"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Sunday, 1 July 2007

my first day of school.

I had alot of fun at the class yesterday and I learnt quite abit. We learnt about the fifth element - spirit. I knew of the four elements - earth, wind, fire & water but I didn't know of a fifth. I didn't realize that spirit is an element.
Spirit is, well, the divine, in us. Other names for it are ether, soul, chi..... the life force. You only need to call on the element of spirit when you are working on self or transforming self or when working on karma & the inner self. It is there always as the God and the Goddess. It is the power within. To represent spirit on the altar you can place a star. We were asked what a Spirit elemental would look like - which I stumbled with but then thought - angel! we were also given homework! to write a short spell using spirit power, to write an invocation to spirit and to make a representation of a spirit elemental. ....... so once I finish my homework, I will share it here... I am a little 'nervous' about the spell because I have never written one for myself... the invocation I am ok with, I think and of course, I will make a spirit doll.
the teacher was wonderful - and we had a long discussion on how I struggle with living in this land that I was born to. She has offered to do a woman's ritual with me - out on a sacred place.. to 'rebirth' me, to reconnect me to the land... She also suggested to use eucalyptus leaves to smudge with instead of sage - as they are native to our country. She also gently suggested that if I was born here, then this is where I was meant to be... but she also suggested to visit Cornwall as this yearning is probably in my genetic makeup

Joe is going for a ride today - I decided to stay home. I want to spend some time in my garden today, I need to ground out and it really needs some work done to it - picking up sticks that have fallen during the wind and some weeding needs to be done. I also have to give the chooks some attention. I also want to plan my daisy lupin garden... a few ideas are in my head and I need to get them down before they disappear. I must also tidy up my back verandah - during winter time it tends to be neglected as it is too cold most times to venture out.... but I need to be cleaning it and making it look loved once more. That is the problem when i grieve, I tend to ignore my home... but a bit of 'spit and elbow grease' as my grandma would say, will do it!

The blue moon last night was the cold moon for us and it surely lived up to its name - I stood outside for a short time, a very short time.... absorbing and thinking but the wind whipped up again and it got quite cold out. No point in standing out there like some damn fool....I wonder how our ancestors coped with the elements - were they tougher than us? I sometimes live in la-la land, thinking how much fun it would be to live in times past, but realistically, I love my creature comforts.


Sheila said...

Your classes sound excellent, and the teacher sounds very sympathetic and understanding. A re-birthing might be a big help, and smudging with eucalyptus.
I couldn't sleep last night and wanted to be outside under the moon, but I think my husband wouldn't appreciate me wandering in the garden at 2am, especially since he had to be up at 4am for work. So I read Apple Tree for a while and finally slept. We have very brisk winds today and it is comfortable after the heat of last week. We spent some time in the garden picking up and tidying. I am excited to read about your spell and invocation..

Julie Marie said...

I just finished a book about Crazy Horse and it covered the deprivations the Lakota suffered in the winter. I would have hated it - cramped in a smoky tent, wearing a smelly buffalo robe and eating dried elk and buffalo for months on end. (Though buffalo meat is good - but elk is not.) It was interesting for me to learn that so many of the Lakota went to live on the reservations because of the simple creature comforts offered to them. Instead of wampus, they sold their land for blankets and beef and cooking pots.

LisaOceandreamer said...

It truly sounds like this woman was someone you were meant to connect with. I truly have this gut feeling with her help and this class you will start to feel more grounded. There is so much I am not versed in and so this will be an education for me as well.
Last night we saw the moon rise over the new homes across the street. It would have been so much better to have watched it rising in sitting on a beach. It's breezy here but the temp is perfection...I wish it could stay this way.
I agree about creature comforts, for years I romanticized living like a pioneer - um, I like AC on a hot day and a comfy chair near good lighting. oh well. :)

A bird in the hand said...

It sounds very good. The Fifth Element -- I always invoke Spirit as simply "Spirit", so that was interesting to learn.

The moon is full and bright as I write this; I can see it from my big balcony windows.

I wanted to tell you something: For years I was broken, angry, wounded. It's been a long, long, road to finding some peace within myself. The point is, I fought for it, I tried everything. In the end, I believe it was my persistence that got me there.

You have that same persistence. Keep your heart open, never give up.

Much love to you.

Blue the Spa Girl said...

I look forward to seeing your homework Robyn. I think you will do great at composing your own spells too.
Your Daisy Lupin garden sounds wonderful. I think she would love that you are doing that.
Check your email, I had a dream.
Talk soon, xo

Anonymous said...

The class sounds great. Teacher sounds lovely. I have been cleaning in my yard this past week. You have the cold right now and we are burning up. Man I would hate to know that I didn't have AC. I don't remeber it being so hot when I was a child. My grandmother did not have AC for a long time, only in her last 10 years of life. I can not imagine being without it. Love Hugs and Blessings

Peggy said...

sounds like you have found a wonderful teacher! I am off to do some garden work and spend some time with the animals. They haven't gotten alot of my time with the grands here and I have more grands arriving Friday.

kim said...

Wow! All that on the first day. How cool is that! This is going to be so awesome for you.

Autumn said...

I am so happy that you are going to enjoy the class. I knew you would!. I agree with Shelia, the rebirthing may help. I had never thought of using eucalypus to smudge with, but I may try that. I don't care for sage, and only use it occasionally when I feel I really have some nasty stuff going on.