I can't wait to read some of my mums stuff on crystals at the weekend I'm really interested of late.
So glad to hear about your mum sending my wishes.
Nothing like a bath and a good sleep don't forget yourself as well.

Tinker said...

The pink aragonite is lovely - something about this piece, makes me think of a baby bird.

Glad your mom is doing so much better, Robyn - please take good care of you, too, though~XOXO

Gemma said...

Robyn...Glad that your Mum is home and getting better. It is hard to be caught between aging parents and growing daughters...I remember too well.Please take care of yourself.The pink crystal is beautiful!

Rowan said...

Aragonite is a new crystal to me, it sounds like a really helpful one too.
Glad that yuour mum is home and progressing well, I think you'll be surprised at how fast she gets back to normal life, this particular op can transform life for most people who have it.
You need to slow down and relax and trundle about in that garden of yours, all the aches and pains will be stress induced, stress can cause all kinds of horrid physical symptoms. An aromatherapy session would probably help too. Take care.

Connie said...

So happy to hear that your mom came home. I sure hope you feel better though. Stress can just do some terrible things to our bodies.

Take care and hugs,

peppylady said...

I always want to add a few crystal around the place. The only crystal we have is that we found.

Glad to hear your mom is coming along fine.

Take care of your self spring for you is right around the corner.

Laura Stamps said... sorry to hear you are feeling ill from stress. My favorite crystal is rose quartz, the color of the heart chakra and the color of my faery aura.

But for healing I go to sleep every night with a satin spar selenite crystal tucked in my hand. It is amazing, and self-cleans, unlike white quartz which needs 24 hours in sunlight to get rid of all the negative energies it draws out of you that cause illness. Next time you are at a crystal shop look for some satin spar selenite (looks like white quartz), and sleep with it at night cluthced in your hand. You will feel much better.

Too bad I don't live close to you. I could do some hands on healing. My hands take away pain. Must be the faery blood in me (grin).

Much love to you dear friend and many faery xoxoxo!!

Carmen said...

Take care of yourself, please!
I am glad your mum is much better and at home.
Slowly (very slowly, LOL) but surely I haven been studying Crystals. I am getting there ;-) A workshop about them sounds fun.

Bimbimbie said...

Enjoy the tlc you are receiving and make sure you give yourself plenty too *!* The pink aragonite is very pretty - I saw a little pink face wearing a sparkly brown dress *!* and I've just spotted another face to the right of the first *!*

Wonderful news that your mum is home

Raven Waldenpond said...

Hi, all the way from Tulsa OK in the USA. You're blog is beautiful and I envy your garden. There is just nothing quite like the joy of the sacred earth, whether a little apartment plot like mine or one more substantial like yours. I hope you are feeling better per your post.
Blessed Be
Raven Waldenpond

OhmMama said...

Gazing at your aragonite, I saw a wizened old elf leaning against a tree and playing a wooden flute. I love your blog; it has helped me hear the faeries again...and I am in dire need of aragonite!! Thank you and blessings.


Julie Marie said...

There really is something to this crystal business. I have felt so much better at work since you suggested that blue howlite would be good for me to have there for calming and centering myself. Whether it is the crystal, or my THINKING it is the crystal, I have been much more focused and productive since I brought the crystal in.

Thanks, Robyn,