"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Monday, 2 July 2007

spend some time with me in my garden.

*above is one of the gargoyle type statues that I bought last weekend - they sit either side of my steps at my front entrance - scaring of any negativity or evil spirits - well, like i said, that is the theory. I kind of like them. years ago, I would have thought they were evil. I have changed alot.*
I did get into my garden for a few hours yesterday - I was feeling quite ungrounded as I hadn't been out with my hands in the earth for a few weeks - very important to me being an earth sign. I weeded around my lavender but didn't end up harvesting it, it was just too beautiful to cut - so I left it for the faeries for a little while. I pruned most of my roses and gave their supports a coat of paint. Joe erected my espalier in readiness for my apple tree that should be here soon. I am going to have a go at espaliering fruit trees... the idea for the daisy-lupin garden is on paper. All I need to find is a gazing ball.
Each day, I take time to have a cup of tea around 10.30am - even when I am in the garden. Yesterday, I found myself a nice sunny spot, sheltered from the wind and looked on my garden. I realized how lucky I am to be living here. We don't have extreme winters like most of my friends do in the Northern Hemisphere. I don't have to put my statues away for the winter and my ground doesn't freeze. I can usually get outside into the fresh air for sometime each day. Even in winter, something is happening in my garden. At the moment, the nasturtiums are scurrying along the ground, the yarrow and forget-me-nots are blooming and my citrus trees are heavily laden with fruit - sweet & juicy. I allow my fruit to stay on the tree until the first frost - then I pick it as I need it, usually having an orange a day! the lemons are great for coughs and colds and many times, I have friends and neighbours, popping by and asking for a bag of them.

*the poor old lemon tree, above, is so heavily laden with fruit - the branches are hanging low ~ I wonder if there is a faery of the lemon tree? ~*~ of course there is! how could I doubt? she has certainly been weaving her magick around by the look of it. *
But the best things of all in my garden right now are the luculia and daphne that are in full heavenly scent. Divine is the word that I would use to describe them.

*above is the daphne blooming in my garden - I think I have about 7 plants scattered throughout and at this time of year, the perfume is exquisite wherever you are*
I love winter, I always have but as I get older I find I am leaning towards the warmer months. Not the stinking hot & humid weather in mid summer but those gorgeous days of summer. But you know, I think it puts my soul at peace if I try and take each season for its blessings and not complain about the downfalls

*and below is one of my orange trees heavily laden with fruit as well... these oranges are so sweet and juicy. life is indeed good*


Sheila said...

Would you like to trade a bag of citrus fruit for a bag of cherries..?
Your garden is lovely, and I endorse the use of gargoyles..!
The temperature extremes are what make this part of the word so hard on our gardens.-40c to =40c, our plants have to be very hardy.
To live in the moment and to live seasonally, that is the answer i think..

Julie Marie said...

Seeing your garden, I am not going to be feeling as sorry for you having to go through winter as I was! We are not able to work in our gardens after October, except for one memorable year when it didn't freeze until November.

I like gargoyles and heartily endorse their use too!

amelia said...

Boy, what wouldn't I give for oranges and lemons to be growing in my garden!!!

I could use a bag of lemons right now having caught a nasty chest cold from my youngest grandson!

Gill said...

Love all the "smellies" in your garden, and the orange and lemon trees too

Take care

kim said...

Your Gargoyle is very handsome! I love him. Does he have a name?

Your garden is beautiful.

Peggy said...

love your garden. I can't wait to pick some grapes off our vines. The blueberry bushes are too small but should be ready next year. Its so comforting being able to pick or gather our own fruit from our own gardens. Hope you have a fantastic week!

lizzzzzzzy said...

Thank you for sharing your garden. Reminded me of my childhood, one of the yards we "visited" as children had a huge metal winged Gargoyle, which mystified us children. It had a rich patina, may have been copper, almost three feet in hight. They had the most facinating yard, many minerals in a rock garden from the mountains, and a Kichina sp. collection in a guest cottage. I grew up in Colorado so these things were not so out of the ordinary, okay the gargoyle was...? Enjoy your cup of tea with me today. LIzzzzzzzzzzzzy

paris parfait said...

You have such a beautiful garden - those lemons look lucious! xo

Gemma said...

Ummmm....the lemons remind me of one of my favorite recipes for lemon tarts.
Your climate zone is interesting. We are able to grow citrus here in the desert....and have very mild winters too.

Tracy said...

I enjoyed reading about & seeing pictures of your garden. I am thinking about planting a few fruit trees here, perhaps next year. :)

LisaOceandreamer said...

It all looks so lush and lovely! How I miss our 2 orange trees and my beloved lemon tree. The orange trees were in front (well one is still there but it's the B&B now because it cannot be revived). People were constantly ringing the doorbell asking if they could have some...I'd hand them a bag and tell them they could pick what they could reach.(no climbing). Sadly they had a disease that could not be remedied (we tried) Seeing yours brings back memories. I especially miss my lemon tree(a whole other story)
I don't normally take to gargoyles but someone how these look right to me,maybe I should add one to my front porch.
I liked walking through your garden!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your garden and gargoyle. I think gargoyles are such fun. Love your fruit trees. I would love to get rid of the pines in my yard so I could have a garden and some fruit trees. The only thing I have growing is rosemary and have 2 fig trees but one of them is in such deep shade it does not make. Love Hugs and Blessings

A bird in the hand said...

You, my dear, have a green thumb. You have magic in your fingers. Your garden is a delight to behold!

P.S. I've always liked gargoyles...


tlc illustration said...

Great gargoyle. And wonderful citrus and frangrant shrubberies... Thanks for sharing.

Bimbimbie said...

I agree our winters are the best, I always have a chuckle when I go outdoors to sit in the sun with a cuppa and think this is winter. Look at your oranges and lemons, I think I know who the fairy is .... smiles *!*