"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

crystals and springtime

I know that there is still one more month of winter, officially. But yesterday, there was that hint of spring, that feeling of growth. A feeling in my soul. I was inside cleaning my bathroom thinking of the coming of springtime and the magpies started carolling. They could feel it too! They are calling to each other, finding places to build their nest, to keep the circle going.. The flowering plums and cherries are ready to burst into flower, the pear tree is getting ready to put on her spring outfit once again, with the promise of spring... but not just yet... the faeries know of the fickleness that is sometimes Mother's nature.....if they allow their charges to burst into flower just yet - the clothes could be zapped off with Jack Frost....

one of my biggest loves are crystals. I have done a few courses on crystal healing and once a month I go and have a crystal healing and balancing. I truly believe that crystals can help our body heal itself. I don't believe that they are magick in such a way that you place a crystal on some part of your body and it instantly takes the illness away. Our bodies, our chakras, our homes.... in fact most things in our lives, all have different vibrational frequencies... and there is a crystal that matches each vibration... sometimes our bodies and chakras start vibrating or spinning abnormally, bringing dis-ease and unbalance. This is where crystals come into there own. Much like a tuning fork, to help the body come back into balance at a healthy vibration. Crystals can also work on this level to re-balance the energy in room or space. You do not need a crystal to be touching you to benefit from its use.

some of you have asked how to choose a crystal, how you know which one is 'right' for you... well, I believe that crystals choose us, not the other way around, ... when I want a crystal for myself, I just go into the shop and start to browse - touching, holding and seeing which crystal resonates.. which one makes my hand tingle or something inside, says yes! this is the one for me. I have been known to walk around the shop for half an hour just holding a crystal to feel its vibration. If you are drawn to a particular crystal because of its colour or shape, then this is good enough reason to buy it!
unless of course you want a specific crystal for a specific problem - if that is the case, I suggest doing some research into the healing properties of crystals to find just which crystal is appropriate then go and let it find you.
There is one difficulty that I face often, when I go to buy a crystal. I find that they are all so beautiful that I want to buy them all. So the best guide is really your own instinct. If you like it and it feels good in your hand then it is the right one for you. Trust yourself.
When buying crystals for someone else, I just really use the same process, keeping them in my thoughts as I wander around the shop. You are buying the crystal out of love, friendship and kindness - all positive energies, which will only attract the same..

*~* I hope your day is filled with butterflies, magick, colour & fripperies! ~*~


Garden girl said...

Robyn - youre so right - spot on! When I went shopping and found that crystal - the agatge it literally spoke to me - buy me! So I walked around the shops and then went and got it - the feeling was sooo strong!
ps saw lots of magpies today - and yes it is feeling a bit springy!

Rowan said...

Instinct is a wonderful thing isn't it - I only have a few crystals but I bought them all because I loved the look and feel of them.

E~li~si said...

I'm so glad you had a pretty spring day...I love those after a long winter!
I love the fairy picture!!
I'm still learning lots about this crystal stuff...thanks for your input!

Tracy said...

Thanks for sharingyour knowledge of crystals....interesting stuff. I love the first days of Spring after the long, cold days of Winter. Spring and Autumn are my favorite seasons because it's not too hot, nor too cold! :)

A bird in the hand said...

I adore that picture with the fae... xoxo

Anonymous said...

I think it is great when you tell us about the crystals. I love learning about them. Sounds like you had a lovely taste of spring. Love Hugs and Blessings

Sacred Suzie said...

I agree! It's important for the crystal to connect with you. I've come across many that don't resonate with me at all but recently someone gave me one that really did and I thought, this is what people are talking about! It's a wonderful experience isn't it?

My Mom started a manifestation group and in it she started asking for joy and joyful experiences and wrote petitions, that kind of thing and it worked. I'm so glad to hear her so happy.

Kai said...

I have several crystals in my home, mostly in the bathroom as they like to be near water and my rose Quarts for some reason.
I do believe they give off their own vibes and energy according to what you want them for. Most of mine are for Calm and peace.
thankyou for sharing your lore about them Robyn.
Peace, KAi xx

peppylady said...

I'm waiting for a cool down here.

I don't think there any right or wrong way in spirit.
I don't end my prayer or magik by saying "amen"
Plus I don't open my prayers or magic with "Dear Heavenly Father"
It all good

Sheila said...

Oh Dear, if you have only one month of winter left, that means we only have one month of summer.
I agree with you about the crystals, and about being drawn to the ones that are 'right for you'. I've wanted to buy them for others but wondered if it would be the same, so I didn't. What you say about keeping the recipient in mind when choosing makes sense. I will try it.

LisaOceandreamer said...

I don't own any crystals, YET. I believe you have to be in a certain frame of mind - open and receptive as it were - for that to happen. Now that I am in a better place (for the most part) I know there will be some that speak to me and it will be the right time.
Thank you for sharing the great fae images and your great information.

LisaOceandreamer said...

We have just under 2 months of Summer left here...I am starting to savor this season more. (probably because right now we haven't had lots of REALLY hot days)

Julie Marie said...

I went to the crystal shop after work today and got my smoky quartz, citrine and amethyst so now I have my basic five. Plus I got some other ones. I only buy the pretty ones. But the pretty ones are the only ones that call to me. The ugly ones don't!


Blue said...

I hope you do get Spring soon Robyn!
As for crystals, I do the same thing. Hold them, wait for the right ones to jump out at me.

Sweetpea said...

nest weekend when I'm with my time, I aim to spend some time reading one of my mums crystal books to learn a little. xx p.s I'm taking that time out for a few days