"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

don't give up on me..

at the moment.. I am in quiet time.. and I worry that my blogging friends will think I have disappeared and stop visiting Inglewood.. I have been journalling alot.. working through Walking in this World is bringing up alot of things to sift through & also opening up my creative self.. so I am painting and collaging, writing poetry and other such stuff.. and it feels good and is fun.. [I will share when I work up the courage to put that part of myself out here]
And, I have been occupied with a few online workshops..

story telling & collage with True North Arts..

I also joined Barb Kobe's Medicine Doll Workshop

& then joined an online Art community

so you can see that I have been busy, busy ~
working through Julia Cameron book always seems to open up a whole lot of new worlds for me.. and with my work at Villa Maria.. well, life is full.

I will admit I have also been a little in the doldrums with Inglewood still not selling.. it actually saddens me that no-one has come along and fallen in love with the home... I feel as if I have created something that only I like.. with Imagine painted on the wall, the extensive gardens and the eccentricity of the home, have i created an unsellable home? Dutch husband says no.. we made a silly mistake with the real estate agent.. the contract is up soon and we will go to one closer to Woodford .. I am trying so hard to remember that everything is being orchestrated as planned in the Heavens, but sometimes, I feel well.. i guess lost is the word.. does that make sense?
[thanks for not giving up on me xoxo ~ I love that you still come by even though I am not visiting you as much.. I will, I really promise.. but just right now, I must honour my soul]
[there will be a new post at Villa Maria tomorrow - I took photos tonight of some more work we have done]


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm a firm believer in "Blogging Without Obligation." There are no "musts" in the Blogosphere. Just blog and read when it feels right FOR YOU to do so!

A bird in the hand said...

Dear Robyn,
Trust that your friends never give up on you.

Diva Kreszl said...

I'm still here sweetie, eager to read whatever and whenever you post. Inglewood will sell to the "right' buyer, God has someone special in mind I'm sure :)

amelia said...

I will always read, always..

Imogen said...

Miss Robyn, you have quite enough on your plate!

I really admire the fact you are sticking with your journalling and "Walking in this World" and so forth in the middle of moving house and the emotional trauma of trying to sell a beloved home...

I'm sure DH is right - the right person just hasn't come along yet who will see what's there.

Take care and be kind to yourself!

Fire Byrd said...

Don't mention estate agents to me... I could scream at their complete ineffiency right now.
If I had the energy I would email you, but like you going through a quiet time.
love all the same.

gemma said...

Your workshops sound wonderful.
I have enjoyed projects with True North in the past.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been blogging as much lately either. It's quite warm here and I try to keep busy with the garden, and reading. I do a lot of reading. Nothing too deep I suppose, at least not at the moment.
I am sure someone will come along and simply fall in love with Inglewood. What's that saying "good things come to those who wait."
Sending love ~

Crystalrainbow said...

:) I will always pop over hun dont worry take your time and come back whn your ready x x x

Lisa said...

I think that there is just the perfect person out there who will love Inglewood as you have. I hope they show up soon. ♥ Take your time. You are always true to your soul. It's one of my favorite things about you and I've learned a lot about doing that from you. Thank you.

Tina said...

I think everyone should know that therea are times of more blogging and times of less blogging. I know so well. I read each of your posts on my bloglist, most often just am nnot in the mood for some reason to comment. And I go over now and subscribe to your new blog! Have a good time. Inglewood will sell one day, it jsut needs the right people to find it!

Moonroot said...

I went through a quiet time too, and am only now getting back to blogging.
I for one definitely won't give up on you, you and your blog are too lovely!
As to the house not selling, I believe it is waiting for the right person to come along. Someone who will love and cherish it as you have, someone who can feel the magic. It will happen.

Pam said...

Someone will find your home, as I found your blog, and think,"... at last!!...we are on the same page here!". I know I would fall in love with Inglewood.Keep putting your positive thoughts and prayers out there Robyn. I'll continue keeping the fluttery prayer flags a-flapping!...and remember...'blogging without obligation'! xx

Karen C said...

Just caught your blog and found you interesting.
FWIW - Try to remember, you are selling a roof and walls - not a lifestyle.
Don't take it personally if your taste and ways are not to others liking. This is a business transaction and whoever buys it (even if they are your type of people) will still change things you would never think of.
Inglewood will sell when you detach your lifestyle from the house and attach it to Villa Maria. De-clutter and give some one else a blank canvas. Blessings